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  1. i uh... can explain. it was a entanglement....
  2. Didn't know this time would come... It has been a amazing journey with this community and I hadn't planned on this resignation. I started off as a Captain of the 501st and then managed to get Marshal Commander in 2 months. This is by far one of the best adventures I have ever had. I had only planned on getting Commander of 501st , but it ended this way. Thank you guys for everything and the fun we all had. This is by far one of the best runs I have had in all of GamingLight and the most fun run. I hope to see you all soon! Zeeptin: Thank you for helping me make friends on this amazing Gmod Server! Hotshot: Thank you for allowing me to be in this position! I hope you have a great rest of your time as Manager of Imperial RP. Beckett: Thank you for all the times you have harassed me. I hope you reach Manager one day! Hunt: My best friend of Imperial RP, thank you my guy for everything! Keep in touch Luci: Good work as Vader! I hope you succeed in your staff career! (Also thank you for trusting me as HC) Frost: hi Badger: Good luck on Grand General! I hope you really do get it! Bakka & BadAim: Thank you for believing in me getting Marshal Commander. I wouldn't be here without the both of you. Nimo & Talila: You're special Thermite: Gotta play Squad one day! And to those I didn't mention, thank you. You are the reason why I am here in this position. I hope to all see you sometime soon! Goodbye.
  3. ACCEPTED. Please speak with a MCMDR+ in TS.
  4. Denied. At this time, we do not find you suitable for this position.
  5. Denied. At this time, we do not find you suitable for this position.
  6. Denied. At this time, we do not feel as if you are fit for this position.
  7. Dude, this isnt pog We've been great friends and it just sucks to know that you are leaving ImperialRP. This will affect us greatly and you will be remembered. (im gonna smack you in echo vr i stg)
  8. -Support This was literally removed around 2-3 days ago because it caused issues.
  9. +Support - Active - Mature - Deserves the position - stinks but is actually really good at leading RG Good luck.
  10. Its gonna suck not having you around as a SMT member, thank you for the experiences we especially the time you blew all the 501st up in their bunks. unpog champ
  11. +support -Need some new stuff (sorry badaim)
  12. until
    The supply runner brings the correct supplies but what they don't know is that there is something in those boxes that aren't very nice.