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  1. What are you suggesting? - So while researching rules and seeing a recent 1048-A suggestion, I thought of two ways how 1048-A can be more utilized and/or played as, due to the difficulty of collecting 3 ears and having to have someone as 1048-A to even summon it, on top of -A's low HP, its a lot of work for little reward. So I'm suggesting that... 1) 1048-A is turned into a player-controlled SWEP/NPC rather than a playable character. It would work where you control what -A does. It could follow you, halt, or attack. It would still require the 3 ears rule. (Note: This would require a custom SWEP, I'm unsure if there's any that can be fitted with a custom PM or not.) __OR__ 2) 1048 once he's collected the 3 ears could switch to 1048-A and breach as him directly after he's obtained his 3 ears. (Note: I didn't see anything in the rules about if this is allowed, so if its not, then here we are.) How would this change better the server? - 1048-A would either have a faster, streamlined way to play as it, or have -A be used more effectively. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - If people favor Option 1, then -A would no longer be a playable character, but rather a controlled NPC. Who would this change mostly benefit? - 1048-A Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion -
  2. -Support... 1) I don't think anyone realizes how annoying this would be for people. Take for example everyone defaults as 333. Well what happens when they go AFK, they get demoted, but then the next guy takes over. Also, if a job is taken, what do they default as? If its D-Class, that makes the whole point of defaulting to a job pointless, and if you wanted to switch, then what's the difference between switching before or after you load in? 2) I feel like people would abuse this for AFK money reasons, and would cause staff to constantly demote people. And this would likely make it harder to get on a job you want if you're not among the first 20 people to get in the server. ...unless, its for CC's and rank specific High Command jobs only (Head of Security, DoRS, O5, etc). That way they default to the job they paid for without having to go through the task of switching and scrolling through 100 CC's, and High Command are the only ones who can use that job so there's no worry of taking a slot selfishly.
  3. Based on what Loaff said, it also makes sense that an MTF transferring to another MTF team would not be so heavily penalized since its the same branch and/or field, whereas Maintenance becoming Research are two completely different jobs.
  4. -Support, only because how would this be enforced and/or proven, unless someone is recording every fight they are ever in? This just seems like a unnecessary ban of movement, like this is a mostly serious RP, but not that serious.
  5. I'm confused, there's already a pre-existing 323 addition suggestion, why is this being suggested again? Also, no, that PM looks derpy as hell.
  6. Why not give him a visual fire effect but have his SWEP be something that does Damage over time instead of fire tick damage? I remember the fire would even hurt himself and it was just so annoying to play as, and he was easy to recontain.
  7. MASSIVE -SUPPORT D-Bois would literally be like: Without collision, D-Block would be lost so fast if no one could stop you, get in your way, you could go through people and stab them from inside their bodies, D-Class would be a nightmare to face.
  8. Death only applies if 079 is already "breached". If death also occurs in self-breaching too, then I got screwed heavily. Also, a roll bonus of any kind on 079 makes no sense since its a sentient super computer, not a door panel that needs a few wires replaced.
  9. I know this isn't what the suggestion meant, but for the sake of "food for thought" if D-Block did have something like this, it should only be for Platinum, and to be completely fair, D-Class and D-Class CC's have Pistols and SMGs and Melees, while the Security and MTF CC's who camp and guard D-Block can have anything including cloaks, 50 cal anti tank rifles, Negevs, etc. The game is already severely P2W, so as far as arguing "realism", it loses meaning pretty quickly.
  10. My only opinion on this matter is that the rush lanes are way too small, all it takes is for one D-Class to be in a line and you're entirely screwed. Expanding the lanes a bit would make it possible a bit more for D-Class to run past those in line to rush and riot. Or even just remove the glass wall and replace it with a red line and yellow line. (Speaking of which, whatever happened to the yellow lines?)
  11. What are you suggesting? - I want to see Containment Specialist's roll bonus to not work on 079. Against something like SCP doors that are non-sentient normal tech, that makes sense, but gaining a roll bonus against a sentient super computer who is fully aware of what you're attempting to do seems illogical in my opinion. On top of that, since they can come back every 5 minutes, and the job is available to the 2nd lowest rank, and there can 8 of them at a time at max, that's a whole lot of luck considering 079 breach time is 15 minutes, and its a roll per CS. Edit: FOR CLARIFICATION, IM TALKING ABOUT HIS SELF BREACHING PORTION, NOT HIS RECONTAINMENT. AS FAR AS RC, IT KINDA MAKES MORE SENSE SINCE YOU'RE BASICALLY BEING HACKER V HACKER, RATHER THAN GOING DIRECTLY TO THE SOURCE. How would this change better the server? - It was give a bit more balance to 079's self breach. While he still has to out-roll the person, at least it will be a more even playing field. For example, imagine rolling a 50 and you roll a 50, instead of a re-roll, 079 automatically loses because of the +15. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - CS's don't gain bonuses against sentient super computers. Who would this change mostly benefit? - 079 Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion -
  12. +Support I made a suggestion buffing the gun but yea an entirely new gun would absolutely better. The Ares Shrike is fine, there can only be 2 at a time anyways, and its very tame compared to most Heavy MTF jobs.
  13. -Support I'll use my experience from Discord and SCPRP Moderation to base this on. Excluding the fact that music shouldn't be played through your mic anyways since its considered mic spam and not everyone wants to hear it, the reason its not allowed is not cause of censorship or anything, its just that the N-word falls under racism. Trying to loophole how it can be used or said will just create more problems. What happens when people soundboards a song and then clips that to say the N-Word? Its unlikely it will happen, but if someone does do it, then the loophole is there.
  14. Ive been playing on and off the last few weeks, so yes, but regardless, logically, why does a Prison Guard needs a .50 cal to deal with a rioting prisoner? RP-wise it makes no sense, and frankly, a sniper shouldn't be a one man army anyways.
  15. +Support Regarding the quote above, the problem with these snipers isn't the rate of fire, its the fact its a .50 cal on a Security Sniper job, something you'd expect on MTF. Replacing it with like a M24 makes more sense cause you're shooting humans, not buildings or vehicles. And not to start an argument but anyone saying skill issue or something, don't be smug, it doesn't take skill to shoot a 200 damage sniper on top of a 2nd floor catwalk.
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