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  1. + Support This guy is always causing issues... minge, failrp, ERP, player diss-- you name it. I have a recording of an SCP test with him as dclass, where he tried to drive the situation to ERP multiple times; can provide if needed.
  2. Big +support I'd really love to be able to put up signs for repairs in progress as Technician
  3. Big +support It would take a lot of doing for the staff to keep this in line but I think it could add a lot of dynamic containment cell & SCP interaction to a lot of different roles on the server.
  4. I always thought we should do something with that cafeteria in D-block. Maybe add a cafeteria worker class and a keycard scanner to the cafeteria door, give the D Class another type of person to interact with that isn't just GenSec or the occasional researcher. Locking D-class in more cells isn't going to make D-class more fun to play, though. We want to maybe focus on thinking of stuff that adds more spice of life to D-class RP so that the players of D-class don't get bored so easily and resort to micspam / minge to entertain themselves. -Support
  5. A sandwhich is wholly and unarguably, by definition, two pieces of bread with any sort of ingredients between them. Temperature and content of ingredients is irrelevant. You wanna put an old boot between two slices of bread? You got yourself an old boot sandwhich. Throw in some ketchup? Ketchup boot sandwhich. Main point is-- it's a sandwhich. A hamburger is a sandwhich. A hotdog is not a sandwhich, and neither is a taco-- but a hamburger is undeniably a sandwhich. Source: Worked in a deli for 4 years, am sandwhich expert. PS: Hotdogs are counted as sandwhiches strictly by New York Tax laws. I disagree.
  6. Aww dang dude.. I only got to know you a little bit in my short time in Technical so far. You were pretty rad-- you also promoted me to EXP tech after grabbing me to help out with some awesome Tech RP involving rebuilding containment units for 939. That was awesome, it was a really rewarding experience for me as a newer tech to feel like my RP efforts were being recognized, as well as getting the opportunity to be involved with some more experienced RP scenes. You also showed off some really good ideas for prop spawning for doing Tech stuff that I use all the time now in my own scenes. I can already get the sense that things are going to be a lot different with you gone, but we'll all do our best to keep things alive and well in your stead. Sucks you gotta go... but life be that way sometimes. Hope to still see you now and then when you're able to make it online!