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  1. +Support We use this all the time on MilRP and it doesn’t really seem to mess up, also if someone is giving whitelists for no reason (Abusing) you can also see who the person who gave it was
  2. You do know with paying $10 you don’t have to only remove a weapon, you may also swap it with another one
  3. WiN

    Reznov Resign

    You still need to teach me some more portuguese ill Miss you El Reznov also Portuguese is the same as Spanish and you can’t change my mimd
  4. Changing to a +Support Hunt may not be super active but I believe they have improved on activity
  5. You do know this is like 8 months old and he doesn't even care about the server anymore
  6. -Support Bad food and service
  7. - Support The map it too big for the consecutive 10 players we have on (When were lucky) But i really do love the map
  8. You might want to use an actual format for this because zeeptin will just delay or not do it until there is a proper format. The format is in here fill it out correctly.
  9. Zeeptin does not set spawns for custom classes, you will have to message a staff member that can ingame (I think it’s super admin+ on imperial)
  10. +Support - Good soldier - Cool guy -A lot of past command experience - Get more active noob
  11. WiN

    Rac,s Resignation

    ill miss you babe CYA ON IMPERIAL THO
  12. If you can’t control your Autism maybe it’s not the best idea to be staff, not trying to be rude but honestly if you can’t control it and it keeps causing problems it’s probably not the best to be staff
  13. 1. Download the model and go into sandbox 2. Lookup the player model in the q menu in the search bar 3. when you have found the player model right click it and click copy to clip board 4. Post the path you copied onto your post
  14. I mean literally all are helicopters are lFS (We really only use one) and the only non LFS helicopter is WAC because it is an attack helicopter. They have already tried to experiment with one LFS attack heli and it was wayyyy to over powered. Anyways +Support I want to see some more LFS helicopters (But only for transport) also this helicopter you linked has already been posted about