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  1. Hope to see you on the server and maybe back in CI one day.
  2. Grade: 15/100 Lore: 0/25 Not lore friendly at all, it's a rock. It's not remotely close to the lore of an ancient creature. Ancient creatures does not turn in to a rock. Creativity: 10/25 To give you the benefit of the doubt, it's an event SCP. However, it will/won't benefit the CI at all. Presentation: 0/25 Format not followed at all, no attempts on enhancing the log was made. Writing: 5/25 The log was very short and yet, a lot of grammatical errors. Extra notes: This logs is below average.
  3. Name : hope Rank : Medic SteamID (REQUIRED-Invalid if not given) : STEAM_0:0:210627742 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 5 Anything which you'd like to note? : Getting back into medical.
  4. Hope

    Kolibri Pistol Preview

    Damn, that is very cool.
  5. Hope

    Jacks Resignation

    Thank you for your service in security. Maybe, hang around in TS if you can/want.
  6. No longer the proper rank or in research.
  7. The reason I issued a formal is because I remembered Zack was verbally warned before by another staff member. I am basing the warn on this evidence alone, as fear role play cases can only be solved by video evidence.
  8. +/- support Putting +/- support because Jack made some good points. All my arguments that I was going to say is in the screenshots. However, my points still stand. https://streamable.com/fkg4b2 Putting a slow motion video of Jay, Mateo and the sound of the closing door here.
  9. Poll's public, the poll must be private.
  10. In my opinion, this log is below average. If I were still a command in research, this log would be a F. 10 -25 %
  11. +support Lew, I expected better from you.