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  1. I hope to see you succeed and become the man you want to be in the future. You've been with me ever since I joined GL MilitaryRP and ever since have had the best experiences together, really sucks to see you go my man. See you soon North.
  2. Step 1. Make A Base Step 2. Money Print or make money as a hobo Step 3. Wait 10 Years And congratulations! You just got a Patty Wagon! Was it worth it? pssh yeah
  3. R&U Fly High Boys! ~USAF Major Pentagon
  4. +support bruh its mikey it is fair Also why not
  5. Pentagon

    gamik mug

    Sorry sir no charge backs
  6. +Support -Could Be less Mingy -Work on leadership skills +Nice Guy +Active ~USAF Major Pentagon
  7. +Support I wish you were on a bit more often Leadership Skills could improve on Friendly Guy Seems fit/ready Good Luck! ~USAF Major Pentagon
  8. willy? on a trackpad?
  9. chick-fil-a stole my cookies but i still liek tehm
  10. Pentagon

    Fly High Boys.

    we arent the chairforce. you buy duracell for yourself