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  1. +Support Good guy, Active and takes charge. Looks out for people in other Branches. Seems like a good fit for major.
  2. Crabbo

    Ban Appeal

    - Support Racial slurs of any kind should not be tolerated.
  3. As long as they dont say "A1" "Your Name" Or "Rank" It should be fine.
  4. -Support Lets be honest, Almost anything thats added to 294 will be abused
  5. Sad to see ya go, Have a good one
  6. +Support Ruins the RP if magically a man wearing white gear appears like a ghost
  7. +Support Good reason for wanting to join back. Has had command experience in E11 and A1 During his time in A1 he got to Captain which proves he has the branches best interests in mind Choose a branch and stick with it minge
  8. -Support -Padding out the 150 words minimum -For question 6 it is stated that he is minging and not follow rules on our SOP, This is not something you should contact a admin about due to it not breaking any Server rules -In your application you only mention "protecting staff" once and it is implied it is only from breached SCPs, Our job in A1 is to protect Site admins at all times, We are only containing SCPs if the VIP Requests us to OR no VIP is actually onsite -I could be mixed up with someone with a similar username but from the times ive seen you, you have been mingey.
  9. Where do i sign up? This suggestion gives Technical more RP value, The only technical staff that are captured are Head of technical and sometimes Deputy Head Of Technical, This makes technical more then just target practice for non-foundation groups. For the raiding system, I think it should be either group can start a raid every 10 minutes, After the first raid called ends the other group is able to raid 5 minutes after the raid, Just enough time for MTF/RCF to clear the site from most threats. Since two groups are sharing raids, The highest ranking on after all units inside are killed or captured they can do advert (OOC) All units in (Group) Have been terminated. The info should not be used for RP value apart from the other GIO group starting their timer.
  10. Crabbo

    Boozle's Application

    +Support Really active. Command experience. ( Starr recommended him so that can only be a good thing) Hope to see you in our branch
  11. -Support Doesn't meet word minimum on question 5 For question 6 You need to actually tell the PVT at the time it happens Don't believe i've seen you on the server (Or could just be a gap in my memory)
  12. Mostly +Support Will dedicate time and effort to branch No Strikes No specific amount of warns (With question six you are meant to follow chain of command) (also writing on notes is much more inconvenient then you thin)
  13. +Support No way that it could be interpreted anyway other then staff abuse.
  14. -Support Will they need to upgrade logs to see when people crouch?