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  1. You definitely did a lot for RU and you will for sure be remembered, I wish you the best of luck with whatever you do next.
  2. WiN

    Frick Ban Appeal

    Also just came in a TS room with me and Talila and started to argue on why he -Supported your ban appeal.
  3. Certain CC's with owners who hadn't responded to the CC roll-call had gotten removed. To have them added back you would need to pay and talk to Zeeptin.
  4. -Support the whole reason the mosin got its scope removed was because scoot didn’t want a sniper rifle on the donation store
  5. Accepted! Please come talk to me in teamspeak ASAP to receive your WarDog training
  6. -Support kinda seems like you just want people to get angry at you for ALT walking in such a small space where no one can pass you
  7. Denied due to deleting the first post to get rid of negative feedback
  8. You can have a max of 4 weapons on your class, one of those weapons has to be a secondary. as of now you have 4 primaries listed because the grenade launcher counts as a primary so you have a total of 5 weapons not 4
  9. WiN


    - Support Just not needed right now Supported if the weapon has a scope by default. Attached scopes will not work.