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  1. I have been playing on Gaminglight again for a few days, but every time I get on, I crash after 30 min, if I am lucky, but that was the longest I didn't crash for. I know the problem isn't Gmod, because I can play on any other server for hours on end and no crashes. I have tried uninstalling all my addons and then reinstalling the ones for PoliceRp only, but I still crash, even with no addons at all. I would like to have this fixed as I really enjoy the server and want to play once more, but I cant as every time i start something I crash.
  2. What you want to see? - A new either sub division of FBI and/or SRT for ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms). It would act like FBI however would only be allowed to investigate crimes related to the sale of Illegal Firearms and Illegal Drugs (Such as Weed and Class 2s+). There would be the downside of this branch only being an investigative one, so they CANNOT help out gov in Bank Raids, Regular Raids, Shootouts, ect. as these will be dealt with by SRT. ATF would be a small unit with only 5-7 players (One or two SAIC to act as command and then 4-5 regular agents). To join ATF, you would have to be 1SG+ in SRT to join this branch, and would still have to listen to High command, but you will have as much power as Low Command (As joining ATF would take the place of Low Command in SRT). When you join ATF, you can still be in SRT, but you will not be allowed to become low Command unless you join ATF, however, ATF has just as much power as SRT Low Command, so it would be a trade off. On top of this, ATF can tell any SRT Low Command to lead a raid of a certain building, but said building must have Confirmed Illegal Fire Arms or illegal Drugs. On the other hand, SRT can tell ATF to do an investigation of a certain place to confirm drugs, so it is a trade off and no one has more power over the other. Why should we add it? - SRT is a sub division of ATF, so it would make sense if ATF itself was an actual playable job. Plus, it can increase RP What are the advantages of having this? - to increase RP. Who is it mainly for? - Gov Links to any content - N/A
  3. you make me sad Cammy best of luck
  4. Well we can't play on 2 maps at the same time, so navy take command
  5. That's what shock is for though, Navel is only there to lead the troops
  6. What do you want to see? - Removing the Assult Blaster from the Navel Clases Why should we add it? - Because it's unrealistic, Naval officers don't carry an AR with them, that's for storm troopers. What are the advantages of having this? - Makes it more realistic and can add more RP Who is it mainly for? - Navel Links to any content - N/A
  7. one thing, there are some basic grammatical/spelling errors, some are on purpose like when you say "u", this is an application for MARSOC, which is a special forces division, not a text to your friend.
  8. Warwinner already trained me, but thanks for the offer
  9. ALL CREDIT TO THIS FORMAT GOES TO REAPER (HALF OF THIS IS BASED OFF ME IRL AND IS NOT A JOKE) (Other parts are based off some MilitaryRP stuff) Personality: Smart, Know Physics and Astronomy really well Strengths: has the Highest IQ in his rank Weaknesses: Writing reports, having a mental dissability Fears: Being discovered Most memorable experience: When he was an Ensign in the US Navy and he commanded a rescue op to save some USMC Troops pinned by Insurgents. Occupation: Naval Ensign Backstory: Born on Earth in the United States, growing up, Phenix had an ok life, he got good grades and just enjoyed life. He was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism when he was nine and life became more difficult with people making fun of him. When he was 18, he went to Penn State and god his doctorates. After, when he was 26, he enlisted in the navy and was stationed on the USS George H.W. Bush. After 2 years, he transferred to the United States Marine Corp and made the rank of Sergeant Major, he then transferred back to the Navy after his tour and was a Warrent Officer. after another 4 years, he was a Lieutenant Commander, he then was offered a job at Space X who had developed a new way to travel between star systems, he decided to take the job, he along with some other scientists found out a flight path and prepared a Falcon heavy for launch. Space X had send multiple Falcon Heavy rockets with payloads to build a gravity slingshot into other solar systems, however they needed a correct launch window, so when the time was right, we would travel this new solar system. The launch went fine, however, as they approached the slingshot, something went wrong, and the small part of the ship Phenix was in got ripped off as the ship turned around to stop, the small craft with Phenix in it hurdled to the slingshot, and Phenix was lost forever... But no, he wasn't, he had found himself in a strange new world, with multiple suns and planets. a massive ship loomed over him, he had his ensign rank, as he always had it with him, as he got sucked up into the ship, he saw men with guns pointed at him, but they looked weird, they looked like androids. A human walked up to him, and saw the Ensign rank, he asked him what happened, was the ship he was in attacked. Phenix was confused, but he quickly realized, that this was the world of Star Wars, this was like the movie, he thought he was dreaming, however he wasn't, it was real, it was just in another galaxy like the intro says, he went along with it. Now, Phenix is staying with the empire, he will fight for them, however, he doesn't want to be discovered, or he may be killed.