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  1. Now i can say Th3 without getting redacted
  2. This is a very helpful test as it shows the flaw with 912 as a defense and guarding entity. Quality and well written test and would love to see more.
  3. INteresting test. Short simple and useful. Keep up the good work.
  4. This test is honestly confusing and all over the place along with the weird placement of SCP 049 and 999.
  5. DENIED. Unfortunately I will not be accepting this Application because there are other, more qualified people for this position and there is not enough community support in your favor.
  6. -Support. As Commander of EC I really oppose the removal of these particular branches. - EC has been suggested to have an overhaul which makes it more indepth and useful for as a different Branch. - Medical Branch is needed for infection rps and overall injuries. - Nova and Death Troopers are really needed as there are multiple different ranking personnel in the Star Destroyer. Im unsure about Star Pilots though No disrespect Jeffe but it really seems you want these branches removed as you made a similar suggestion and it was denied.
  7. +Support. As Commander for this branch I am seriously considering this myself. This is a great update and way preferred over the removal of my Branch that I have put a lot of effort into. I love the models and It will really draw new ST's into our currently inactive Enlisted. It does create a variety of new rp situations and my engineers have been dying to work with the AT-STs. This is a great and much needed overhaul to improve our branch and make it much more cooler for our players and members of EC. Thanks for this great suggestion!
  8. -Support I do believe that Admiral Applications are not open.
  9. You've Officially confused me with this test. It's bland, boring and altogether pointless. It appears all you really wanted out of your test is to abuse SCP 999 and I feel as though we should put a restraining order on you for that. Unlike your hypothesis says, this test was not interesting. I would really like to see you step up your game with more creativity.
  10. +/- Support EC Has already got three Sub Divisions and I really think that the Medical Sub Division isnt needed for EC but I will think about it with my Vice Commander. Otherwise the rest are good.
  11. DENIED. Unfortunately I will not be accepting this Application because there are other, more qualified people for this position.
  12. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS. YOU WERE MEANT TO BE DUSD. Nah in all seriousness. Gonna miss you bud. Hit me up on the DMs. Welcome to retired gang gang. You will be surely missed.
  13. Interesting test. It does, in fact, show that SCP 1048 does have a preference when constructing bear-like anomalies. This is very intriguing research and I would like to see more tests like this one.
  14. Short but sweet. A very interesting discovery that SCP 098 appears to have some sort of learning and adaptive capabilities. This will be noted down and used in the future!