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  1. Thx and Rest In Peace old bases
  2. In-Game Name: Johm Kill Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:185187771 Rank: Trooper SNR/SPMD Patrolman Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 1 week 11/20/19-11/27/19 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): irl stuff + need a break
  3. Huge + support it’s sooooo annoying when your trying to talk to someone and you can’t hear them over cars other players guns shots and yelling soooooooo useful
  4. They are adding it back to aru and getting ride of it from swat
  5. - support I don’t see how this is helpful
  6. Idk why but last time a check the motd the rule was still in the motd saying you must have 2 people back to back for it
  7. - support people pay irl money to have a job in game and it’s would cause a lot more work for zeeptin to keep checking witch cc Akins everyone has
  8. +/- support Adams the thing thats not making me go all in on a + is your activity
  9. + support dont need to explain myself he does good work
  10. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sure (+support)
  11. John Kill

    Torty's LT app

    +/- support Torty you need to show me why your ready bc i cant pick a side
  12. - support freeze your never on pd, your only on SWAT
  13. +/- support i cant pick a side because yes you where a former LT but your not really active on pd and mostly only active on ARU but you have change and started to act a little unprofessional and im kinda leaning to the - support side