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  1. happy pride month everyone
  2. +Support -Active -Friendly/Approachable -Knowledge of the rules and systems of our community
  3. I got staff with 15 warns, it doesn't matter how many you have (to an extent) but is mostly based on your behavior now. It also heavily depends on your reputation with the community.
  4. Breaking into PD as a Thief and taking over @Adams gave me authority
  5. Job Name: Ex-Millitary Guard Name Change: Ex-Millitary Guard -> An Outlaw (10$) SteamID being Removed: STEAM_0:0:105614491 (10$) SteamID being Added: STEAM_0:1:85663951 (20$) Weapon Change: tfa_kac_pdw -> tfa_aws_2015 (10$) All Paid for by: STEAM_0:1:85663951 Proof of Purchase: Class owned by: STEAM_0:0:181785233