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  1. I appreciate all of the kind words, I wish the best for you all.
  2. Thanks Atlas for your words, I wasn't Head Warden I was always just Commissioner (automatic overseer given to HCMD), but I appreciate it.
  3. As long as I have Invictus Sentry, and my Masked CC certainly.
  4. I find no joy in this, but I'll always remember the good times. Please enjoy this melodramatic video of my history of the server, and shoutouts to my Command, and the ones who helped me get this far.
  5. Saiba

    Saiba LOA

    Name: Saiba Rank: DHOS Date (MM/DD): 9/6/20 Date you will return (MM/DD): 9/13/20 Reason (can be private): Life is stressing me out, I need some time to adjust and think.
  6. +Support I trust Cogs to do super well, as he's High Command and very good at RP.
  7. +Support SCPRP High Command, well on his way up in the ranks. Knows how to lead and do RP, as well as do combat. A perfect choice for a Command position.
  8. +Support An excellent admin and trustworthy person, gets the job done.
  9. +Support Extremely dedicated to his position, promotes fairness, and goes above and beyond expectations.
  10. Been stuck in spawn for about half an hour cause of this guy.
  11. +Support Replacing RCF is a big step in increasing activity in Security. We hope this will be beneficial and fun for all members of security involved!
  12. Transparency and communication are the most important things to help branch relations. I hold a lot of respect for my fellow leaders in the server and I never want minging/toxicity to destroy our trust in one another. Fighting with ourselves makes this server so hard to enjoy for everybody and I hope we can all agree to talk things out freely.
  13. I mean no offense by this at all, but I genuinely think some of the -Supports on this post are very misinformed on what goes on in D Block and GENSEC. I recommend before you -Support something, you do a little more research on the topic so there's no major misconceptions.
  14. +Support A necessary branch update that I'm sure will benefit the server.