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  1. -support He is a cool Guy and all but hé needs to learn more and get more advanced in other branches. -OH7
  2. Uh whats this file *Reads file* 0_0 *Puts file back in place and runs away*
  3. +support He didn't say the n-word clearly was just signing raining men
  4. You legit went up to me in CI base and said /me swords fight with massive ****. Then you kept on doing it to other person and starting doing stuff like that in OOC and calling ppl names cause they demoted/ killed you. So yea Massive -support
  5. +support -Cool dude -as experience on the server -quite good at pvp -definitely deserves a shot at RRH -OH7
  6. +support -Great at PVP -As improved a lot over the past months -Is dedicated -OH7
  7. +support -active -dedicated -perfectly fit for the job
  8. +support -deserves it -does is job very good -dedicated
  9. +support good app seems fit for Nu7