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  1. +Support As long as this doesn’t change how the current taser work and is only changing the skin then I’m all for it. Also, as long as it doesn’t add any lag or cause taser issues. Otherwise super cool skin, looks like what modern Pd carry and overall a cool small change in equipment.
  2. +Support *Mature *Good person *Willing to help others *Active in the server *Been SM long -The only thing that I would suggest is improving your PD activity. I really only noticed you on PD when you submitted this app. If you just increase activity, you could be a good command member- Good luck! -LT Rich 1L29
  3. Mixed opinions on this topic. The driving on this server, even with lag, can be very well controlled if you are not flying 100+ MPH. As a matter of fact the only issue I see is the steering. In gmod sandbox, or a few other server, the steering is usually responsive as soon as you hit the A or D key. But here, it seems to be a bit delayed which I understand why it would cause some people trouble. Especially when a lag spike happens with the already constant slight steer lag. So I feel if the steering physics can somehow be made to correspond with how the sandbox steering is, 90% of the “lag”related incidents would subside.
  4. -Support *I have been been on for quite some time and at many random times of the day and haven’t seen you on even once *cannot support this app since I really have no idea who you are and how you are as a person - your activity is really not at its best. But really should be especially since you are applying for LT -SM Rich 1A29
  5. +Support *Mature *Great communication skills *Shows great leadership *Good activity *Very pleasant SM to interact with *Shows outstanding respect to all people *Works hard on PD *I believe he is ready to be an LT* Beat of luck! -SM Rich 1A29
  6. +Support *works hard when on pd *always keeps his cool when in situations *shows great leadership skills *has been a great command member *Is never disrespectful to anyone *Mature *See him being as ready to be a Great captain* Good luck! -LT Rich 1L29
  7. Rank You are Applying For: Lieutenant In-Game Name: richp90xxx, SM Rich 1A29 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:177363537 Current Rank: Sergeant Major How long have you been in your current rank?: 5 weeks What timezone are you in?: Eastern standard How many Warns do you have?: 2 warns Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): Hello people, Rich here and I am applying for LT for the second time. This time, I have worked on the issue of my activity and I believe it has gotten much better and this time, I believe that I am ready for LT. There are several reasons why I should be promoted to LT. To start, my dedication and time commitment to PD. I try my best to be on PD as much as I can. I am on most evenings EST time and do my best to especially be on when there is a cadet that needs training or when there is a need for a supervisor. Even if I don’t really have the time to be on, if I see there is a cadet that hasn’t been trained, I get on and train them. I do my best to ensure that I am respectful to all the people in Gaminglight. Whether citizens or fellow GOV or my commanding officers. I make sure to not break any rules or policies that are in place. And I always make sure that I make my time on PD productive. Whether it be training new cadets, field training new ofc’s with ride alongs, reminding other officers if there are things I spot that are violations, patrol on the street to keep Rockford safe, and do my best to leave a positive impact in this city. I try my best to show the citizens, that PD is there to keep them safe, which is why I show every person I deal with my best respect. I also believe I have the leadership skills and knowledge to be a LT. I have been SM for 5 weeks and a supervisor in general even longer and believe I presented good supervisory skills that I have picked up during my journey up the ranks, by listening in on how command deal with situations and learning from them. I truly learned a ton of new skills during the lower ranks and believe I am ready to expand my career into the low command area. As a LT I plan on ensuring that the policies of training cadets and field training new OFC’s is always taken seriously and properly. I am big on proper training because those are the officers that will respond to calls with us. I will ensure that all the rules are properly followed on PD by every officer I am supervising as an LT. I also will offer my undivided commitment and time dedication to PD just as I have in the past. I will continue to be very mature just as I have been from the day that I became a cadet, which was nearly a year ago. I will try to be the best LT that I can be and will do anything in my power to leave a positive impact on all my fellow gov and citizens just as I have been doing. I will be as active as I possibly can and do my best to ensure that we all have a great time on policerp. Thank you for taking the time to read my application. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): YES
  8. +Support, this seems like a super cool idea and would really add to the RP. It’s the small things like saluting and this suggestion if incorporated that adds that little extra spice to RP.
  9. Thank you for your hard effort in PD and the staff side of the server. Good luck with the future! -SM Rich 1A29
  10. When I was a new supervisor I pulled up to a call to assist a traffic stop where a lcpl had the assistant chief stopped for a traffic violation and was debating whether to ticket his government vehicle or not...
  11. +Support *Great LT *Mature *Helpful to all new and current PD *Chill *Respectful *Never had a negative encounter with him *Always has a positive attitude *Active *Kind member of PD overall that shows great effort and knowledge in regards to being a command member of PD and is ready for captain in my eyes Good Luck!! -SM Rich 1A29
  12. +support *Ready to be a captain *professional *Knows how to deal with difficult situations *Respectful to all PD and citizens *Mature *Active *Every encounter iv had with him has been positive Good Luck -SM Rich 1A29
  13. Rank You are Applying For: Lieutenant In-Game Name: SM Rich 1A29 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:177363537 Current Rank: SM How long have you been in your current rank?: 3 Weeks What timezone are you in?: Eastern Standard Time How many Warns do you have?: 2 (One was when someone used my name to troll and admin warned me instead, but I was new and didnt dispute it) Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): Iv been with this department for quite some time now. Iv been through quite a few generations of players and rose up through the ranks in PD up to SM. Iv dedicated all of my game time, besides a few hours here and there, to strictly playing as PD. Since I don’t associate with any other department at this time, it gives me the ability to put all my effort and game time into PD. I have found a great interest in learning all the rules of PD by always rereading the guidelines, staying up to date on forums and discord and learning the style of how PD should be played. I believe I am ready to take the next step in my PD journey and become an LT. I personally see myself as professional and knowledgeable about the rules of the server. I am respectful to all citizens, fellow government, command and so on. I believe that I am on good term with all command in PD, since I never had a situation where I had to be disciplined in PD nor did I ever violate a policy or be disrespectful. I know how to deal with any situation that comes to me in PD, I do my best to supervise lower ranks, and last but not least, I am dedicated to training cadets to the best of my knowledge. Like what is always said, we are the face of PD. Therefor, when it comes to training cadets that will respond to calls by our sides, I put my best knowledge and effort in training them to ensure that they are actually ready to be part of the department. I believe I dedicate a great amount of time staying active on PD most days of the week. If some days of the week I am unable to be on, I try to make it up by staying even longer on other days. Not a single weekend went by where I was not active in PD. I attend almost every meeting and training that takes place to constantly stay up to date with issues that need attention and better myself as a member of PD in general. I believe that I am ready to take this responsibility of becoming a lieutenant. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): YES