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  1. also how does me reading the motd and knowing the rules make me smoke?
  2. i thank you all for your opinions but i think its a bit mean to just take his word for it try to look at from my view to and i still dont know who smoke is i asked calamety and everyone has just been saying and calling me smoke
  3. Steam Name: scaryharry87 Ingame Name: scaryharry87 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:529141538 Ban Length: permenent Admin that Banned you: calamety Reason for Ban: alt account Dispute: i had joined the server and i was making the bank mine after they told me how to advert and i was putting lots of furniture inside and i had asked him for some money because i wanted to buy a car and he asked me why i sounded like that and i told him i was feeling a bit sick if thats what he meant by my voice he then followed me around and then he brought me to a roof and i asked why and he said "because i think your a alt account". im just really confused because my brother showed me the game and i downloaded it on my laptop he helped me setup my accont and did something that gave me the game if you want i can have him show you if it helps also what does alt accont mean, i asked and he didnt even tell me he just banned