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  1. Name: Beanz Rank: Deputy Site Director Duration of absence: Today until 7/20 (5 days) Reason: Work-related
  2. This idea just isn't going to work -Support
  3. +Support for changing NLR from 2 minutes to 3 minutes for Gensec CCs to see if this makes things more balanced. Simple Solution to implement Doesn't change any of the paid options for the CC Gives a needed nerf to the CCs Will make the most people happy as a compromise
  4. CanOBeanz

    C’ ya nerds

    One of my best friends i've made around this place. We've made a lot of awesome memories and im glad to have gotten to do all the cool stuff we did. I'm glad you'll be sticking around still even if not in RP as much! Here's to your maybe someday return (I'll still get you confused with Light when you're both in the same voice call tho)
  5. +Support The new location for gensec bunks was interesting at first, but it's caused a lot of issues and conflict to pop up around the concept of "spawn guarding" as this unfortunately is in a high-traffic area for threats such as CI and loose SCPs. I think moving the bunks back to d block would be preferable and a good fix to the current issues caused by the current location of the spawn in LCZ
  6. CanOBeanz

    Hats are dumb

    Hat club membership is $5 a month, sirs
  7. CanOBeanz

    Shadow Man

    +Support Cool idea! I love how it plays off the lights going out
  8. CanOBeanz


    haha rip that guy right totally deserved it, being a DSD and all,
  9. bruh is that a star trek reference, nice
  10. You were a good influence on a lot of people! Sad to see you go, but glad you'll still be around now and then
  11. If the smiley jesus model still exists, it should be added as another option +support
  12. -Support It was a problem that will just come back