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  1. Name:Wheatley Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:199381574 Rank: Lead Researcher Activity Level: 9/10 Im kinda active but I can be more active
  2. + Support We Did statue in fight club but we do need big book of gaming light great Idea
  3. Thats what I mean I dont want researchers or Janitors to do Gensec's Job, I mean that Theres not enought of gensec to Keep D block and LCZ safe and D are killing Staff that Can defend themselfs with p2000 or Axe only We need something Stronger that Axe or p2000 or Other Zero Damage Weapons
  4. I mean D may Riot and Breach soooooooooo Staff Needs to protect themselfes
  5. What I want to see: New Weapon In Armory [CZ 75] for 1000$ Why should we add it:LCZ personnel Needs to have good gun to protect themselfes from D classes What are the advantages of adding this: LCZ staff like Utility or Research will be a lot safer from D class When they Break Out Who Is this mainly for: LCZ staff Links to any content: N/A We do have this gun on the server so we dont need to search for it
  6. Full Name Wheatley Occupation Lead Researcher Current SCP:RP Level: 74 Requested Name RIG Unit 9029 Bread Who gave you permission to apply?: Cancer And Illager Why should the foundation authorize your requested unit? I want to have my RIG unit becouse, I want to help my team in tests and dont force them to work with Gensec. R I G Units are a lot better for HCZ Tests, I just want to help others in testing and keep them safe better than Less armored Gensec can.When I recive my R.I.G. Unit, I will be able to help other Researchers In conducting Experments and Protect them from any dangers such as: GOI,Breached SCPs or D class staff running in HCZ or LCZ. Also I would like to roam the LCZ and patrol it for any D classes or SCPs Being agressive to Research,Utility,MTF or Gensec teams, I want to keep them safe all.
  7. What you want to see? - New Sweep GPhone Why should we add it? - To increace level of RP and Immersion What are the advantages of having this? -Players waiting NLR will have something to do and RP would be more realistc Who is it mainly for? -Research,Utility and MTF E11 Branches Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1370983401&searchtext=Gphone And One App That could be added too https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1566482489&searchtext=Gphone+SCP
  8. Research Staff Involved In testing:Wheatley,Hope,Cancer Ranks Of Staff: Senior Researcher Wheatley,Lead Researcher Hope,RAM Cancer [My Supervisor] SCP Tested on:SCP 682 Hard To Destroy Reptile Or Cuttest Creature Question:Can we use 682's Body Fluids and other Parts of DNA In order to create vaccine protecting humans from dangers like SCP 008. Back Ground Research: SCP 682 Is Giant Reptile Like creature that Can use it's Nose to Change any matter into energy thats being used as food by SCP 682 SCP 682 should be destroyed or Cointained in better envirement as soon as possible.SCP 682 Has to be kept in Site [Redacted] due to the orders of [Redacted] Command Creature Must be kept in Big Acid Pool at all the times and feed once every week with Used D Class Staff Hyphotesis:Combining SCP 682's Body Fluids and Blood with Human Will Upgrade human to the point of 682 resistance. Observations:SCP 682 was tranqualized by 4 MTF Nu7 Units,After that research staff entered the area,then we took sambles of Blood and skin.Then I Made test vacine after that step I decided to Inject D class staff with substance.Test Resoult was that D was resistant to 008 and could'nt die, Only way to kill D was to Knok D out and Incelerate his body. Notes:You maight expect 682's Skin to be hard and rough.In fact its not When I touched his skin It was soft and Quite fine. If we ever kill 682 I want to have clothes made of his skin.From Now on I decided to call him Softy. Evidance:Vacine is being kept In Research Room any Researchers may ask me for code to the cointainer High Level Staff can open cointainer Whenever needed. Analysis:Guess My Hyphotesis was Right We need to run more tests but I if we prove its safety we can create new mobile task force that every soldier will be strong like 682 This MTF Unit may Be named "Softies 13" Also I recomend supplying all Important staff with shot of it. Was My Hyphotesis correct Yes and Im happy becouse one Day we may create Imortal Humans and be safe from everything. Thank you SCP 682 for providing us with this substance Wheatley Out_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________LOG_______________OVER_________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Experiment staff:Senior Researcher Wheatley [Leading The Project] and Associate Researcher NoName Assisting [He Helped me alot] Ranks: Wheatley-Senior Researcher,NoName-Associate Researcher SCPs Tested on:912 and 096 Idea:SCP 912 Has No eyes Purpose Was to see if 096's Reaction Is authomatic Or 096 is sentient and Checks For Eyes In the subjects Second Idea:Will 912 Defend Himself with: Stun Stick,Cuffs,Pistol,Or Shield he carries BackGround Research SCP 912 Is Armor like type of entety, When 912 sees Subject carrying Weapon He Will try do dissarm Subject Unless Subject Wears Police Uniform SCP 096 Human Like Creature That Sits in a corner and cries for most of the time.How Ever If someone Sees subject's Face He May and Will Stand Up, Cry for 2 minutes and then procide to Chasing Down Victom In order to Kill and [Redacted] Victom's Face Plate Hyphotesis:SCP 096 Isnt Sentient and Will react Authomatycly When 912 sees his face Observations:SCP 096 Havent Killed 912 But walked behind Swat Armor Using It's Toung to inspect 912's Nature Photos Or Other Evidance: We Decided To NOT take photos due to risk of SCP 096 and His nature Annalysis:SCP 096 May be sentient and Can Check if subject seeing its face Has Eyes. That means,096 can be an human In need of revenge Further Experments Needed Addendum: I want Researchers to Threat SCP 096 More Like human from this point, Maybe One day we can Change him into normal human Was My Hyphotesis Correct?:Well No I didnt expected that, I will need to conduct more experments --------LOG END-----
  10. Name:Wheatley IMPORTANT OOC: I created this SCP with help from Doctor Clef.This SCP is NOT IN THE GAME Rank Researcher SCP-513-1162 Question:What SCP 1162 Do when I throw in SCP 513 -addendum:I used SCP 513 to check can it Ring while being inside of the 1162 Back Ground Research:SCP 1162 is a Hole In The Wall That First appeared at site 05 in [REDACTED] at year [REDACTED].It Re moved itself in the site in 2.5.2020 1am UE time SCP 513 is Standard Cow Bell Covered up in corrosion that cant be removed If Human Subject Hears Ring Subject Will beguin to see 513-2 513-2 is Spirit like entety That Will folow subject That heared bell for the rest of subjects life\ 513-2 Isnt Horstile and Appears to be creature created to help human sadly humans Will feel stress when they see the subject Hyphotesis:SCP 513 Will fall in and Come out when we use Explosives ,other Purpose was to see if when 513 hits the wall, Will it ring? Observations:I Ordered D class to check if SCP 1162 works as it should I gaved D class Document about SCP 1162 before the test D class Found a keycard lvl 1 After further Research Keycard Was not able to Operate the doors it was Demagnetized.Further Research Recomended to check if 1162 inside has any type of field removing magnet from keycards -I gaved everyone [AR assisting me,Security OFC,And A D class] Earplugs I also adverted using LCZ PA that Im using 513.Then I have thrown the 513 inside of the 1162-After that SCP 513 felled in the hole [1162] then I used Granade louncher when granade timer Reached zero nothing happened And 513 is still located in the 1162 [Durring Further Tests I order you to wear EAR PLUGS ] Evidance taken durring the test: Annalysis:Granade did nothing due to the fack that Hole is an endless space so 513 cant ring cuz it has nothing to hit Was my hyphotesis Correct:Well it was not And I kinda expected that but kinda not so I dont know what to think Propobly What I said SCP 1162 Is an endless space Everyone is Allowed to continue my test good luck remember to wear earplugs even your D class if you re not testing on 513 stucked inside Class D are humans too so threat them good If you wont they may riot and kill you ________TEST LOG END
  11. Name:Wheatley Rank Researcher SCP tested on:079 and 294 Question After last food test I want to try boiling liquids BackGround Research:SCP 079 Is an old Computer Made in 1978 That Subject is Great Threat to Foundation if pluged Into any kind of network SCP 294:Its Standard Vending machine with one diferance,It has keyboard.After paying Half of a dollar [USD] machine may dispence any liquid or non Material Thing in Liquid form. Hyphotesis:Subject 079 Will boil the liquids just the same as cook food. Observation:I wormed up 079's CPU And turned down the fans,When SCP heated to 100*c I Placed drinks:Water Nothing happened Nates 079 Can be used to cooking water.It can be used as cheaper way to boil water For D classes Or Foundation staff. Vodka:Nothing happened just disspeared like it should Energy:When I heated up energy It Expladed burning my arms,legs and half of my head After a 5 minutes Burns Disspeared and I felt More energic.This May be used for our own purposes burns havent Hurted Evidance:--><--Tools I used Annallysis:This Test Proved that SCP 079 Can cook food or boil drinks just like an normal kettle Was my Hyphotesis correct:No it wasnt "Energy" Exploaded even tho When i boiled That drink on normal kettle nothing happened Notes:All Research Staff I allow you to continue my experment.Good Luck.Also I Recomend taking escort If you lose coinstance Who will help you? No one thats why you need escort.
  12. Finnaly Someone Reacted in good way You are geting promotion in minge Department
  13. Dont ask That test was strange Zeus You will be eating Food cooked on 079 soon