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  1. -support useless been out a while people already got it
  2. bro i rather butcher format and let smt know that it needs to be fixed
  3. id change staff from the ground all the way up
  4. +support also I like the idea so not as easly aboused if SM+
  5. - support banned for hacking witch i suspected while i played with you and charge back bro
  6. Ok i spend more days trying to fix my game to even get on the server that i acully play witch is not fun so i feel like i am takin up spots for other ems/fr
  7. - support Dude you honestly deserve everything you got also the "power trip" thing you are kinda shooting your self in the foot if you "did nothing wrong" then disrespect them i understand might be a bad situation but treat them with respect ps the FEARRP X2. MASS NITRP. SERVER DISS. FAILRP. NCWS. makes me think that there is a part that you left out
  8. +/- from all the time i been here there were only 2 times i saw it gas people through a wall both by membors that arnt here one at a warehouse and one at yuki house that became all yellow i understand its kinda a unstated rule but it would be considered fail rp id say they need to use common sense instead of writing every little rule and making the motd 99 pages because people wont use common sense
  9. -support be gone blacklisted guy
  10. +/- support sence it "behind your back " i wouldent classify it as player diss but just be Drama whitch its not cool to start drama and be staff
  11. yah its his profile ,but it gets annoying to go to page 2 when in reality there should be 1 page so +support pluss decreases chances of some kid clicking on the wrong thing and downloading addons to a server that dont exist ... that dose happen
  12. + support meets reuirement on a side note i wonder if he will hit 80 by the time its looked at
  13. +support reasons above good luck bird buddy -penguin