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  1. +support my bro got power tripped hard
  2. +support nah fam how would he know ya'll joking around and stuff, all he did was do his Job in RP, and you did Abuse ur powers, no matter what other things people may say, i think you should get a strike, as Head of a Branch and Senior Admin you should know better.
  3. That is due to school, i try to get on a little everyday, otherthan that i am mostly active on discord or TS.
  4. +support it was only a song lyric, so what he did is not that bad
  5. fr, can agree more with you there
  6. +support seeing the cold weather makes me shiver me timbers
  7. Name: Pablo Current Rank: Lead Researcher Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:575105202 Time in Research (Estimate): Over 2-4 months Why do you believe you should be in Research Command? (150-word requirement): Well first of, i really enjoy being in research and interacting with people in research. And i thought i'd give it another try, as if i where to become a CMD member i'd be able to help people out in tons of different ways. I have previous experience which makes me a good candidate, At this moment i've seen tons of Announcements asking people to apply for CMD, so i thought i should give it a try again, As i am a former CMD Member i would mostly need no training and could get to work almost directly if i where to be accepted, I know of most stuff that you do as a JCMD member which i am familiar with. If i where to be accepted i would try my hardest to make a good impression. And by becoming a CMD member i would be albe to easier guide Jr's that join and have no idea on how to begin/start. I would also be able to give them a more complex explanation on what you do in research due to command having Docs for CMD/other stuff. What can you bring to the table that others can't? (100-word requirement): I Probably cannot bring anything that the current CMD members cannot bring, but what i can do is to be active and Host Mass Test's and interact with the Enlisted members of research. Since i am the deputy head of RRA i would try to motivate people to train people more to increase the Current number of people in the branch. I also wish to gain more knowledge to give out to Jr's and new people while guiding them in the branch. What would you do to better Research and increase activity? (100-word requirement): I would focus on hosting Mass Test's and PT's (probably not PT'S due to my timezone] and build a good reputation within the branch, i would motivate people to train more people to increase the current Member Count. I would also try to make the time other spends in research fun as research is not there's not so many on, so due to my timezone i would be able to interact with people playing early in the morning. At the moment to incease activity would be to host Mass Tests and PT's. I would try to make the tests we do look more fun for new player's to think research is funnier than it looks.
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