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  1. Name: Jack Hugs Rank: MAJ Date: 07/06/2020 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:37788742
  2. +Support -Active -Helps with new Members -Wants others to succeed. -Brings a good attitude with him
  3. Killer, you do great work! You really care about the officers, and our values! Good luck to you!
  4. Rank You are Applying For: Major In-Game Name: CPT Jack Hugs 1L84 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:37788742 Current Rank: Captain How long have you been in your current rank?: 4 weeks What timezone are you in?: CST How many Warns do you have?: 0 Warns Permission: Deputy Commissioner Alton Why should you be promoted (200 words Minimum): I have shown multiple strengthens here with my time with the Police Department. All for which i am very proud for. Firstly being able to effectively communicate with all members of the department at any time. Being able to talk with all Gaminglight members with respect and integrity goes a long way with increasing our positive interactions with them. People like to complain how we are power hungry and just use our badge as a excuse to strong arm them. But being able to correct those who do it, and be a example of what is expected of others. I use my rank to show younger officers on how to become a effective and respected officer. I believe that the best use of my earned status is to be that figure for others to look up to and ask questions with. I have seen first hand that it has made a difference to some who want to make a career in the department. I also still want to press the importance of training. If we have a lack of training, it will show in the OFC's field work which will result in a talking too or demoting. I believe that if we check up more on trainers, and put more time into them that it'll decrease the number of Failed OFC's by at least a third. So I will always keep up with cadet training's, and holding trainers accountable for their training's. I also have been working hard to make a complete role play experience for all players. Working with all officers to work on some IRL police work like fields, and how to conduct a uniform traffic stop. This brings new fresh role play, as well as fun to all involved. Investing in the future of not only our officers, but gaminglight is critical to me. That's why I always look for new ways to have our officers interact with the civilians to create new role play not usually seen. I love this department, it has been a absolute blast, and my commitment to PD is as strong as ever. I am here for the officers, and will have their back always. Thank you! You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes
  5. Aye.. that shoutout tho
  6. Jack Hugs

    Jack Hugs LOA

    Name: Jack Hugs SteamID: STEAM_0:1:37788742 Rank: CPT Length (Provide Dates): 6/18-6/21 Reason (If private say N/A): Hello! I will be LOA from the server 6/18-6/21 due to me having to bail hay in Illinois for a friend. I will be available by discord message the whole time! Will miss you all!!
  7. I think Ruben has done well, maybe has bit more to learn on how to command but. He'll get the hold of it!
  8. I believe he has shown a lot of activity since his last application, also has shown way more dedication to the department!
  9. I totally support this! I feel he has a great attitude, and can benefit the department greatly!
  10. I agree with above! When I do see you on, you do a amazing job! But you have been active on other units way more. We like having you on PD. Like to see you more!
  11. -Support: Have not seen much activity on Police specifically at all. I believe he is a good guy, but not active.
  12. I agree with above! Do not see lucky on much at all, also has gotten some unprofessional complaints to me.
  13. Rank You are Applying For: Police Captain In-Game Name: LT Jack Hugs 1L84 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:37788742 Current Rank: Lieutenant How long have you been in your current rank?: Over 3 Weeks What timezone are you in?: CST How many Warns do you have?: 0 Warns Why should you be promoted: I believe I should be promoted due to the growth, and commitment I've shown to the Police Department. Since my Promotion to LT I have grown in my knowledge on how to lead in the police aspect. This meaning talking and interacting with all the officers in the force. Getting with people to find what they need more help with learning, or what they would like to see change within the force. The Command rank does scare people, so it's good to show that you are still one of them! This increases the RP, and morale in the department knowing that their command is there for them. I also have kept and made sure the quality of training of Cadets to SNR is high quality. I have found that some trainings are amazing, and some done with little effort. As command I have learned how to work with trainers to improve quality, and hold those accountable for the lack of. This time as LT has shown me that not everyone can do the job, and some people do need to be demoted and re-trained! Now even though that is an option I tend to go for a more direct approach asking what they can do better, and how they will achieve that! Another thing that I have worked on is working with the other departments to solve situations. Being able to improve relations and to work with departments can help with working through situations. Even though not all of us are police, we still need coordination to either save a life, or take down a hostile. I think we do need more critical training for all officers on how to work with other departments, and who takes lead on situations. Most situations I see are usually not organized and cause mayhem. I believe this can be achieved with a clear understanding of the rules, and how to work with other departments better. I feel as a Captain I can continue to grow for the department, and my officers. I want to bring more to the table as Police, and show that Police is a good career choice for all! You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes I Understand
  14. + support +Leader +Helps anyone +Mature +Professional Good Luck Max! You got this!
  15. I asked someone to marry me, they said yes, then backed out. Big RIP to this simp xD https://youtu.be/IXEuijnU-gc