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  1. I cant do this many things as a SWAT member as I have moved on to a different server. It was amazing serving as a SWAT member and I will dearly miss you guys.
  2. I honestly dont believe the job is fit for me anymore and also I dont have enough time. Goodbye my friends.
  3. +/- Support +Decent App -Add some more to your app -I've personally seen you on PRP and like Elapin said I dont really like the way you act. ~Admiral Pentagon
  4. The date cant be told. For now it will be redacted. But it is coming up...
  5. +/- Support +Active +Past experience -Could add some chunk to number 3
  6. Gave me ideas for some events on PRP
  7. Would be nice for fleet
  8. +/- Support +Active +Great person +Decent Leader -Did sort of advertise to me (sorry) -Spelling mistakes -Could of improved application
  9. +huge support Amazing guy Proven leadership Deserves a chance ~its hunt
  10. +support Proven himself as a Commander Good person