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  1. If there is field testing invovled The Event Team would call over a few d class. Otherwise they'd have to strictly stay on the main server. I believe only one MTF unit should be called to do something on the field at a time so it would still be a challenge to escape form the facility.
  2. What you want to see? - I would like to see the addition of an SCP-RP event server. Seeing as there has been a previous server for the UK side of SCP-RP I believe there are enough resources to pull this off. Why should we add it? - The current player base for SCPRP is fairly large. I understand that the Site 05 map is great and it covers a lot of areas but it doesn't fully capture the Global scale of the SCP Universe. Once SCPs escape you can't really expect them to stay on that one island. They want to be free, they want to roam. So why not have an event server which is able to capture the re containment on a larger scale. The MTF are called Mobile Task Force. I can hardly believe that three MTF units would always be confined to one site. They're Mobile which means they can be deployed anywhere. The addition of an Event server will also allow the event team to think of more creative and exciting events to attract more players to the server and community. Instead of GOC/CI/Serpents Hand raiding the facility all the time, there can be scenarios such as GOC/CI want an SCP. GOC want to destroy it while CI want to use it for their own gain. What about field agents? Researchers called to action outside of Site 05 to research a new possible SCP. There are endless possibilities with a new event server and it really gives the Event Team time to shine. What are the advantages of having this? - It will remove the rinse and repeat feel of a lot of events. It also gives MTF and CI more to do than just Recontain Breached SCPs/Shoot D Class and Breaching SCPs/Recruiting D Class. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - Not currently. But there are a lot of good maps out there to use.
  3. Lore Name: Research Assistant Manager Kyle Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:209986016 Rank: Researcher Assistant Manager
  4. Didnt know you well Synari but damn you seemed to be well known. Best of luck my guy.
  5. This is such a marvelous test. The test contains very useful information and clearly shows that SCP 999 has some dangerous properties. Overall the formatting is great, the language use is great. Grade: High Quality
  6. Well for starters, I thought D Class had four digits for their designation. Otherwise, this is an interesting and beneficial test. Keep up the good work. Grade: Above Average
  7. An overall high quality test. The formatting is pleasant for the eys and there little to no spelling or grammar errors. Grade: Above Average
  8. +Support as the Ex Commander for this battalion I would want nothing more to have him as the new commander.
  9. Fret not i will still roam around the ship
  10. Hey guys. Boom Boom guy here. Sadly this is the end of one hell of a wild ride for me. I have watched this tiny little server grow into quite a big one. When I started out 31st was known as the Imperial Engineering Corps. It was hella inactive and no one ever wanted to join. After I got the position of Vice Commander my Commander Ralex left us. I was there on my own without a single piece of knowledge on how to command. I then applied for Commander and got the position. I had my boys Twelves, and Motu beside me. After some serious hard work and shit EC got their own unique bunks and was changed to 31st. I made some really good friends with the other Commanders such as @Segaman456 of the Medics. He is a really kind guy and I hope he one day gets into High Command. Sadly shortly after we got our conversion update Twelves sadly left us. Now it is sadly my turn. I really hope that 31st becomes a greater battalion under the command of my Vice Commander Lemon. Special Thanks: Motu: My first Vice Commander, you inactive minge, thanks for believing in me my pal. Twelves: My second Vice Commander, I'm very sad about your resignation but hey I'm now part of the crew right? Lemon: My third Vice Commander, You were literally the most active boy in the regiment and apply for Commander already 31st needs you. Harrison: Literally one of the only Naval member with competence, you didn't treat us like we were under you. I really appreciated all your work for us my man get High Admiral. Carpenter: You SCPRP OG, you have done great service for our battalion and i hope that one day you get a Commander position. Hotshot: Man where do I begin, I really just want to thank you for letting me have this position. Keep working your ass off for Imperial RP because you are doing great services for it and I really appreciate that. And to all the boys in 31st I didnt mention. Thank you for having me as your Commander. This is Boom Boom Man Kyle, signing off one last time.