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    Crease PRP Ban Appeal

    +Support I used to play on a server with Reese, and I knew him very, very well. In fact, I quite looked up to the man. I came to know that mans voice, very well. I heard this guy a couple of times in game, and they really don't sound that similar. Unless he got a new mic, I'm pretty sure that Crease aint Reese. (That Rhymes! LMAO!)
  2. Your name: Hoovy Your character's full name? (if a clone, put designating numbers): Nightfall Commander Wraith (Clone Designation # 6776) Rank: Nightfall Company Commanding Officer (Formerly 187th) Where does your character come from?: Kamino (Of Course.) Describe the personality of your character.: Commander Wraith has been through it all. He was present for the battle of geonosis, the battle of Mygeeto, all the hard stuff. But he aint ever seen anything like Venator 3GG, 4GG, ERESTA, Base 5646, any of that. He first boarded this ship as a shiny CT, originally designation numbers 5433. As that shiny CT, he then realised that there’s some weird stuff going on in this ship. From the Crystals and Relics, to someone up to no good, he has seen it all. Through all the battles, scars, and markings, he has been molded into the clone commanding officer he is today. Commander Wraith is strict, and cares about his unit of 4. Pathfinder, Nomad, and Magenta mean more than this entire war to him. With that, he will do anything to keep them alive. Does your character have any injuries/illnesses/scars? (if so, specify what/where.): Commander Wraith has scars all over his body, but thankfully he keeps them under control with his armor, Codename ‘Project 5646-N’. He got the scar on his left arm from a maniacal overseer on Nar Sha Da. He got the vertical scar on his face from an insane reprogrammed droid named George. The Scar on his Right Leg came from one of his… not GOOD missions. What does your character like?: Wraith cares more than anything about his squad. He will do anything at anytime to make sure they live and are healthy. Wraith also appreciates the good joke, but also enjoys the troopers in line. Commander Wraith is also a pilot, so he enjoys going on patrol and fighting with his ship, that AO CMDR Good left him just before he bit the dust. What does your character dislike?: Any Threats towards him or his squad, and the republic high command. Commander Wraith also dislikes the naval section of the ship, as he never sees much of them and they take forever to grant his codes to take off. Would your character be considered “good karma” or “bad karma”?: Good Ish Karma. What are some things your character does well?: Commander Wraith will fight to the end, and look great doing it. He also keeps troopers in line almost better than the man, myth, legend, Commander Strode. What are some things your character does NOT do well?: He doesn't take very kindly to troopers talking out of PTS or overall not following orders. Commander Wraith will not hesitate to smack someone over the head. What are some things your character has strong opinions for/against?: He believes in his unit and the Republic more than anything in this universe. He also highly disagrees with the high command on the ship, as he has seen too many men die because of them. (I know I won't get on much, but im a nerd and need to write this stuff)
  3. -Support No. You were given too many chances by me, and showed multiple cases of immaturity. Plus, I believe I told you this was your final chance already. -Ex Head GM Hoovy (the guy who gm-restricted you xd)
  4. +Support I was actually gonna make you gamemaster before I left, because transfer... but it's up to Omega now!
  5. Cooper, all I can really say is one word. That word, is Thank You. You were there for the GM team when we needed you most, and it will not be forgotten. I have the utmost respect for you and what you did for the server, my man. But, sanity comes first . Thank you for being apart of the Gaminglight Clone Wars Journey
  6. Major -Support to Command Restriction Appeal From what I've witnessed within the past couple weeks, you've started SO much drama. From Public Discords, to harassing SMT and JMT in DM's, the drama you have started is absolutely unacceptable. I'm sorry, but you're are not fit for being a commander. You don't call ANYONE a derogatory term and get away with it. Fix your attitude, maybe take a break, then try again if you wish. Until then, I don't want you anywhere near a commanding or influential position here.
  7. I'd this a Command Appeal or a Staff Report?? I really can't tell
  8. China... no.. you cant leave.... no no no NO NO NO NO
  10. + / - Support I really don't see you that much, and when I do you don't roleplay all that well. But, I do like you as a person, and people say you are improving.
  11. -Support This application has little to absolutely no effort put into it. You seem like a good staff member, but in my eyes re-read your application BEFORE you post it. Also, put a bit more then 10 minutes into it. Quite repetitive on number 14 as well. Also, you basically just transferred. -Hoovy