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  1. Sad to see you go, you were the Director I joined under and will probably be my favoret
  2. What do you want to see? - SRT being added back onto the game(as it's own department and not as a SWAT sub department, if not, then giving all the old SRT members their job back and keeping it as a SWAT sub-division Why should we add it? - Because some of us worked hard to get the ranks we had in SRT, and now we have to get into SWAT, rank up to Staff Sergent, then get intok SRT, then get up to our old rank, and that could take months and it's unfair to the people that worked hard to earn those ranks in SRT, so we should add it back so that they can have their ranks like they should, because they earned it. What are the advantages of having this? - SWAT doesn't have the burden of a whole nother sub department and SRT don't have to be angry because the majority lost their ranks and jobs, because SRT member loved what they did, and it it was taken away from them. Who is it mainly for? - SRT Members Links to any content? - N/A
  3. PhenixBoy300

    bye srt

    Sad to see you go
  4. Nintendo Switch with Smash Ultimate
  5. -SUPPORT -Active -Respectful -Good App -Mature In my opinion, you are ready for Major (+support btw ;])
  6. +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support +support there
  7. What was his staff rank, because SMT+(maybe even JMT+) can deal with staff issues while off duty like that also wrong spot, can forums people move this plz
  8. I cant, im on LOA, Ill try my hardest, but as of late, I havent been in-game too much Training is 5pm and meetings are 6pm, all on saturday
  9. They would switch to the class and be jailed for as long as they are on the class and can riot