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  1. -Not to active, hopefully it's more to that seven
  2. -For why you should be event team I feel like you rushed it a little bit.
  3. +/- Support +Nice Person +Active +Creative -Poor knowledge (The SCP's "name" is 079 and it can't print things)
  4. +Support Active Great at their job Good Application Good person in general
  5. They need to update Staff Handbook, so i don't care about Q16, so other than that this is a great app good luck man!
  6. +Support Good knowledge Active Good Guy 0 Warns +/- Support Cool event (Hate to nitpick but "The Mole Rats" are Zeta-9 not Zeta-7), but would be hard to pull off, other than that pretty good That's going to be a +Support from me chief.
  7. + Support Active Good Application Great Guy Is a Moderator -Support Event idea is a Nay from me Don't Reply to Your Own Application Big +Support from me! Good Luck
  8. Your a great guy, but I don't think I've ever seen you on staff
  9. Pretty chill guy, would be a good pick for staff team! Hope you make it!
  10. Name: Inaccurate Identification (SteamID):STEAM_0:0:459780903 Do you have a Donation Rank (Ex. Platinum, Bronze): Nope Trello Name (Username): inaccurateplayer Current Rank: Member Do you wish to stay on the Team: Yes Can you stay active throughout the school season: Yes I'll try