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  1. +Support Blatant knowledge of & use of cheating software while on the server Advertising cheat software to players Advertising server crash techniques to players A bad egg.
  2. +Support The way our SCPS are organized could really use the overhaul this map could offer Any emergent issues from playing on the map could be handled with rules changes & adaptations, same as we always have I think our community and playercount is what draws in more players; I don't think we need to rely on having a 'rarer' map to set us apart from other SCPRP servers. A map change may not necessarily be detrimental to our playerbase If the new map is too big, we could block off some areas and use them exclusively for staff sits or events or something Maybe we could try it out for a month or something. with the clause that it'll be swapped back if things don't seem to be going well? There's tons of ways we could work with this i'm sure.
  3. ABSOLUTELY DENIED Mike you did a great service to this branch and keeping things running, now you want me and Pure to do all of this on our own?!?! For real though man, it's gonna suck without you around helping us on our worksite shenanigans. Hope to see you around still on other branches
  4. Big sad Do good in Uni and come back sometime yeah?
  5. +Support I see this loophole get used a LOT by almost all branches on the server Armor can be refilled from the Armory and isnt too hugely expensive
  6. Well, mental health checks out, that's for sure. We only need to watch out for when the swearing stops. Then something is wrong (Also, what's the lore behind the power suit? Why's he gotta wear it all the time?)
  7. +Support I thought this job was originally added for this exact purpose lol The job is only available to those of rank SR+ in research, I don't think it would be that big of a nerf to 457 Recontainment procedures to let them help out
  8. +Support I've heard a lot of issues about people dipping back into bunks to escape RP / combat lately Definitely agree that some rule should be enacted & enforced to punish this, same with people running into D block hallway to escape hostile SCPs -Support I don't think we should totally restrict people from returning to bunks after leaving There are a lot of legitimate reasons to return to bunks in the middle of a life: Requested to go there to discuss something with someone Some SOPs require branch members to return bunks if it becomes Defcon 3, unless they're a certain rank (no panic room requirement until defcon 2 usually, but bunks are required at defcon 3 for some) Needing to go AFK somewhere safe for a moment Maybe we could just make it against the MOTD to explicitly run into bunks to escape a situation? Like something you could call a staff sit for?
  9. -Support There are guidelines in place that are supposed to be making people go to Medbay to get checkups/surgery, maybe we could focus on enforcing or improving those guidelines as a way to improve the amount of action medbay gets People could game the system and just ask to get shot so they could come to medbay and get a surgery for XP +Support Calling for the sit and everything to get XP would fit easily into the recovery period for surgery, so it wouldnt be hard to implement Could at least let people feel like they're getting something more out of sitting for 10-15 minutes and getting a surgery done Gives incentive to become surgeon instead of Field Medic (can get more XP)
  10. Yeah not having a hazmat playermodel but still being able to be in a hazmat suit in RP as a medic is kind of awkward +Support
  11. This was suggested before-- I believe it was denied because it involved editing some SWEP files that SMT does not have access to. -- Also I +Support. With how nerfy 1245-2 already is, and being a "KOS to recontain" SCP, it's kind of ridiculous that he has FearRP Rules on top of all of that. Just let the man run around and have fun throwing his harpoon until he's dead
  12. +Support This would make 106 more of a great jump scare and actually threatening
  13. SCP RP Gang Gonna give you surgery you may or may not survive sometime in Medbay, Security boyeeee