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  1. I was playing on SWAT yesterday and was patrolling with SRT PFC Supreme(I think it was lord) while you were on dispatch and we couldn't make call outs because you would talk over us saying "Use the right format to talk to dispatch" so we just turned our radios off because you were so annoying about that, and it wasn't just us you said it to, it was all gov, so we couldn't hear major cal louts, now, we did turn them on now and then, but still, it was just annoying and no one wants that. Also, Steve, i'm hurt you don't feel discord counts.
  2. +/- support I have personally never seen you in game before, however this may be a time zones thing for me as I am EST and you are CST, I cannot truthfully give you a + or a - support, so I will stay neutral on this.
  3. But still a - support from me, I feel that this is all a misunderstanding, and also, as a tip next time, use video evidence as its much easier to go off of, personally, I use win+g but OBS is also good
  5. CONGRATZ Look forward to working with you
  6. You deserve LT, my only issue is that I have seen you on SM once this week, however, you were on staff a lot and I may be remembering wrong Good luck -Phenix
  7. A) I also don't have a good PC, and it does sick, but that's just how the server is B) I don't think you can make it so that only one car dealer can return cars from far away but a different one you can't, I may be wrong though
  8. I do want to RP, calling staff to pick your car up is stupid, one of the reasons I like GL is because you can return your car from across the map, if someone failRPs and despawns their car, call an admin