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  1. +support This is extremely thought out and believe this would be amazing. With a great amount of RP for research and other branches as well, and who knows medical able to do test that sand starting to look nice rn. Any ways I would love these to be added and even if I got to wait I wouldn't mind it.
  2. +support All those residents who have died due to their keycard being to low....I can still hear their screams.
  3. +support The great war of 4/20 needs to be remember on paper with recordings and photos
  4. +support he has committed a crime, but seriously ye evidence is solid.
  5. +support I mean yes the CZ is really good...when the person your fighting is standing still and you have aimbot with all headshots. When I use it yes it can be really good and I think it is fairly balanced but adding a few extra bullets wouldn't hurt. I rarely even kill a security officer using it so adding like 4 extra bullet wouldn't throw off the balance of the server. Plus it may even add some fun for security because it helps them get better at the game by fighting something that can actually pose a threat and will make them move around alot more. I mean again not gonna lose sleep if this gets denied but I don't see a major problem buffing it a little. Either way I think it would be nice but like I said there is no main issues with the CZ rn.
  6. -support Besides people unable to manage yet alone 2 lives. This gives people the power to be command in 3 branches and a limit to right under high command. This being allowed would give someone the power of the DoC or DoURS especially if there right under high command or high command in 1 branch. Not to say if a person was command in all 3 branches they would be bad, but they may not be ready for that form of power as they can be very influential for MTF or DoURS branches all together.
  7. +/- support I haven't personally spoken with you so I didn't if you were ready or not so I read every single comment to get a noice understanding. I believe from this that you are active, caring, and have an extreme knowledge of the rules and a really nice application. BUT I have seen that you can't handle stressful situations well and your tone isn't the best and seems to be condescending , disrespectful, and overall annoyed. I am very positive that you are a nice person and mean well but when you sound like you are annoyed it can make simple situations become full blown arguments. I was hoping to find a more in depth +support but a lot of people copied novah's and it isn't to descriptive so sorry if this seems like it's mainly focusing the negatives over the positives. I have also seen that you take criticism and attempt to change yourself for the betterment of your character and that is a huge +support in my book and feel if you fix the things people are on the border on you would be more than ready for JMT. Either way I hope you do and focus on fixing the issues people see because they sound very simple to fix. Best of luck and hope this helps
  8. +support Just from healing the guy I know that he knows his stuff. He knows the rules really well and sometimes has to tell people that and hell I even have learned a few rules from him. From word of mouth I have heard is a good worker and I believe he would be an amazing asset to staff.
  9. +support Better communication throughout branches
  10. What you want to see? - Medical able to do medical test during defcon 4 and 5 and when no one is getting hurt Why should we add it? - Because it's boring just sitting in medbay during a defcon 5 and no one is getting injured. It would be limited to medical test ex disease related and injury related test. It would require a D-class or a patient WILLING to agree to the test. Medical can also work with research for SCP related injuries and illness for some nice cross branch RP. If someone comes to medbay who is injured the medic will have to stop the test and heal the patient then go back to the test. Medical would not need an escort from security if a ACM is on (to help security not worry about medical as they already have research). Research can be on site if they wish to view BUT can not interrupt unless they are asking a question or the medic lets them or if they are research command. What are the advantages of having this? - It creates something for medical to do when it's a very slow day at medbay and nothing much is happening. Who is it mainly for? - Medical Links to any content - nope (I have spoken to high command and they said I could post it)
  11. if your talking about the benelli replacing the MP9 then your extremely wrong. The MP9 was good at medium and sometimes long rang. Its rate of fire (better than the F2000) and its recoil (SO MUCH FUCKIN BETTER THEN THE F2000) are extremely good and it only does 1 less damage then the F2000. Now the F2000 is really really good....if your literally inside the person your trying to kill. If you have ever used the F2000 then you would know the recoil is so bad it's basically impossible to use, your better off using the five-seven at anything further than the tip of your barrel. Now the benelli is not to good. It 2 shots regular D-class with a slight chance of 1 hitting them. I think more people wouldn't hate if they actually tried the class out or the weapons themselves. I really do wish people tried it themselves to fully understand that it isn't OP just in some circumstances it is, like when CI or D-class are in a tight hallway or something then the F2000 is somewhat able to hit people.
  12. +support this gonna be really fun and brings a lot more to the RP table. Also to the CI and D-class mains they are SELF DEFENSE. Unable to get high powered weapons and such. As long as you don't shoot them then you should be fine. Also I would suggest they should be unable to protect fellow researchers and utility since there are now specific jobs set for that and this only being self defense to the person on the job and this will hopefully make CI and D-class people more accepting of this if it was set like this instead of the H.L.P.R Bot Alpha self defense and protecting technical since like I said there are specific jobs in place for that.
  13. harry gonna be honest you are doing a good job of editing the SCP on how people suggest and are taking them very well. I hope this gets added because your doing everything right and it shows.
  14. +support I mean I feel this can be a lot more manageable, way more then 999 and especially since this SCP is literally made to HEAL people and is lore friendly when 999 can't and is a free roam SCP and Security just pester him. I also feel like it can take away some role play but also this can hansen some role play to, medical personnel can observe while he does 'check-ups' and take note of how he heals and determines how and his limits, kinda like research but with no negative consequences. Also especially with him most likely supposed to be in medbay medical command or staff can make sure MTF or security don't evade medical staff unless none are on or all are busy and not close to medbay. If anything this can help medical with a new form of roleplay and security by not waiting for a little bit in medbay. I feel if medical can have something to do during defcon 5 and 4 with a slow day at medbay this can give them something else to do or atleast look into the 'medical form of research' idea i've had for a while and this can prove if we should or shouldn't. I think this would be very interesting and would really benefit medical in a new way.