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  1. Hi so I am just going to make this quick, I have thought of this for a week or two now. I am leaving Research due to my mental health, which is Depression of which I am trying to get help with, I just wanna say I had this before I even joined GL and even though playing on GL did help it get better, it did not help fast enough and I am now pursuing help instead. Maybe In game you saw me as distant or boring and not very enthusiastic but I am trying to get better. I just want to make a quick thanks to a few people. Recon: Helped me a lot and answered all my questions since I became a JR. Great Command and Person. Moonrose: Same for Moonrose, was really kind and helpfull to me. Eyelander: Another Command that helped me a lot even when he was busy. ShadowPL: Even though I stopped talking to you for 2 weeks or three it was due to my Mental health getting worse than it was before and Im trying to get better. I am sorry. Probably my best friend I have made In GL. LR The Gaming Goat: I am proud to have trained you, you are probably one of the best Researchers In the branch and I hope you become HCM one day. Jummy: Even though I may of just talked to you a few times In bunks but them few times were fun and I hope you the best. Zach Morden: Again the same as Jummy I barely talked to you but when I did It was fun (Especially when we played as Sarkic). And I hope you the best. Rektify: Even though you arent even apart of Research, you still made my time apart of GL the most fun I have had. Also anyone who I have not mentioned, do not think I dont value as much as the people mentioned above, Im writing this quickly and have just picked a few people who came to mind. I just want to say before I end this, you probably will see me online (Probably playing as Dr Bright) or on DIscord or playing other games that dont require dedication so I wont be gone forever and will be back as a JR one day but I have other things I need to do before I play GL for most of my time. I hope everyone has a great day and I will miss everyone I hope everyone the best. DemiTheDuck
  2. Name: DemiTheDuck Rank: Plat Reason: I got burnt out and have no motivation for doing events. But I am going to miss doing events especially with Sbkdoll and Knight.
  3. Damn, even though when you were around playing your soundboard, I thought I was funny even if I did not show it. I am going to miss you.
  4. +Support -Since training him he has been nothing but professional -Great Researcher -Fit for Command -Not a Minge
  5. I listen to rock, mainly the band queen and thats about it.
  6. Roster/IG Name: DemiTheDuck Rank : SCA SteamID : STEAM_0:0:109456933 Activity [1-10] : 5 Suggestions / Comments : N/A
  7. Name: DemiTheDuck Rank: LR Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 16/06/2021 Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): Private
  8. They made the speed of your character 50% less when you pull out the riot shield, now its pretty easy to just run at someone and shotgun or spray them.
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