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  1. We all saw this coming, I have wanted to leave for a while. Recently I have had no motivation to get on the server. I have been putting my activity off for a bit for finals, and quarter finals, but honestly I don't want to play anymore. Getting on the server during the end of the server was already a pain because I had to study for tests that I didn't even know I had. I really wanted to stay but with all the stuff that is happening in my life, I can't really have time to get on the CMD job. THERE IS AT LEAST A 90% CHANCE I WILL COME BACK IN SEPTEMBER. Few Honorable Mentions From Highest to Lowest Hoovy: This guy right here, by far the funniest stuff I've done with him. RRH has been the most fun I had in a while. Alexx: I didn't know you that well, but you are a nice guy and I look forwarding to seeing you again. Neo: Don't leave when I come back, you did it once. Vinder: I know you probably aren't gonna read this, but I miss you man. You were incredible as a DDOP and I would serve you again. Box: You are by far the mingiest man ever box, thats why I respect you. Geeko: Why you inactive bro. I'll see you on the flip side. Redacted: Yo, my other AHIR, I had a good time working with you. Bawls: Sorry I got off when you got on. Thats not my fault, blame time. Pryingtree: When I come back. at least be archivist Lukemario: You are definitely a minge, and Im gonna miss that. If your name wasn't here, just know that Im gonna miss you all equally.
  2. I would have to agree with this -Support -RRH Analyst Whiskey 17
  3. Name: Sullivan Activity (1-5): 4 Last Promoted: March 16 Date Joined: March 16 SteamID: STEAM 0:1:153364199 Donator Rank: Diamond Notes: It says my most recent promo was March 16 but I know thats not true
  4. I didn't think it would be so soon. Im gonna miss you bud, and before you go. I'm promoting you to IIN, Get your training whenever you come back :.(
  5. I might have not known you that well But we are gonna miss you nonetheless. I wish you the best luck and enjoy life. I hope to you see again, maybe in the next year.
  6. +Support Nice guy Known him for a bit, and he's pretty trustworthy He has been around for a good while and he knows the rules. Nice application + very long
  7. +Support Even though your rank in other branches is kind of low, your a trustworthy person. + High ranking - Low ranking in research + Pretty trustworthy(high ranking RP rank, GL SMOD) + Really good logs
  8. I would have to agree but everything else looks nice. I've talked with you before and I know your capabilities somewhat since we are both in CI You seem like a chill guy and I think you got a chance at TMOD.
  9. + Support I've known trizium for a bit and he is pretty chill. I know for a fact that he would be able to get TMOD - Nice Guy - Active - Trustworth(Command) - Good Attitude
  10. I don't know the guy very well, but form what I can see, he isn't bad. and if what you say with Icefuse is true, previous staff experience can go a long way.
  11. Its been real great working with voxial. I always love to stop by Nu7 comms just to say hi because I believe voxial is a nice guy. He's been here a while and I can vouch for him that his attitude while playing on GL is good. I hope to see him one day as Admin even.
  12. Bro wtf. I just saw you on for a second and now this? Come on man, we losing command by the hour
  13. Denied. You are not allowed to leave Reapply in 2 weeks man, reapply in 2 weeks
  14. +Support cyclone is a nice guy, he has lots of time on the server and I believe he should get a chance at this. He is incredibly active on the forums, with an astonishing 400+ forums posts and to be honest, I can only think of a few people who would surpass him.
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