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  1. Rank: CHIEF Name: Tempest Presenter: Brandon I was striked for Unprofessional behavior as a Chief of Military Police. I arrested General Brandon for baton abusing USMC 2LT Bluebird. I do not believe my strike was given to my justly and should be removed. I do understand if the arrest was just based on the fact that I lower rank just arresting a general, I would accept a strike then. I also didn't make an RFA(I was going to unarrest him and before I could he called an KOS/AOS ORDER on me) Androntel actions where not under my orders and was a totally unrelated case.
  2. I need to take a week off, I just got fired. I guess the good news is I can finally come to a meeting!!!! ill be back 6/24/2020
  3. I want to say 6/16 @ 4pm est we will be having a meeting we need one
  4. Tempest

    Tempest Ban Request

    +Support Has been a Cancer to GL for many years now STEAM_0:1:150719939 Spends too much time on MilRP
  5. Current Rank: USMP CHIEF Tempest Rank Received: Major General of Military Police Reason: Extremely unprofessional behavior towards subordinate, Neglect of Assigned Branch. I am aware, I asked for my Strike to be reinstated but I do believe I have officially learned from my mountains of mistakes as a Major General. I would like to formally request that my strike is removed and I am granted permission to further my career within the USHC, I truly enjoy being vital part of the US. ~EX Maj Gen Tempest, USMP Chief Tempest
  6. Tempest

    Full Server Rework

    +/- Support I do believe that this is a step in the right direction, but if these changes were to be added I would recommend being open minded on what people want the most, you have very valid and could be interesting things to possibly add. increasing the peace time should be a big thing.
  7. I just got the branch back a few days ago as you guys are well aware. I need a meeting with the whole branch to see where we are standing and who we have left. 4/27 5PM CST IF YOU CANT MAKE IT: Rank: Name: Reason(if personally just say so but if deemed too many meetings away and or not enough activity outside of loa you will be removed):
  8. United States Military Police Classified Document The United States Military has deployed a platoon of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) to the surrounding area of the Middle Eastern Outpost where the Russian Forces have entrenched into a mountain to launch a continued assault on the base. INSCOM forces have been placed under direct command of the United States Military Police (USMP), and henceforth shall take orders from the USMP Assistant Chief and ranking high command. Operating Procedures: The Main Purposes of INSCOM are to establish a presence in the area of operation. The following responsibilities have been determined to fall under the jurisdiction of the INSCOM Soldiers. Capture of Hostile Soldiers Must have 2:1 Ratio of INSCOM to Captive Bring Captive IMMEDIATELY Back to Base Interrogation of Prisoners Non-INSCOM Lead Interrogations must be advised by at least 1 Operative Public Executions MUST Have Permission from Chief+ / BG+ Private Executions or Release Needs No Permission Advanced Reconnaissance Use of Personal Aircraft & Small Transport permitted in squad usage. Combat Aircraft is allowed if granted by Chief+ Follow PTL Permissions in According with ATC Guidelines When Using Aircraft Invasions of Enemy Territory and Strongholds Only Time Where rank can be superseded by Battlefield Interaction. Permissions to Invade (At LEAST 1 Must Apply): Have at Least 1 Captured Enemy in Friendly Stronghold (Coordinate with BG+) Have Reliable Intel on Location of Enemy Held Power Cores (No killing allowed for this type) Rescue of Friendly Assets within Hostile Control Must Have AChief+ / BG+ Permission to Lead Rescue Mission Attempt To Negotiate First - If this fails, escalate to force Tactical Insertion Into War Zone Access Given to the Current Conflict Zone due to the Importance of Provided Support Regular INSCOM Duties take Precedence Ignorance of Regular Duties due to War may Result in Punishment. EX: Hostage Rescue / Kidnapping / Interrogation Assault Unit is Dedicated for Defensive operations Limited Use in War or Access will be Revoked.  Leadership Structure and Permissions: Commander In Command of all INSCOM Accepts Applications to INSCOM Creates Specific Tryouts and Application for INSCOM May Remove Operatives Mission Leader Co-Commander Second in Command Advises Team Leader May Strike Operatives May Lead Tryouts Mission Strategist Operative (O1-20) Follow Orders Advise Decisions when Needed May Assist with Tryouts Participate in Missions Basic Application for INSCOM: *You May Apply for INSCOM at WO1 in the USMP* What is your Name?: What is your Main Branch Rank?: What is your MP Rank?: Why would you like to be in INSCOM? (75 Words Min): Why should we choose you over other applicants? (100 Words Min): Have you read the Pinned MP Informational?(You will be tested): Have you read the Lockdown Guide?(You will be tested): Have you read the Recruit Training Guide?(You will be tested): What does INSCOM Stand For?: How Many Warns do you have?(If any, why?): Do you have any strikes?(If any, why?): Basic Tryouts for INSCOM: Basic Faces Basic Formations Advanced Formations Informational Test Lockdown Procedure Test Recruit Training Test Power Core Test Interrogation Test Live Fire Exercise Decisive Ability to collect Intel from a Surrounding Rules and Regulations: 1 Strike Means Removal from INSCOM You may Apply again 2 Strikes is Removal from Military Police If removed, and you join back, you are not allowed in INSCOM 3 Strikes is Blacklist from Military Police Strikes that are received in main branch carry over Strikes can be given for any failure of duties Failure to conduct regimental duties while following RP may result in a strike Code Book(Inscom) : (CHIEF+)Burnt Earth, This phrase is an immediate activation of INSCOM operatives to clear the surroundings personnel of declared combatants. Meaning if a CHIEF+ activate said code phrase, all none Military police personnel are to be shot on sight in the area. Do not chase fleeing declared combatants unless ordered to. (ACHIEF+) Mailbox, The override of ATC to search for evading soldiers. (Operative+) Playhouse, You have temporary permission to enter all rank restricted areas of base and temporary power to make higher ranking officers standby. (Abuse of this power and misinterpretation will result in blacklist from united states military police.) Made by Major General Androntel Reviewed by GOA John Pulled and Revision by Chief Tempest
  9. I mean, it was hellva show. but I want a refund or to speak to the manager Karen style. I am giving up my power to this rank. I don't mention people so don't look for one. @Androntel well maybe expect this dumb person. The server is dying I hope it comes back randomly so I can feel like a jackass.
  10. Approved Departure from US CORE Awaiting From USMC BG
  11. I am really stressed and sick from a lot of irl shit. I need a some time away. Ill be back janurary 25th
  12. -Support Not leader material appears to be power hungry