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  1. Im looking for sound clips of the loud speaker and other things
  2. I could use some help getting samples from the SCPRP server, I want to make a song around the SCP foundation and want to use some of the audio files from the server to make it. Anyone down to help me with that?
  3. Every time someone tells me they didnt do anything wrong when I watched them break the rule
  4. +Support This sounds like a great idea, I would be more than grateful to have them in place so people have no excuse to break NLR People would have no reason to break NLR other than just to break it
  5. + Support Very active on the server Is nice to everyone Very helpful And overall good person I would love to see you on the staff team Best of luck ~Chimp
  6. Yesterday I didn't get on any of the Gaminglight servers, I had work and I was extremely tired, I went to bed right after work and I didn't wake up until this morning and had to do some stuff, I will be on shortly to do some Administration on the SCPRP server. Once again extremely sorry. Hope to see some of you on soon :)
  7. This was super fun to RP, Im glad I was able to join in on this :)
  8. -Support It looks like 13 and 14 are copy pasted from someone else's application Barely any effort put into the application Some of the questions are missing Edit: No poll If you reapply make sure you put some time into your application, maybe atleast a day or two to find out what you are going to write about Good luck ~Chimp
  9. - support I watched you walk around while this was happening, stop using excuses to make something justified (and by walk around you where behind the guy walking towards the base while this all happened, I dont have any footage because i dont play on gaminglight to get people banned or anything like that, but you still need to follow the rules) Good luck ~Chimp
  10. +/- Support - the second video has little to no evidence leading me to believe you are trying to hide something + there is a part in the first video where you did fix the car and it still honked but - because you continued after the situation was over and you where told to stop - you broke NLR, even if you get RDM'd you need to respect this rule, if its that bad just call a admin - the first video showed you being disrespectful to staff and some other people - I didn't see much cop baiting but the second video is kind of odd, because you rammed a vehicle you said was in the middle of the road when in fact it was on the other side and was not blocking you at all. I personally think the action taken is perfectly justified and was backed up by some of the footage you supplied Good luck ~Chimp
  11. Your In-game: Chimp Your SteamID: STEAM_1:1:189025348 The admin's name in-game: Zayn The admin's steam name (If you know it):na What warning did you receive: Breaking NLR Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: its just old Any extra information: