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  1. + support as long as it wont be too laggy or brake stuff looks fun
  2. i ended up backing up my dupes and yeeting gmod in the trash bin the errors still happen but im able to get in now weard but thats gmod
  3. yes all the police rp stuff also all the car texture packs that for some reason we have to either have broken textures or hunt for them our selves.
  4. +support good pistol to let the attempt to stay alive while tac responds
  5. connecting yes playing no (the few times i can connect without timing out) the console get spammed with those errors until it times me out
  6. +support The feeling of being able to taze annoying orange mmmmm priceless
  7. + support Wold make a great staff he is active ,perfect record with staff as far as warns go, very professional
  8. -support dude if you tried that with me irl id run you over then drive away as fast as i can also advert when he was driving .... if anything you should get poped for fail rp
  9. i recall having ofcs hanging off the last bridge in ravine if they been bad they screaming get me down as they bounced
  10. uh cant crash if i cant even get in ... and as far as the font yah i know its a windows font the prob is windows replaced helvetica with Arial a while back and i dont feel like paying 40 $ just to fix this problem