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  1. +/- Support There was indeed some semi-serious RP going on at the time, which had some silliness that ended up resulting in this situation. Hence my in-character foundation comms message about the arrest. I wasn't a witness personally to the physgun part or the uncuff part-- however, according to the evidence in this thread, the staff powers were still used inappropriately and someone took offense to it, which is justifiable. I don't agree with the use of admin powers in this situation, and do agree that the usage of admin powers in this way DOES need to be addressed-- However I also believe that if Mike is given the opportunity to learn from this without losing his staff rank, that he will certainly do better moving forward. From my recollection, Mike is not someone who has a history of minging with admin powers, and has proven his ability to work on staff in the past, so he may just need a very stern reminder to never do this again.
  2. +Support I think there was some unfortunate circumstances in the past, but I also think you have the capability to do what's right moving forward
  3. +Support I think this room would actually get used for RP if it had these props in it
  4. +support I almost never see anyone use this job or buy weapons from players on this job
  5. +Support there definitely needs to be some rules related to this
  6. best glitch Also some further details: The T Pose only happens when the character is walking or alt-walking with keys out
  7. +Support Does a good job in his MTF role(s) Has been trusted with an MTF command role Is serious about RP Is passionate about medical branch
  8. Hey all, It's been a fun ride, I enjoyed going shooty pew pew with you guys all around the facility and surface, but I feel like I need to focus more on my responsibilities as DDOU. I haven't really been able to apply the same level of passion to both branches, and I feel like there may be a more deserving member of the 1LT spot i'm taking. I really appreciate the chance I was given to be command in this branch, and I wish the remaining command the best of luck with running the Nine Tailed Fox. Giovanni - Awesome Leader, good at inspiring activity when needed. Jakub - Always entertaining hearing this guy at meetings Mike - Your true leadership skills show when you do work in this branch. I think you have more greatness to come. Thanks for everything!
  9. +/- Support I think I like Propane's version of this idea the most. MMF is supposed to be the elite janitorial staff that are responsible for the more dangerous parts of the facility such as EZ & HCZ, but not having them be able to help with 173 is obviously detrimental. I'd +Support letting them to into LCZ strictly to help with 173 breaches before returning to HCZ/EZ. As for full reign of the facility, we might have to discuss more what the implications of seeing MMF regularly in LCZ would be. I mean sure, they're functionally the same as regular janitors, but they also look a lot more like MTF and may cause some confusion during shootouts / escape attempts by D Class.
  10. +Support Good man with a good track record Previous experience with staff role on gaminglight Well-known in the community