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  1. It was nerfed a while back for several different reasons. People who wanted it nerfed are going to put up another suggestion to nerf it if this gets accepted. To much work going back and forth, in my opinion, it is good as it is. Not much to say you can't buy from the armory it really doesn't "encourage" playstyles when you have to buy it on a custom class or become a Nu7 Commander. No combat branch has the fubar besides for Nu7 and some D-Class CC's
  2. CI PVT Tony XZ27 winning a silver giveaway
  3. Yung blood gang // Hairline gang // Big body gang. Bruh I member when I was a CI Pvt and you were the nu7 cmdr best days of my life ngl. You were one of the og's even though we didn't talk that much you still chill.
  4. CI have different clearance levels pp head
  5. You will have reserves for DHOR if you come back
  6. The longest member of CI has now left the bois. You have a great life man I hope you do well
  7. You were one of the better nco's we had to get in on meetings at like 5:00 am your time. the amount of dedication you had towards this branch was amazing thanks for the great memories and good luck to where you go next.
  8. Have fun on there bud and btw I don't think I congratulated you on 69th VCMDR so gratz!
  9. Aye don't sweat it bud take what time you need
  10. Honestly a really good member for the staff team