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  1. +Support It's a little tough but you can tell it wasn't the N-Word. You just gotta listen closely
  2. As OH1 Current "Leader" of RRH I wanna let you know I am loving this application and I want you in Red Right Hand. All of the people saying Killing D-Class takes no skill have all died in D-Block to D-Class hundreds of times. I just wanna say no matter what branch you come from, No matter where you started you have more than enough skill to make it somewhere. We didn't all Start off good at a game it took time and it took practice. Gensec are in their own category of a "Starter Branch" sure. But does that mean they are awful? No. That is the assumption everyone puts on them because of their time on the server. I wanna say I know people who have made it far and done great things from Gensec and I'll happily provide two of them right now. Rang, and Sinnik. They both lead security and got to a Site Admin position now does that mean they started off crazy good? No, they started just like most of us Security Officers. The fact that a MAJORITY of MTF members come from security and you go on to say it takes no skill to kill Class-D is just kinda insulting yourself as you have started there before most likely. The point im trying to make is that pro's aren't made in a Day, or a Week, or a Month. It takes time, I think letting him into Red Right Hand will be a great oppurtunity to let him grow as a person and a member of this community. So he has my full support +Support OH1 RRH "Mike"
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    Mike.#2480 Im always available dont ever be scared to contact me alright? We're here for you.
  4. Cleaver got mega buffed for 098 so thats a no from me but the Beretta seems good!
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  6. Yeah at 7 Seconds I can hear Dakota shoot so he was engaged in Combat
  7. -Support This would give D-Class WAY to much of an advantage, they are prisoners not trained soldiers they aren't supposed to be able to take out the trained security so easily (Which they already do) They don't need a buff IMO they need to stay the same as it's balanced right now. So the glass should stay.
  8. I was with Red in Medbay, Red and I scanned