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  1. Name: Major Rich 1L29 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:177363537 Rank: Major Reason for Resignation/Retirement: Personal life is getting incredibly busy and I am unable to really play videos games at all anymore. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post?: Agree Do you agree that once you post this, there is not any “take backs”?: Agree It has been a real pleasure paroling with all of you. I have met some incredible people while being apart of command. I really wish that I could stay and keep growing with all of you but sadly life says otherwise. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of such an amazing department and be able to be apart of low command. Good luck to all of you in your future and I hope to see you around every now and then. Cheers!
  2. - Support whenever a person decides to join a bunch of departments they also take a responsibility upon themselves to make sure they are active in those departments. Limiting people on how many departments they join will not only cause departments to have player shortages but also cause people to lose interest in the server, since they only get to play as 1 or 2 jobs which gets super repetitive. Therefore, having the option to switch to another job when one gets boring is what keeps players on the server and having fun.
  3. Sadly my time has come to resign. It’s been quite an awesome ride being in ems. Due to irl circumstances I just don’t have the time to upkeep my activity and therefor it isn’t fair for me to take a captain spot if I don’t do my job. Had a lot of great memories over the course of the year and met a ton of great people. Hope to see y’all around. Thank for having me.
  4. Wow springs, sad to see you go. I hope you enjoyed being on this server with all of us and thanks for being apart of pd low command with all of us. Who am I gonna call by their first name now???? Good luck in your future springs!
  5. Hello, unfortunately my time to resign from ARU has come. With me getting busier IRL, my time is limited versus back then, on how much time I have for gmod. At this point, any time I get, I would like to use for being on pd and keeping Pd active as best as I can. It was a pleasure being apart of ARU, working alongside some of the smartest people in this community. Good luck to you all and see you around! -SGT Rich TRJ15
  6. +Support *Active *Stern but fair *Good leadership skills *Experienced at his current rank *Mature *Respectful I believe max is ready to receive that promotion and become a Major. Good luck!
  7. +\-Support *Great person *Good intentions *Eager to helps others *Mature *Obeys the rules and sets a good example *Has command potential -Needs a bit more time as a SM first since 2-3 weeks is kinda too soon, since the bare minimum to apply is 3 weeks. -Application could use a bit of touching up as to why you should be an LT. You make a good point on leadership and how you hold those skills but I’m also looking for reasons on why you should become low command and what you can offer us. Good Luck!
  8. I agree that this needs to be written clearly on the motd whether it’s a rule or not. However, if we are talking about whether this should be a rule or not I -Support. Criminals would just abuse this and jump in the water during a chase and once that happens and you cannot tase them, they will just simply swim around in circles and there’s nothing gov can do.
  9. +Support Since it’s only a discord server that you are banned from, and it was a year ago, I feel maybe you deserve another chance. Considering you seem like you matured and started caring about being a good member of this community by admitting that you were wrong in the past and also become staff. Therefore, all that being done and said, I believe makes it fair for you to ask for your ban to be reconsidered.
  10. +Support Im usually always for adding something extra to increase variety
  11. +Support Would be convenient and less time consuming to buy ammo, And will add more use to the general store.
  12. +Support *Been SM for a while *Active *Respected and respectful *Knowledgable *Mature *Trains cadets all the time and trains them properly *Has been showing a ton of dedication to PD *Hes ready to be an LT Good Luck!
  13. +Support -Will prevent ransoms from running into a minging in tac bases -If we compare this to real life and people being allowed to go into military bases, in real life they usually go through a metal detector to make sure they aren’t armed. But here a crim that is in the lobby will almost always be armed
  14. -Support +From past experience in trying to do this, it will either end up with the crim pulling out a gun and starting a shootout or they will stall until their friends arrive and cause a shoot out +The wanted people usually have a wanted sign for a reason like shooting gov so they will not just comply with the RP and go to jail, they will do anything in their power to escape
  15. +Major support -not all members of Pd want to or have fun being involved in criminal activity. Therefore, I believe they should get a pay increase because unless they do get off the job and do some crim work, they will barley make enough to buy the cheapest car in the dealer