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  1. +Support One we never defend the meeting room MTF won't get anywhere when our spawn is 5 feet away from SCP's
  2. Your In-game: Tony Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:59112440 The admin's name in-game: Delta on Duty The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] stefansniper17 // STEAM_0:1:86307126 What did the admin do: Adding himself to whitelists that he wasn't trained for/promoted for Evidence of the abusive action(s) (REQUIRED): Evidence 1 Evidence 2 Evidence 3 Evidence 4 What do you believe should happen to the admin: Pretty sure he was already Staff Restricted but since he did this as a staff member I believe he should have it extended. And if he wasn't then a possible strike or removal. Any extra information: I already removed the Whitelists
  3. Would be chill dawgs +Support
  4. -Support -We really don't need any more branches that raid -Already Suggested
  5. -Support -Still pretty new to the community -Q16 is completely wrong -In my eyes, it feels like you would represent the staff team in a bad way as acting inappropriate isn't how a staff member should act -Little to no forums activity -The app seems a bit rushed =I recommend going over the staff handbook again and trying to be a little more active on the forums
  6. From a further review of your appeal, your appeal will be Denied 1. In my eyes, it doesn't really seem sincere or genuine 2. When I spoke to you Monday you seemed pushy about this appeal Overall you have changed as a person and or player and I appreciate that as well as your apology to me that you spoke to me about. You may play as our VIP Classes such as heavy or infil but in order to join you must get this blacklist lifted. You may appeal in a week since the decision has taken to long
  7. Berserkrpups


    Then make a report about it to a forum diplomat don't make another post stating what people can/cannot post as this would be considered a spam/shitpost if you will.
  8. +Support Reasons above I don't see any RDM idk what you talkin bout
  9. -Support Reasons Above bruh like yuh bruh
  10. +/-Support -Pretty active -Changed in the right ways -Q16 is Good -Warnings seem a little bruh moment to me =Overall I am mainly leaning on the warns and nothing else, although you have changed the warns put some of the things we've said to shame. You have a pretty good app, I wish you the best of luck.
  11. +Support -If NLR didn't occur on CC's some CC's would be able to cause mass destruction -It really doesn't matter what type of CC it is NLR is in effect for most of the jobs -As far as the staff member goes he shouldn't have really left the player like that
  12. Ight this is where I want to stop you bruh It isn't that hard to make money and having money for armory purposes is nice but not needed for a "good" experience on the server. If you play enough on the server you are bound to make money that and it isn't hard to make a money-making method on the server. From my experience in MTF I bought most of my weapons as I didn't like what I spawned in with. CI uses the armory quite a bit. D Class arent really suppose to be getting weapons in the first place as I said in the suggestion about having more events in D-Block getting weapons/parts for weapons would be close to impossible lore-wise. -Support
  13. -Support -New To Forums -Little to no Forums Activity -Not much effort went into the staff app as the applicant didn't reach word req +Q16 is pretty good