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  1. The doomslayer model was added as something that I will be using for the Delta-5 storyline, and will not be used as a MTF branch model. Yet?
  2. Oh COME ON MAN you asked everyone BESIDES ME for perms to apply. Anyway, +Support. He's changed for the better and I'm super proud of how far he's come.
  3. Please just copy and paste the format.
  4. Denied Failure to Follow Format (and scarily self aware about it)
  5. what in 343's name is this post
  6. All Payments Confirmed!
  7. Well if we go off of Player-models that a model over 25MB being $200, multiply that by 13 as the model is approx. 329 MB, round that down to 325, it would total up to $2600 and I may not be an expert in the custom class division but I don't think a) you have that kind of spare money lying around b) that would even be allowed. Due to this, I advise you look for a different model.
  8. DENIED Blacklist is still incredibly valid. You can reappeal in 1 month if you don't get warned in between now and that point.
  9. Major -Support "Mooooooom, Jimmy's crouch jumping again!"
  10. @[icOnic] BonkBoeink make your text that big ever again and it'll be a temp-ban from the forums
  11. It would seem as if you can disable the ring being dropped. (scp714_removable 0-1 => whether or not you can remove the ring using drop714 once you've equipped it)
  12. $20 Custom Donation confirmed from STEAM_0:1:163987278