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  1. Umm... I believe you posted this in the wrong section
  2. +Support on the EGS, it honestly looks really cool and could help out with NPC spawning (Thanks for reminding me to look at that)
  3. - Support - We currently have a different version of those exact NPC spawnners and after around 10 NPC's being spawned with them it starts to heavily lag the server and crash people
  4. WiN


    I would +Support but you would have to find a LFS AT-ST seeing that we used to use the star wars vehicles and decided to remove them.
  5. +Support As long as 31st can still do there job I dont see the issue with this
  6. WiN


    I agree
  7. It all depends on when Zeeptin looks at them, please try not to continue to comment on here or it could take even longer for it to be done.
  8. -Support - First off it inst your job to get rid of the LAAT, another GM could of just deleted it and overall by deleting it and freezing you it was fully justified. Now you claim he also called you a C*nt" buy you have 0 evidence of this action unless owl will admit. The only thing I would of done differently is I would have warned you for FailRP not minge.
  9. 1. Go onto sandbox 2. Find the model you want in the q menu 3. Right click the model and click "Copy to clipboard" 4. Put it in the format
  10. Just want to let you know you dont need to choose a model that is on the server, as long as it is under 4MB you can get one that isnt on the server for free.