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  1. It shouldn't be an automatic well it must be CI so let's call a defcon 3.
  2. Can we also add that if the Gate A outside door is open it doesn't automatically mean there was a CI raid? Can we also make it to where if they were in combat the can't run back into their base? In a sub suggestion, we could move the E11 base behind the Helipad to stop this entirely.
  3. Job Name: CI Recon Force SteamID: STEAM_0:0:218952295 Server: SCRPRP Proof: I want to add these below: tfa_csgo_negev $20 Keycard Cracker $20 Player model change To this $30:
  4. -Support You currently have too many fatal errors in the application. Q16 is not in your app Word requirement was below the count Grammer needs to be fixed Your reasoning for wanting staff is to help because you see admin abuse? It is good that you dont have any warns You are fairly new to the server so I would suggest getting into a branch where you can get to know more people and put your name out there. GOOD LUCK!
  5. Was told it wasn't going to work out here is the next one I want tfa_csgo_mag7.