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  1. Just go raid charlie 5 with your boys and take it over. Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom.
  2. Site 05 Medical Records LOGIN... ... ... CREDENTIALS ACCEPTED - Mental Health Check | Director Stephen. S. Strode Full Name: Stephen. S. Strode Rank: Director of Research, Security, and Utility. (God, they need to change that!) Describe your personality: Rough around the edges, but pretty chill. Does your body / torso have any injuries/illnesses/scars? (if so, specify what/where.): Well, besides the constant need to have the Power Suit on, no. (Wait, how the hell does this fit into a mental health check? Wouldn't that be a physical health check? God damn it HOMS, this evaluation needs a new format!) What are things that you like?: Money. Taking money from my staff. Blah, blah, blah, you know the joke. What do you dislike?: People who overuse said joke. Would you consider yourself to have “good karma” or “bad karma”?: Bad-Ish Karma. Not even gonna lie, I'm gonna get it one of these days. What are some things you do well?: Well, I come from a long line of survivors. So, I've come to master getting out of pretty bad situations. What are some things you do NOT do well?: I have an awful habit of breaching SCP's when I am trying to do literally anything besides that. What are some things you have strong opinions for/against?: I absolutely despise the IRS and Ethics Committee. They are both useless sacks of Shit, who sit on their arse all day, and say "Oh no you do this, or do that" No, god damn it, that's my job! I'm the one who says that to other people, not you! Stupid, [EXPLETIVE], ethics!
  3. If this is the same guy I think it is, that is completely untrue. I remember you, while still being Gamemaster on CW:RP, playing on another GMOD community and or staffing on it. (Literally when asked where you were in the CWRP Gamemaster Discord you said that "I’ve just been to busy to make resig") when at the time you literally had another Community's name in your discord name. Take that as you will ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Hoovy

    Mrdm ban

    Denied I don't even know how you were able to kill 18 people..
  5. -Support Not in a thousand years would I ever support SCP:RP getting an event server. Having UK and US servers was hell, imagine having that happen again.
  6. I don't know what you are talking about
  7. -Support That's literally research command. I see zero point in adding this branch. I'm all for adding another branch into the server, but an Ethics Committee branch would be awful.
  8. Denied Failure to Follow Format
  9. Hoovy


    Alright so this whole suggestion is super confusingly formatted, but here's what I've made of it: You want to be able to plan your own events. Now, I completely support that in a way, but keyword in a way. Event Team are completely fine to do events requested by the players, but they are not allowed to aid Chaos or MTF in raiding / harming the other. This system has been set in place for a while now, and will continue to bet set in place until Chaos and MTF settle their beef with each-other. (Not gonna specify what that beef is, as I don't want to cause any arguments here) The other thing is if you do intend on doing an operation (Which I call Passive RP) please notify an event team. The reason I say this is if they are already about to do an event, having more than one RP going at once gets very hectic and hard for everyone to keep up with. Also, The whole thing with the discord, I don't see why that couldn't already be done. All that's required is for you to message an Event Team member either in game or on discord and tell them your idea and a time. If that time is not reserved, they would more then likely say yes. However, don't expect them to say yes (Even if the time is open) because they might already have a plan for it. On a side note: If I'm not mistaken, something like this happened at one point. It didn't go that well, as CI just came and shot them.
  10. +Support Ight just avoid the toes and we all good
  11. -Support I've had constant toxic run-ins with you and do not think you would be fit for a Command Spot in actually any branch.
  12. +Support Just stop fucking flare-gunning me.
  13. Hoovy

    Player Report

    Accepted Thank you for the report. Appropriate action against the player and or staff member will be taken to ensure that they receive the correct punishment.
  14. -Support There's a reason they weren't added in the first place.