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  1. Would love a little more forums activity though!
  2. I am just glad we all can agree on something... Security CC's are kinda OP as well I mean. 10 CC's in LCZ with negevs?
  3. We already planned for it to go to 150 in the branch update Please wait for us to release it!!!
  4. Skela is speaking hardcore facts right now tho 0_0
  5. That do be my SteamID though 0-0 Thanks Kami
  6. -Support the whole reason those SCP's dont have tons of HP is because you're supposed to be able to kill them with a Micro
  7. I don't disagree with this I just don't think a lot of these changes are needing to happen as the jobs are already good so It's a +/- Support from me
  8. Enjoy the Vacation dude see you soon
  9. Uh you dont need training or perms to play on those anyway. If you want my opinion I dont care if you play on it as long as you make Nu7 look good.