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  1. +support From the small encounters I've had with him he seems to be a very good candidate, not the mention the app looks pretty good as well. Would love him on the team!
  2. do not press F. press PRAISE
  3. -support Pretty hard to manage on staff and in character.
  4. +support Yea I saw it and it was unacceptable, it was also multiple MTF Nu7, some were command. This is just unacceptable and shouldn't go unexcused!
  5. +support *raises pan to strike crystal for joining a branch besides medical* Seriously crystal would be a good pick for CI. I highly recommend crystal for CI and would love for him to join. BUT YOU BETTER NOT LEAVE MEDICAL LIKE ALEX >:3
  6. I understand why the rule is in place. If I had 3 lives to say, I can be command in all 3 MTF branches, that gives you a decent amount to say, espacially if your HCMD in one of those branches, almost enough power of the DoTF. I can see that being a major issue espacially if they aren't ready or deserving of that kind of power. But and a big BUT, I believe every branch shouldn't cost a life at the beginning, like the starting rank or 2. It would boost activity in all branches and people don't have to leave one they enjoy to take a gamble on a new branch that they may or may not like.
  7. -support Yea 2500 HP utility trainee running around, HOW AM I GOING TO HAVE MY HUNTING SEASON THEN IF I CAN'T KILL THEM???
  8. -support If any new branch gets added I want it to be glados's andersons robotics suggestion.
  9. bruh I wasn't one of the people included Seriously you were an amazing command member and remember when you were first getting through security, back we we started our jack war. Please stay on the server and on jack so we can still hang out!
  10. Medical Researcher- Everyone has the whitelist to the job. Also needs the ability to spawn medical supplies. Medical Command- Needs the ability to whitelist for medical researcher when the whitelist are fixed. Department Head- Needs the ability to whitelist for medical researcher when the whitelist are fixed. Advanced Combat Medic- Needs /mtf comms