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  1. -Support D-Class CC were given an NLR due to how dangerous they are, and the fact could keep hitting Gensec every 30 seconds. Also, I've seen D-Class CC's break NLR before, so its not just Gensec.
  2. I mean its no different than say 066 which is more annoying. Plus any new SCP is a good SCP, even if its just literally a bunny.
  3. People are saying the map is too big, but I'd rather have a bigger map if we wanted to create new rooms or areas, we could do so without worrying about space and stuff.
  4. What you want to see? - I would like to see the Prox Mine be removed and a SLAM/C4 be added instead. Why should we add it? - The Proximity is by far the worst of all the explosives, not because of damage, but because people don't listen and end up blowing it up. With the addition of the SLAM or C4, it can placed anywhere and remotely detonated, making for more accurate traps and less Foundation staff on the wall. What are the advantages of having this? - Having a more accurate weapon making for better traps and pre-planning, such as being used against 076, 966, or 682, or D-Class Partials as the D-Class could not blow it up by sending it back up to us. Who is it mainly for? - Demo Expert Links to any content - None, the SLAM weapon is already on the server.
  5. Gunther

    Medical Armor

    +Support, but is it even possible?
  6. +Support The current one is too bland now, everyone knows the map too well. A problem with SCPRP is that there's nothing new to offer, and I think having a newer bigger map would solve that problem, maybe not completely, but some of it. I think we would benefit from using a map that more closely is like the original game, like OmniGaming's map, idk the name of it though.
  7. I said Tear Gas, not Mustard Gas. Tear Gas blinds while Mustard Gas just dominates. I mean 912 is just sentient SWAT armor, so kind of but not really? That's the point, the current weapons we have now are too singular in their attacks. Hell, even having Molotovs would suffice. Just need weapons that can affect multiple rioters at once, and cause disarray. I know, lets get a fire hydrant put into D-Block, smack dab in the middle, and use fire hoses on them and make them ragdoll.
  8. -/+Support -Support on Riot Shield only because the Riot Shield sucks. I own one and it 9 times out of 10 glitches in one way or another, almost never stay in the center of your body. Also, D-Class rarely use guns. +Support on the Stun Baton or maybe a taser? Point is guns don't always do a good job, and most of Gensec don't own a melee weapon, this would help in situations to avoid crossfire. -/+Support on the flare gun, lags the server but would be great on Partial Lockdowns. -/+Support on the Flash Bang, cause of what Ritz said, the FB's blind everyone, not just D-Class. A possible weapon addition would be Tear Gas, however I don't know if there's an addon for that. Tear Gas causes non-lethal damage but blinds the hell our of people.
  9. Bruh I was about to slap you, cause I was thinking of the other CC.
  10. I'm confused, is it asking for if MTF/Gensec kill themselves, follow NLR, then on-wards to be made FailRP? Or is it saying constantly getting armor to avoid Medbay to be FailRP? Also, we don't have Tac Resets, we have 'you die, you follow NLR'.
  11. Honestly, its ironic he's hating on Matricies for having a CC but he himself owns a slot on another CC, Special OPS Agent. +Support
  12. Doesn't Odd have a CC of his own?