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  1. Name: Micheal Rank: Lead Engineer Branch (Medical, Technician, Janitorial): Technician Length (MM/DD/ - MM/DD): 04/06/-04/13 Reason (If private that's fine): Need a break to settle some things.
  2. Name :Michael Rank :Lead Engineer How would you rate your activity? (1-10) 6 Any notes or questions? N/A
  3. After thinking about it VOID THE RESIGNATION. It took me a bit,but Nu7 really is my resting combat branch. Sorry to waste anyone time to who read the resignation.
  4. Name:Ashton Rank:Sgt Reason for leaving:Long story-short,I don't feel a belonging here.I've been traveling through combat branches to find one to settle in,but to no avail yet. My hopes is I can find one to settle in,but I always have a level of uneasiness when I'm in.I will say though that I am glad to meet the people of Nu-7. Will you stay active during your 48 hour notice?:Can and will.
  5. LOA Ended 2 days early.
  6. LOA Ended 2 days early.
  7. I would like to add that I'm more or less focusing on the RE-45 auto pistol.The other two are probably alright,but an auto pistol just seems unnecessary unless it's a D class CC.
  8. +Support I may be on LOA,but D-Class shouldn't have auto pistols unless it is a CC. At this point Holding D-Class will become next to impossible as D-Classes strength in numbers were bad enough,now they all can buy automatic pistols and destroy GenSec and MTF. If the Falcon 2 Pistol can't be used by D-class,the Titanfal weapons shouldn't be exempt from that same treatment.
  9. Name:Michael Rank:Lead Engineer Branch (Medical, Technician, Janitorial):Technician Length (MM/DD/ - MM/DD):(02/24/-03/09/) Reason (If private that's fine):Private
  10. Name:Ashton Rank:CPL Reason for LOA (You can put Private if needed):Private Duration:2 weeks (2/24/20-3/9/20)
  11. +Support The Alpha Operative have needed a weapon change. The Madgul PDR is good, just not fit for CI.
  12. +SUPPORT I feel that some of the guns have needed nerf/buffs.
  13. Darn man,this is a really interesting backstory.
  14. Full name: Full name never given,only his first. Height:6'4 Weight: 121 Lbs Age: 26 Bio: Prior to Foundation employment,Ashton served 2 years as in the U.S. Marine Corps, fighting in Iraq. In 2011,He enlisted into the CIA as a GRS member for the CIA Outpost in Benghazi,Libya for 1 year before resigning from the CIA,stating,"Benghazi was a craphole no wanted to be in." At this point,Foundation Agents picked him up and offered him a position in Foundation Security. Instead however,Ashton signed up and joined MTF Epsilon 11 "Nine-Tailed Fox".He served but resigned from E11 as CPL due to issues with his family. In 2019, He returned to the Foundation employing as a Security Officer. Currently, Ashton is a Nu7 Private with the callsign 79TC. Note: For some apparent reason, photos taken by Ashton within Foundation employment have always been with a gasmask concealing his face. Whether this is coincidental or an actual anomalous event is up for debate.