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  1. uh be ready for big boy pentatonix to come home to GL in 2020..... see you boys soon!
  2. Here we go again with another Resignation from penty boy. It was the best run I've ever had by far in ImperialRP and it was so much fun! Thank you guys so much for being with me and I hope I have created IC to the best it could be. Peace out
  3. I honestly dont believe the job is fit for me anymore and also I dont have enough time. Goodbye my friends.
  4. +/- Support +Decent App -Add some more to your app -I've personally seen you on PRP and like Elapin said I dont really like the way you act. ~Admiral Pentagon
  5. The date cant be told. For now it will be redacted. But it is coming up...
  6. +/- Support +Active +Past experience -Could add some chunk to number 3
  7. Gave me ideas for some events on PRP
  8. Would be nice for fleet