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  1. In-Game Name: BadAim SteamID: STEAM_0:0:81238702 Custom Job Name: Imperial Maintenance Color of Job: 255, 0, 0 Job Description: A subdivision of the Imperial Janitors, the Imperial Maintenance Team handles issues that are deemed “low-priority” by the Engineering Corps, and are equipped with an array of repair equipment, as well as a blaster for self-defense. Model: Model Path: models/player/badaim/green.mdl Weapons: rw_sw_se14cc, tfa_nmrih_sledge Please let me know if there are any issues with this post!
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    Matthew’s birthday

    Huntt really out here telling Matthew happy birthday 5 days late instead of wishing me a happy birthday today
  3. Yes +support for this and this alone
  4. +Support I love the changes the the Hazardous Materials Researcher!
  5. I'll keep this in mind then IG All I really have to say is I wouldn't have done it if I had known it was against the rules
  6. Ight Here is what the MOTD says about tranqing: I'm also gonna talk about this rule as lots of people are discussing it. So, the 1st section, one that is dedicated to guidelines regarding tranqs, says absolutely nothing in regards to tranqing cuffed SCPs. This tactic has been used a few times throughout my year experience on the server, and if SMT did not want players to do this, it would have been added to the section of the rules that is dedicated to guidelines for tranqs. And while this might also seem as if I'm exploiting a glitch to free 682 from his cuffs, I'm not. In fact, anyone who has done this, or has been present for someone else doing it would know that SCPs that are tranqed while cuffed, remain cuffed when they wake up. I would not have done this if it had released them, as that would be exploiting. Like I said before, I only think this is being brought up now and not back then is because of the changes of the time it takes for a tranq to take effect, as the party holding the SCP has 0 time to react to this now and is forced to dig in and guard wherever the tranqed SCP went down at until they wake up. This whole situation is pretty ridiculous in my opinion and should've been brought up in suggestions, not here.
  7. U sure about that? This isn't an uncommon tactic. I'd only say it's being noticed now because the time it takes for a tranq to take effect has been lowered substantially. I've been playing here for a while, I wouldn't have done this if I had thought it was against the rules (I will admit it was quite cheap of me to do tho and I only did it because I realized it was my only option).
  8. Here are the guidelines regarding tranqs, directly taken from the MOTD: SCP Tranquilization Guidelines: All classes who possess a Tranquilizer weapon must follow these rules. You can't tranquilize humans, this is considered FailRP. You can only tranquilize the following SCPs: 682, 939, 098. Tranquilizing any SCP, not on this list is FailRP. After an SCP is tranquilized, it must stay immobile for at least 15 seconds after it "wakes up" and must co-operate with the captors until either the SCP has been re-contained, or it has been more than 5 minutes since they have woken up. I do not see anything relating to not tranqing a cuffed SCP, nor did the staff member ( @Starstep ) who handled the situation.
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    Dangs LOA

    I hope you get better man.
  10. +Support IMP-RP needs a new Forum diplomat
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    Enuzzlers UwU