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  1. simpfy sounds good from what you say but a major reason we never switched is lag and tier marks and smoke may make more lag i agree vc mod has its problems its moderately stable with 80+ players yes you lag but normally it is not bad enough to drop you out of the server
  2. -support first how much you donated means nothing second i have been staff and been around a while you dont get perma if you get off staff unless you do something really bad
  3. - support read the rules
  4. - support dont lie and choose better friends
  5. the command to check key bindings is key_listboundkeys
  6. -Suport 1 the pd is ment no feel like a army and being allowed to come back helps the realism because more units from surrounding county tac teams would assist rockford if it gets bad 2 a lot of crims stall for time witch becomes obvious give us reasonable request and it will work so many people act like we are pizza drivers there to clear up the munchies 3 i like the time helps make the combat better one guy with a pistol will last 2 sec after tac gets there but a well equipped team of cc then we have some fun 4 .... the point of tac is that they only are suppose to breach we cant help if a police ofc pushes in without permission

    Penguin loa

    In-game Name:PENGUIN SteamID: STEAM_0:0:28985336 Rank: 2nd LT Length of LOA (Provide Dates): 6/20-6/30 Reason (If private then put N/A): doing college paperwork need extra free time for it
  8. +/- as much as i like cert every tac unit should be special and unique ad if every tack department has same armor but deparments that are small like aru and srt has less members so they need that armor you guys have more units so in my opinion it is already balanced i belive update would be cool for yall but the armor is fine where it is weapons could get a update tho as long a its not crazy op
  9. i mimber back in the day were that was commonly used only hope was gas and pray and if they are = numbers yah your chances are slim to none because the cheep shots they take
  10. - /+ suport sill very new never seen in ts never had problems with him active (i see him 2 or 3 times a week i get on at abnormal times so probably miss him ) mature from what ive seen friendly once you fix those things you will be good in my book billy
  11. +support old mimber trusted and friendly membor previous staff Much luck buddy
  12. -support Brah you admitted to it in your story also if you believe a staff did something wrong and have evidence of such acts report them we try to make our staff better .we would like and need to know if people are doing wrong. also as others said follow the format have a nice weekend hakuna matata life
  13. +/- support knows the rules but seen him be mingy
  14. i wish you much luck on your journey ahead
  15. due to me being busy irl and other games im resigning