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  1. when half of your warns are literally invalid, it's not . . . just look at my message. i'm supposed to be at 32 using my video proofs rn. warn from sion which was a huge lie and theres video proof -1 player diss for saying "eat shit and cum and die plz it feels really good" and ems literally laughed -1 39 warns isn't a perma ban.
  2. warned "Player Diss" for literally Ricardo Obama Gaming: eat shit and cum and die plz it feels really good which is not an insult, i say it for fun to an EMS, he didn't do a sit or called an admin and i got warned. + the ems didn't complain, he ltierally said "you know what ricardo *laughs, i'm starting to like u". . . unfair warn dissrespect is insulting and i didn't insult anybody
  3. - s u p p o r t i'm allowed to talk its a report against me ? ur just trying to hide my shit from others by deletign the posts lmaoooo anyway here's the post take a look if ur deleting then ur not assuming lmao or else why would u delete?
  4. Your in game name: Ricardo Obama Gaming Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:117584698 The player's in game name: Wrocko Wrecks, Rocko Wrecks The player's steam ID (required): Wrocko : Rocko : What did the player do: So , first, at like 8am (french hour), they started stealing cop cars,then they started shooting me in my car while i was afk, solike i respect nlr, 5 mins later i recognize em driving my car, i kill him, he breaks nlr and comes and kill me again. They got TP'ed by admin but admin left. Then i killed em cuz they were ramming my car like non stop at PD while i was afk and they were lockpicking it everytime they rdm'ed me in it. Then, i killed em again for shooting me. I respawned and they started to spawnkill I told em i was recording and they started bullshiting saying "it's your fault, you just shouldn't have mass rdmed everyone" and things like dat... Anyway, you'll see in logs the only people i killed from now are them and they kept lockpicking my car without advert + rdming, mas rdming, stealing cop cars, etc... Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Permaban because they were minging + carjacking cops without advert +mass rdm'ing Any extra information: They left when i stopped recording (they killed me like 3 more times and left)
  5. DO NOT TYPE -SUPPOR HERE. ITS AN ERROR FROM STAFF AND IF YOU DONT ADMIT IT, YOU'RE SIMPLY DOING THIS BECAUSE THEYRE STAFF MEMBERS Kinda incredible tho, in all the currently opened staff reports, there's no +support ! Wow Your In-Game Name: Ricardo Obama Gaming Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:117584698 Staff member's In-Game Name: Max Holland What did they do? I was tabbed out, seen someon come with ym car, so i hopped in it, and i got shot for that, so i shot the person back and he killed me. He tried to kill me in a sit, i self defended, and i get killed + warned . Nice ! On jah tho, stop sucking staff by writing -support everywhere cos they're your friends or shit. Just admit it. I self defended while someone was shooting me in a sit, i got killed in a sit, and i got warned for defending. He shot me for getting into my car which is ARDM. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? no idea
  6. +support, i never fucking seen a single +support in staff reports and i wonder why
  7. that's what i'll do because i'm tired of shitty unskilled staff members, i'm not dissrespecting anybody rn, not even u. GOOD LUCK READING THAT WHOLE ASS BOOK JUST ASSUME THE TRUTH STAFF Im just saying that some staff members looks just like if they were never teached how to be a good staff . They just defend their friends or family members and even if you do a report, you never win it. Since i'm in the server, 1 people and only 1 fucking people got warned bcuz of me Even if they RDM'ed, if they RDA'ed, if they fucking said the nword, they never fucking get warned. I know i'm insulting a lot, and it's because i am fucking pissed, i think i'll rly take a break bro just like for real i'm being serious rn i have 10K hours on gmod on this acc, more than 12K on my other acc that got hacked, 22K fucking hours on gmod and i never staff like this ! I'm not even joking bro staff always let shit slide for other ppl, but when i do a single erorr, just like telling someone to shutup, i get warned for player diss. if i horn with my car, i get warned for horn spam. FUCKING shit the owner, if you're seeing this message, just fucking clear ur staff and do it from scratch because it's literally unplayable missclick the Respawn button when ems on ? get warned defend yourself because somebody is shooting you? get warned propblocking a door of your house to only keep one entrance? get warned mug someone and how random, a cop walks by ? copbait and get warned seriously all these shits happened to me and in my fucking 22K fucking hours i never seen staff liek this even the worst rated servers had no staff like this i can agree i'm not totally clean, but still ! y'all making everything unplayable!! i just try to spend time because i got a shit ton of problems irl and playing is the only way i can fucking evacuate my stress and shit seriously just try to be me . you'll see its not good at all have bad days, every day. end up going on pc to forget everything, and fucking get rekt by staff and players, that seriously pisses me off! a staff fucking dropped me on nothing on a sit, so i fell from the roof and got warned, even him admitted it was an error when he seen the recording and said my warn can get deleted i was simply trying to build a small house with props in the park, and i got warned + minged i was with 3 thieves friends, and I fucking got warned for stealing cop car even if we were 4 thieves!!! i was the driver everytime there's a car on the middle of the road, i try to be nice, so i hop in it and park it, and most of the time i advert i'm parking the car, and every fucking time, random people shoots me saying "eh YoU dIdN't AdVeRt CaRjAcK" and i get fucking warned phenix warned me cuz i killed president with tax at 20% but i had the fucking right cuz there were more than 5 secret services on so one more time, i broke no rule, and i simply can't talk to staff cuz they physgun me , freeze me, warn me , and unfreeze, not even put on a roof or even talk and i don't even wanna talk bout the FBI who keeps shooting every single ppl for having a gun in their hand i stopped doing fucking sits with staffs cuz it's useless af, everytime, i end up getting warned bcuz the person comes up with screenshots of me insulting or smth and he gets away with nothing earlier today, i had a car accident, the person didnt even warn or anything, he got out of his car and shot me to death. we went to a roof with max holland, i explained him and showed him the recording, and a cop shot him bcuz he killed me . guess who got fucking refunded? him ! his death was rp and allowed and he got refunded, his name was BlackHawk and when max orally said it, i wrote in chat "black cock xd" cuz it sounded really the same and got warned ? ends up: i get warned for saying a joke, he gets refunded for rdm'ing me, nice logic staff, nice logic!
  8. this was nto a fucking fail base the big props were simply blocking the big entrance !!!! to get inside the base , you had to go through the mine, i bought all doors, and places legit keypads and fading doors, now "Tom Good" is basing with me and i showed him the setup. Everything is legit, no hidden buttons or shit ! There's a fading inside,the button to open it is simply in the mine entrance to my base, turn it on before keypad cracking and you can fucking get in. Rules are fucking saying i can propblock my base's other entrances and only keep the main one. The mine is not a hidden place, the entrance is big and easy to see. Just get in and lockpick and keypad crack and you'll be in . . . . So i broke no fucking rule and got my base deleted An admin doesn't have to listen only to the person who calls the admin ! He fucking has to do his job and lookup to see if there's any other entrance, that's the first thing to do in a "failbase" ticket !
  9. You can not -support since this report is against u . . . . . . So basically, you destroyed my 2 milions because a player didn't knew the map which is 1 week old? How tf did i find there was an entrance in the mine then? I didn't fucking ask to an admin, i looked it up by myself . Even the king did it bro, i was the Obama Gaming gang in a car, and we seen the King gang . . . Exactly built just like me. Entrance in mine, and main entrance blocked with black props. And ruben has VIP , so i don't really think he's new ... + look at his play time + he has 4.7K hours in gmod which is enough to visit some darkrp servers's maps. "Owned by someone else" huh? That was actually the main entrance... "Hidden keypads, propblock" . . . Thanks for making me lose milions The button to the inside was actually here which is not hard to find...
  10. Your in game name: Ricardo Obama Gaming Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:117584698 The player's in game name: Ruben The player's steam ID (required): What did the player do: I was simply on my ATV, driving to my base (that he raided by breaking rules helped by a service staff), and there was an intersection He was on the road on the left, and i was on the one on right, i was turning to the middle one (the one with the stop sign), and i know the traffic laws... he should have stopped and let me turn but no, he simply slammed my ATV with his car, i was kind i didn't say nothing and continued driving, was driving at 30MPH in a 35 max zone. Then he fucking hitted my car hardly, so i got out and started fixing it, he tased me, cuffed me (thats where the recording begins) and he jailed me for 5 years (300seconds) because he didn't fucking respect a traffic law. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Get demoted from AR Any extra information: Probably targetting because i made a report against him (and freeze mainly) earlier today. It was basically this situation The laws code says that the 3 goes first, then the 2, then the one (right priority). I was the 3 and he was the 1 , there was no 2 so i had the right to turn... And he fucking arrested me because he hitted my car
  11. The entrance was owned by Ricardo Obama Gaming, you're literally lying . I bought the door to my base in the mine, how could anyone buy the door if it's "propblocked" as you kept saying??? I had no hidden keypads, my keypads were clearly next to each fading door in the mine. And you can not raid for 15 mins, i've checked rules, and you can't do -support since this report is mainly against you and Freeze.
  12. And he broke a rule: You cannot take over places. If you raid a place, you must leave after you have accomplished your goal. Do NOT stay to prevent people from returning for an extended period of time. He successfully entered in, and camped inside hte base for 15 mins without leaving... The goal of a raid is destroy, not get in and farm. My keypads aren't hidden, the entrance isn't hidden either, you just need to know where it is; it was in the mine, so if the person knew the map, he would've easily came in the mine since it wasn't closed...
  13. Your In-Game Name: Ricardo Obama Gaming Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:117584698 Staff member's In-Game Name: Freeze King What did they do? So basically, i had a base with huge props blocking it's main entrance and only possible to enter it by the mine, and i went afk. Before i went afk to eat, Dredgen King told me that he was going to try to find my base and raid me, so i said before going afk: (OOC) Ricardo Obama Gaming: btw if anybody enters my base, there's no propblocking, there's another hidden entrance and inside the button is hidden Seconds after i posted this message, Freeze posted another message in OOC so he clearly seen it. Then i went to eat. Came back, watched the video i recorded and seen freeze delete my props ... And they told me i was "propblocking". My base had an hidden entrance which was in the mine and it was CLEARLY OPENED mine !!! the mine wasnt locked or owned by anybody. And i also said in the OOC that there was a hidden button to enter the room with my bitminers, the button was simply a Toggle Button that was on a tree outside... Instead of making me lose millions (3 btc racks, and all high tier printers and 2 platinum total of 2.485.000$) he could simply noclip and see there is an entrance under the base... In the video, you can see Freeze deleting the prop leading to the bitcoin room, and he also deleted the big props that was blocking the entrance... But really, it pissed me off cuz i made a long setup of bitcoins and printers etc... to finally get everything destroyed because of an admin that can't do his job He clearly seen my message before i went afk! it's really on the same page of chat ! Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Anything you want, but i just want him to get punished and get my money back paid by the player who raided me. + in the video, you see him noclip under the base, so he must have probably seen the tunnel and still fucking deleted evrything
  14. i didn't run away as the video shows it, i got dropped on void or on the edge
  15. lmao why would i advert a proof stream? i do not stream for viewers since i put my streams unlisted, it's just a way to record everything happening without losing space on your pc and i didn't "advert it to everyone" the only people i gave it to was admins in sit the rules clearly say "inside building bank isnt allowed", and i was not inside i was outside, if outside wasn't allowed, they would've add it to rules. and the rule says "building ACROSS spawn isn't allowed", i was not in spawn , i was in the park which is not in the spawn.