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  1. +Support It only makes sense having a level 5 keycard if you are clearance level 5, I see no reason why this shouldn't be a thing.
  2. Eilish

    Eilish's ban appeal

    When did he say that and where did he say that?
  3. https://medal.tv/clips/32744756/d1337Rt4YcMs https://medal.tv/clips/32556218/d1337ILL2M43 https://medal.tv/clips/32380738/d1337IP8PioW https://medal.tv/clips/32431121/d1337NHeNTFP https://medal.tv/clips/32740199/d1337xIWgaOs
  4. Steam Name: Eilish SteamID: STEAM_0:0:95826980 Ingame Name: Eilish Ban Length: 1 day Admin that Banned you: Weiss Reason for Ban: Exploiting Dispute: Context: I stood under the elevator door on the top level of dblock, which sent the door back up to where is when the elevator arrives, later, when I was rioting with fellow dclass, I was pulled to a sit and was told I was getting a warn for exploiting while nobody told me that was wrong, then right after the warning, I was told I was going to be banned for 1 day, 2 lines of text were said to me and I was banned. So i understand what I did was wrong now because of a warn, but to ban me is just outrageous, even if it is just 1 day. In my case, exploiting is warn-able, but ban-able? It just isn't fun to be banned because i simply held the dblock elevator door on the top level open, since nobody told me that was an exploit, because people hold the checkpoint doors open and it somehow doesn't qualify as the same thing as what I did, which means I would not have known that what I did qualifies as an exploit due to everyone else walking free and trapping me in the universe of the banned, at most it should be a written warning but preferably a verbal because I learn better when i know what i did wrong instead of just saying that i did something wrong. The main reason I am attempting to appeal a 1 day ban is because i simply WILL NOT stand to be banned because i held an elevator door open while, i cant express this enough: COUNTLESS people hold one of the doors open in the checkpoints and that isn't qualified as Failrp and exploiting even though it is the exact same thing, banning someone for holding a door open is just, with lack of better words, stupid. There is no reason I should be banned while others do the same thing and walk free. Basically I made this ban appeal in an attempt to protest what i believe should not be a thing, and less of just getting me un-banned. I have a proposition to make a change to whatever system you guys have for this exploiting stuff, cause this case of exploiting doesn't deserve a ban, and so do some other exploits, they simply need to be told to the person who exploited what they did wrong. I want to play this server because it is fun for me and sometimes fun for the people I interact with, by me attempting to appeal a 1 day ban, it shows that I want to actually be apart of the community instead of just minge or cheat or exploit.
  5. Keep in mind I am not that experienced because I never did something like this before, but here is my first attempt: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IEEc7lvU4jvYgSm45KXOC1yX0olsj0GWLuzb_skBAxY/edit?usp=sharing
  6. To be fair i was on an LOA this weekend, I had no say so i couldn't stay aka forced to go away for the weekend
  7. Fair enough, since I haven't been playing for a long time, but also I have never seen you either
  8. In Game Name: Eilish Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:95826980 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+): Medical If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: N/A How many Strikes do you have: 0 Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: I want to join the O5 medical staff team because I want to try to learn how to become a good leader and attempt make the O5 branch more active by being ingame frequently and also I have never applied for a position like this, and I thought it would be a brilliant time to try since the new update is coming, new map, new me. Why should we accept you: I think you should accept me into the O5 medical team because I want to learn how to be a good leader, and the only way I can be a good leader is with practice. One reason why I am trying to apply for this position is because I want to be able to combine being part of the O5 medical team with attempting to better the community, two things that I have wanted to do since I began to like this server. I believe you should accept me into the team because I want to expand the branch with people that really want to grow the server and its community, however, there may be others that are more fit for this position than me since I know little to nothing on how to be a good leader, but the only way someone can be good at something is by attempting to do the thing they are trying to be good at, otherwise known as practice makes perfect. Another reason I feel like you should accept me into this position is because I don't see many O5 members on that frequently, and I am looking to change that by attempting to be on the O5 job regularly, being friendly to the rest of the community, and overall just improve the server and its people, now, I know one person can not necessarily do this alone, but if you want to make a change, you have to be the one to start the change. (Completely off topic, aka a side note: I love how there is no minimum word requirement because I can actually say what matters instead of having to add extra, useless words onto the original topic)
  9. Name: Eilish Rank: CPL Callsign: ---- Date of LOA Leave/Return: 09/11/2020 - 09/(13 or 14)/2020 Reason (if private write N/A): Forced to go away for the weekend.
  10. What are you suggesting? - I am suggesting that the Sawbones class for CI gets a change to what weapon they have. I believe that the AN-94, which is the current Sawbones weapon, is hard to see what you are shooting since the iron sights break sometimes (https://medal.tv/clips/32556734/d1337BFuREWZ (Side note: I swear to god if you complain about me using left hand mode I am going to accidentally shoot another friendly during a CI raid)), Which is why I am suggesting a change in weaponry to the more reliable M4A4, which you can count on to actually see where your bullets are landing. I also am suggesting that the CI Sawbones (Nicknamed Hemo Dispenser by me) gets a raise in pay to around $175? (Anything higher than $125 works) since there is not many CI Sawbones on, usually leaving the only sawbones on to supply the entire army of CI with medical supplies, meaning that you will have to spend more money on medical supplies than you would on just ammo, also the amount of supplies people ask you for is not covered by the current paycheck you get, $125 is not enough to buy approximately 5 sets of hemos for each person that asks. How would this change better the server? - This is not a major change, nor necessary, but it will definitely be an improvement to the CI Sawbones class by letting them be more efficient in combat, and at their main task which is healing people and being the support of the group. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Personally I believe that there is no real disadvantages, except maybe people going AFK on the sawbones class for the specific purpose of getting money while not playing. Who would this change mostly benefit? - This change would benefit people that play on the Sawbones class, well at-least, the very few of us that play sawbones by giving us a more reliable gun, and more money to spend on supplies to keep our allies in the fight.
  11. +Support, it would take time to add this to the server of course as many have said, but it also makes everything look better
  12. Dogs are better, change my mind, except you can't because dogs are better
  13. Name: Eilish Rank: LCPL Discord: Eilish#5257 Activity: 5/10 Ideas for CI: Medics with a shotgun? (probably not though)