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  1. +Support This is blatant prop abuse. Nothing more to say. Also you can spawn in evac heli's, just make sure there are only 3 helis/cars.
  2. Utility Branch Roll-Call This Roll-Call will be for the entirety of the Utility Branch (Medical, Technical, and Janitorial) for all ranks INCLUDING Juniors. This LOA will be active from Today (7/14/19) to (7/21/19). This post will be locked on 7/21/19 at 11:00 PM EST. Failure to not respond to this roll call will result in an immediate removal from the Utility Department. Please respond to this post with the format listed below: Name: Branch: Rank: Rate your Activity from 1 to 10 (1 being very low 10 being incredible) :
  3. Hoovy

    LOA for 6 weeks

    The Utility branch does not allow LOA's longer then 4 weeks. Just letting you know.
  4. Name: Hoovy Rank: ETL Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 07/04 - 07/08 Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): Celebrating my birthday all weekend- sorry to take another LOA xd
  5. Major +Support -I believe this would help revive the technical side of the utility department. -Looks Interesting -Would Enhance RP exponentially
  6. Come speak to me in-game or on teamspeak by monday
  7. +Support on the 187th for obvious reasons (I really like the 187th)
  8. Come speak to me in-game or in teamspeak by monday
  9. Denied Didn't specify if you actually read the event team guidelines or not (??) Reapply in 5 days