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  1. +support old mimber trusted and friendly membor previous staff Much luck buddy
  2. -support Brah you admitted to it in your story also if you believe a staff did something wrong and have evidence of such acts report them we try to make our staff better .we would like and need to know if people are doing wrong. also as others said follow the format have a nice weekend hakuna matata life
  3. +/- support knows the rules but seen him be mingy
  4. i wish you much luck on your journey ahead
  5. due to me being busy irl and other games im resigning
  6. + support would love to have more
  7. +/- support knows how to be command don't see him on state or pd might be different time zone or i get on later than him
  8. +SUPPORT bro stun stick abouse is not cool and makes rest of us look bad
  9. i feel crims dont rp as much as gov there is very few times i hear about that a gov fail rp and of the very few that get called its most likely tazer rush or rdm crossfire
  10. +support really bra banned people that dont have the game