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  1. +Support clear as day evidence. Disappointing Delta
  2. My man. I remember back in the day you were always pressing for my activity in NU 7 (Sorry i didnt get on it i regret it now ;D) But man have you grown. I always knew you had it in you and will be with you all the way.
  3. Guys I hope you realise he was asking for the prop pack not the map right? +Support there are a lot of good things for rp in there but it may be too big.
  4. I bought GMOD and I was in love with scp so i joined this server waited half an hour to donwload the pack and boom here we are
  5. This is ultra late but I came up with something good. The air force should be just like the simulations
  6. Lore Name: Kyle Parker Rank: Researcher I Clearance Level: - 2 List of personnel involved in testing: - Dr Jack Bright, Utilization Supervisor Kuma. Level D personnel involved: D 4531, D 4582 SCP: - Using the dna sample of 682 and 939, no interference from either specimen. Question: - How would the human body react when getting injected by a solution which consisted of SCP 682 and 939 cells, My saliva and a few blood cells from D 4582. Background Research: - 682 is meant to be undying. And 939 is mostly sound-based. Hypothesis: I believe both D Class will gain the ability to adapt almost instantly to certain stimuli and be sound based. Observation: - D 4531 and D 4582 are injected with the liquid. D 4582's core body temperature started rising heavily and started emitting low levels of radiation. D 4531 shows no signs of change until slow signs of decay begin to appear in the cranium. D 4531 dies from shock. D 4582's radiation levels increase at an alarming rate. D 4582 becomes a hazard to foundation personal and is covered in a lead suit. D 4582 receives SCP status and is taken to the Temp Euclid containment. The radiation becomes too much for SCP 4582's body to handle and it begins to melt and deform until all is left is a puddle of blood, feces, bone, and flesh. Analysis and Conclusion: - The serum took a toll differently on each subject. It is unknown why this occurs. Both subjects end up with outcomes each meeting their end. Neither subject carried on the trait of either SCP 682 or SCP 939
  7. Ingame Name: Kyle Parker What rank are you applying for: Foundation Doctor From a scale of 1-10, how is your knowledge of lore? (Explain): I would give my knowledge of the SCP universe lore a solid 8. I am very familiar with a lot of different SCPs and a few of the GOI. I have been delving deeper into the lore of certain characters such as Bright, Clef, etc. Why should we allow you to have this position? (At least 300 words): I believe I deserve the position of Foundation Doctor for the UK server because I'm a natural-born leader, I'm active on the server and I've been a part of Gaminglight since January and I have picked up a lot of knowledge from my predecessors. Since the UK server doesn't often gain a lot of traction I think if I become part of high command over there I would be able to make an enjoyable experience for those who are new to Gaminglight or drift over after the reset on the US server. I am able to dedicate a lot of my time to the job and I will punish those who break the rules in RP and join only to be a minge. I want to strive and make the European server more noticed since as I mentioned before the only time I really see people on there is when the US server goes down for a restart. I will push for more people to join in the Europe server so the D Class won't complain about there being anything to do which will most certainly lead to riots. As well as making the D Class have fun this would also apply for the heart of what makes the game mode SCPRP and what research is all about, the SCPs. Like D Class a lot of the SCPs spend more time pacing their containment chamber without anything to do until either a Chaos Insurgent of Class D come along and release them. This will also make their experience more enjoyable as well as some interesting roleplay aspects of the SCPs that we might not have discovered about them before. I am well experienced in the practices of the foundation and the SCP universe lore as a whole. I often work well with others and I try to help everyone around me when possible. With all these reasons this is why I think I'm a worthy candidate for the UK Foundation Doctor Position. How would you lead the branch? (At least 100 words): If I do receive the rank of Foundation Doctor I would lead the branch in a way where everyone who joins is active and dedicated towards research. I would be more interactive towards my branch and I will often look through the suggestions to see whether or not they are good or bad ideas. I want to make Research enjoyable and a branch that doesn't receive a reputation of being full of minges and rule-breakers. I will guide the Juniors and low ranking researchers towards the right direction and if someone was joining just to be a minge I will get on their case as soon and possible and take the necessary procedures with the resources I have to put a stop the minging. That's how I would lead the branch in the UK How active would you be? (Longer the better): I am usually quite active during the weekends (SInce I'm in NZT I am about a day ahead of EST) and during the weekdays I can get on for about a few hours before I have to get off.
  8. Holding the Parker Family name like a lad
  9. Well all good things must come to an end I do say so. I will dearly miss you guys as you have been a vital part to my entire rp experience. I honestly rather dedicate time to Research since lately I've been spending more time in D Block than any MTF should. I just want to say my special thanks to. Daedran: I remember watching you grow from a SO all the way to a great commander of Alpha 1, no one deserves this more than you man and everything you ever contributed and will contribute will always 100% be back by me. Arium: You fat mingey boy. I remember when you first came on the server. Whoo we had to ban you silly goose. But you have greatly matured since then I really think you can do great things for the regiment. Reaper: Guy was with me since day one, sad to see ya go dude but hey, now i dont have to be secretive no more. Rekitfy: I love you dad. In all seriousness, you were a great mentor for me and a full honestly fun guy to help torture with. October: Man do I think you're cool. From CI Commander to Alpha 1 warrant Officer. Buddy you've been a great guide towards my days during A1 and I hope one day you can be as strong as ever. Blackbeard: Best DoC. And to all those in A1 I didnt say, Thank you, for being a great team to work with, You guys were close family to me and it was fun serving in this regiment. You might see me on as Research or my MTF E10 job, if ya do say hi. But for now this is Mobile Task Force Alpha One Corporal Kyle Parker, Signing off
  10. +Support I can't express how disappointed I was when you were kicked out of ET BUT. I Do really think that would be a great addition to the team. You have shown that you are a mature person at times and as the others mentioned before you could become a great trial mod. Overall I think you'd be great for this job and I want to see you there soon
  11. HUGE +SUPPORT I know that Arium has had warns in the past for very big reasons. But probably no one in SCPRP has had a greater change than he has. He has become a very well respected Commander for Alpha 1 and I honestly think that he deserves to be here with us as staff. Love you Arium and I forgive you. -KyleTheGyle
  12. +Support Alright, this may be an unpopular opinion but I do think that it was a completely messed up thing to do. Though you have shown several times in the past that you are an extremely competent person and a great rper. Sometimes temptations can get the best of people but this your first major deviation from the rules as far as I know. I do think your ban should be shortened but I gotta agree with the fact that your SCP 343 access should be revoked. Respect ya bud but you did mess up
  13. +support Heard them talking about it. Harrison did say he wanted the warn gone
  14. He then breached. 10/10
  15. Also a plain and boring test. It feels like not much effort has been put into it. Though i cant really talk