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  1. Nexieys

    Nexieys Ban Appeal

    I see.. Well hopefully my ban can be appealed as I did not even threaten to DDOS nor would I ever. I would not put SCP-RP in risk of me getting community banned from GL.
  2. Agreed, I feel as you should wait to apply and prove more that you have matured.
  3. Nexieys

    Nexieys Ban Appeal

    Since the ban was a year ago, SCP RP was still in process of everything, therefore I was not banned there. Yes I was minging but did I know they would threaten DDOS? Of course not.
  4. HUGE + SUPPORT - Amazing APP - Interesting Event IDEA - Very ACTIVE - All in all a chill active guy that's very fun to play with I think he would do great as event team, he's ALSO STAFF OF THE MONTH! (Hoovy, Hang has my biggest +Support out of everyone!)
  5. Nexieys

    Nexieys Ban Appeal

    Hey, I appreciate your feedback, but I never DDOS Threat anyone. In my dispute I stated the others did but we all got punished and (PERMA BANNED) for it. Also I wasn’t staff on SCP-RP, when I was banned. I’m staff now a year later from the ban and I just want a second chance, I’ve seen others have it from perma bans and the same reason, why can’t I? I’ve matured much and completely changed from a year ago and I absolutely love GamingLight. Hey, thanks for the response. I would like to say DDOS Threats are a huge deal and I totally agree with you, but I never threatened, in my dispute I state that the others were doing it and we all got in trouble for it. I have surely matured and would never ever, get in trouble for anything like this again.. not even minging. I represent GL through event team and senior moderator. I’m blessed to be given a chance on SCP-RP, and would love to get unbanned from PoliceRP. This Ban was also a year ago before I was staff and was a mingey person.
  6. Steam Name: [GL] Nexieys Ingame Name: Nexieys SteamID: STEAM_0:1:121258776 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: Nolon Landon Reason for Ban: "DDOS Threat" Dispute: Firstly, I would like to say I completely understand the security measures GL takes and how a DDOS Threat could damage GL. But then I want to say, when I was banned I was with around 5-7 people and we were minging, I’ll be honest. Then we got caught by Nolan and he minged/warned us. After that around 4 of the 7 people started spamming the Admin chat, that they were gonna DDOS the server. I know this because before we were minged they stated they were gonna do this.Then Nolan tped to the minge room and said now you all will be banned for DDOS Threats, then perma banned everyone for the same reason, “DDOS Threats”. I did not personally know any of the people and met them in game. I mainly want to apologize on my behalf of the mingery actions I took apart of. I was warned for the actions that I took place in and was banned for something I did not take place in. In the last 3-5 months I have been playing a GL server (SCP-RP) and came to fall in love with it. Gaining 3 weeks server play time, event team, and senior moderator. I am asking for a second chance, as I have changed and grew to be apart of the family at GL, for members and staff. I am friends with some Police RP staff/members and would love the chance to be able to play with them, as when I am not on SCP - RP. Once again I do apologize for my behavior, wether it was a year ago or not it was immature and unacceptable.
  7. +/- SUPPORT - Very active. - Non-Mingey and always on to help with Gensec, could see him using his leader skills on staff. - Cool guy and is very outgoing. UPDATED
  8. Today, marks one moth as me being the Epsilon 11 commander, and honestly I can say this one month was filled with hard work and dedication from me to try my hardest and best to improve Epsilon 11 as much as possible. Keeping it alive and also bringing tons of new ideas and regulations to the branch. I am beyond happy to be the Epsilon 11 Commander and hope they are happy to have me as their commander. I will continue to do what I have been doing as its been working and continue to strive with Epsilon 11 Thank you - MTF E11 CMDR Nexieys 039N SOME PICS OF ME AND E11 the past month
  9. Right, but what about all of the MTF members inside that don't know this rule or forget to request us even though they need us. There was no problems before without this rule why add it in now?