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  1. Hoovy

    Cā€™ ya nerds

    You changed a lot since the new year, and that's something I consider extremely admirable. I Hope to see you come back someday, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy your adventures on the internet.
  2. Hoovy

    Security CCs.

    Yeah, im really close to locking this. Can't see much more coming out of it opinion wise besides arguments. Prove me wrong. (It slightly worries me that a suggestion can get THREE PAGES of replies in nine hours.)
  3. Person in question constantly showed no regard for the rules and constantly REQUESTED to be blacklisted from different jobs and departments and was extremely proud of it nonetheless. For me to truly believe you have changed, it would take a lot longer than 5 months.
  4. Hey you can't just give yourself a Pay Raise! This is unacceptable! I think the last thing I would want in a crowded room is a security member constantly FF-ing the poor OFC in front of them with their shotgun.
  5. Denied Reapply in 3 weeks
  6. I think it was Matthew's fault.
  7. But you never apologized!
  8. While I get why you would want this added, I highly doubt a chainsaw would be allowed on a D-Class CC.
  9. I don't think that's how it works.
  10. I'm not going to argue with you on this, please find another playermodel.
  11. I believe this would also count as an Out-Of RP Playermodel as this is a dclass CC and I doubt a dclass would look like this.
  12. Denied Failure to Follow Format