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  1. +support Always liked being able to lock people out of my car
  2. +support Also @Yobo think you might have put - support by accident or maybe i'm wrong
  3. +support Past the warning threshold
  4. -support Plenty of reasons already explained above
  5. +support I haven't been able to hear an echo everyone keeps talking about, but maybe thats a good thing
  6. In-Game Name: FallenAngel SteamID: STEAM_0:0:220293325 Server: PoliceRP Custom Job Name: Fallen Angel The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:220293325 Armour (100) - $20 Additional weapons - $20 - AAC Honey Badger PS: Was wondering if you could fix the typo that someone might have made a mistake on. There is a question mark in the middle of the discription, was just wondering if you could get rid of that. I don't want to change the description, think someone just made a typo. If not, thanks anyways! Original post - https://gyazo.com/48ea2e0483a4b594a4cf10d5e0710372 https://gyazo.com/565ce81ab8601b472201596add641165
  7. + support That's a crazy amount of warns, suprised they weren't already banned
  8. Not sure what state you life in but in California it is not a stop and ID state. I was acting how I would in real life. I don't have to give my ID unless I was suspected of committing a crime which I wasn't and it's clear in the video that this was just a stop and ID. I cant "push him" in game and I also its nlr so he can't carry on as i was revived because i wasn't. I showed the admin a video that I waited for ems for like 10 minutes(not gonna wait forever for them to show up). The only reason I didn't get arrested was because I had video proof that I did nothing wrong. I walked towards him explaining that he cant stop and ID me without reasonable suspicion, so he made up another reason to arrest me(reaching for his weapon). You know its bad when even another cop is asking why you are arresting me and saying I didn't do what you said I did. Then after he said I was now going to jail for assisted murder in the video. Then when I called admin and showed the video to 2 different staff. Wump/racco rex, they said to let me go, he kept complaining and arguing for 20 plus minutes. He also then stated when "investigating" me that I was getting investigated for a president assassination that just happened cuz i "might know something" because I'm in a family that did it which is metagame, but I'll ignore that.