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  1. I believe that that is a part of the ET Models pack, so it can't be used but can @Falxen confirm this?
  2. Make sure your steam profile is public so your groups are visible. Also make sure that your Discord and Steam are linked
  3. G3A3 is an AR Give them an Armory, maybe give the Acolyte a weak AR if needed.
  4. Its on the page were you can buy credits, towards the bottom. It's labeled Custom Donation. D-Class can have a max of 100hp/100ap
  5. +Support Kill was Crossfire and D-Class was throwing himself into line of fire.
  6. +Support for Beretta and spade -Support for others
  7. -Support Not needed and creates liability.
  8. -Support We just got the map, and from my experience, D-Class have an easy time taking it. Since the area is super small, all D-Class have to do is melee rush and they can take it over.
  9. Accidentally hid it trying to hide a different post, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience cause by this and will unhide it now, @Mint
  10. --Message from Forum Diplomats-- Please do not argue, go off-topic, or other things of the sort on a suggestion. Continuation will result in the post being locked until SMT make a decision.