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  1. Because it only heals 5% per click (something like that). I also personally prefer the IFAK over it
  2. +Support A suggestion I made a while ago about lowering the cost of medical supplies was accepted but never implemented Please, we need this
  3. Class Omega-3.5 Test Log Test:1 Ingredients: 25mgs of concentrated Morphine 60ccs of ketamine 2 Doses of class E amnestics Subject wandered around and seemed to be incredibly "Slowed". They were obsessing over their femur and didn't respond to any external stimuli Test 2: Ingredients: 35mgs of concentrated Morphine 65ccs of ketamine 2 Doses of class E amnestics Subject started to sway around a bit before all of his organs failed causing fatality Proposing to [REDACTED] to be an alternative to cyanide
  4. -Support Map Changes are the easiest way to kill a server
  5. What you want to see? - Make it so MTF/Gensec can't shoot SCPs as they're self-breaching Why should we add it? - Because it makes it almost impossible to self-breach, like you can rc 682 SO easily while he's self-breaching What are the advantages of having this? - Actually allowing SCPs to self-breach Who is it mainly for? - SCPS Links to any content - N/A
  6. To be fair I was the first to use a computer thing for mine
  7. The problem I have with is the fact that people will reset themselves to avoid to with medical
  8. Bruh, another one bites the dust. Thanks for you service in utility
  9. Noooo. Bye trap, you inactive minge. Medical isn't gonna be the same without you . Good luck with Uni!
  10. Please chill out, or the only thing coming out of this report are fourms punishments (As chief said)