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  1. +SUPPORT - Creative - Funny guy and love to RP with - ACTIVE
  2. and Im pretty sure E11 dont get warned for that I think. If so you are supposed to talk to higher ups abt it *ME*
  3. If you were to become more active think you would be a great addition.
  4. Support - Is active - Cool Person to RP with - Very interesting event idea
  5. Mine's almost the same difference is we have no qualified people to lead at this time at least in E11, no one is dedicated and or shows the work ethic like me that I have seen to recommend for LT CMDR..
  6. + Support I can understand the school situation as well as the real world situation, you should of went on LOA though.. All in all I can relate to your situations and you seem like a cool guy I think it would be a great opportunity to have your staff restriction off and maybe you applying again! Also you have a very clean appeal with few to none grammar issues.
  7. yes I am from the future and have traveled back to make this, 9 years from now you will see me travel back once again to do it again
  8. Nexieys

    Nexieys Ban Appeal

    Exactly, I dont recall ever doing DDOS threats at all which is why I am making this ban APPEAL. I love gaminglight including SCP-RP I have over 2 weeks on the server played time itself.