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  1. what was your name that rocco though was a bad name
  2. - support dont really see you on ( prob Timezone )
  3. Thx you very much and i will not let you down
  4. - support i believe the only way to buff the wepond is if the developer of the weapon pack fix it
  5. its already a rule but i will still + support this
  6. - support smt said that there would be problems if it was added
  7. - support the spikes strips pop peoples tires but used to be a problem for pd bc their tires would pop aswell if they got shot
  8. - support its really not needed
  9. +/- Support it would be nice to have it but riots i belive are not aloud to happen unless its an event
  10. SMT knows about the problem and are trying there best to fix it
  11. Huge + Support since we dont have the minge command anymore it would make it better for staff to pick people if ems takes too long
  12. John Kill

    Jacks unban

    - support you cant advert a link