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  1. Ok understand is it strike in a game?
  2. Steam name Wheatley the moron Ingame name Wheatley steam ID STEAM_0:0:199381574 Ban lenght 14 days Admin Rookieblue Reason RDA[dont know what it means] And fail rp twice as 106[i fall to the D block by a accident] dispute First off all i fall to the D block by a accident and removed myself quickly/RDA if i know what does that means I cuffed a Security as a reasercher when d took control of the D block and i uncuffed him quickly dispute I didnt meant to do something wrong I want to appologize and please i need a shorter ban Im playing only Gmod now so i realy want to play on your server.
  3. Wheatley Janitororial Technical Janitor junior tech Activity 6 Roster I dont know what is this Suggestion N/A
  4. Name:Wheatley Rank:CPL FTO RANK:NONE Why should i retain my rank Well I was playing as gensec from level one.I would like to not lost my effort.Im not tolerating bad D behavior Im always terminating bad D's and I'll protect D block for every cost.Im good security Also i like my CO workers and i would like to stay in the gensec with them.
  5. Name Wheatley Steam ID N/A (I dont know how to check it Rank Associate Resercher Activity Level 6-7 / 10