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  1. + Support - Really not that much to do as a researcher in the low defcon levels - Shouldn't have gotten removed in the first place
  2. This has been a suggestion before as in 035 getting access to more areas and getting access to certain points which really isnt needed
  3. +/- Support - The Staff member in my eyes from the story jumped to instantly punishing you Staff doesn't have to jump straight to minging if it wasn't that serious. ^ I will pull a quote directly from the staff handbook clearly stated under the Punishment section: Not all situations require punishments. Some staff may decide to let players off, while others may feel they need to punish. This is the call of the staff member and should be done by a case by case basis. Keep in mind before issuing a punishment that the player may not have known of the rule and did it unknowingly. However other players may have done it on purpose. Also the phrase "It's not in the rules so that I can do it" is not an excuse and is not acceptable. From my point of view, I would have verbally warned you although I understand that it was probably extremely overwhelming to be the only player guarding D-Block which in my eyes is perfectly fine of what you did. - Staff have discretion over some punishments that aren't clearly stated in the handbook = Overall I think that you should be relieved of this warn but you should always double check to see the rules or ask a staff member about what you can/can't do while on a specific job you are unsure about.
  4. 1. There is no need for extra CI Jobs I would make more if I feel like more are needed but that is definitely not needed +Support to the NLR Timers so people would know but it isn't hard to set a timer on your phone or just shift tab and see what time you died at and what time you can leave your spawn