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  1. +Support its clear but I think he is not staff anymore.
  2. -Support if you are trying to make a foundation doctor.
  3. There can be a keycard placed outside into dblock for people that want to escape. I don't think this would be hard to implement.
  4. Good luck with school man. I hope life treats you well.
  5. I agree with this. Even people that are LVL25 will and/or can minge.
  6. -Support I would like to have this added but the shear filesize is enormous. I don't think this will get accepted because of that.
  7. What do you want to see? - Move the CI Spawn to the meeting room, as we will not hold down that position. This will make it to where we can call debrief easier and overall a better improvement overall. Why should we add it? - Currently, the RND room is where will hold an SCP and it's more of a room where can be held down by CI. It's unfair for MTF and it more of a balance change for both CI and MTF. What are the advantages of having this? - More balance for MTF when CI has an SCP when MTF raids. Who is it mainly for? - CI and MTF somewhat. Links to any content - N/A.
  8. -Support and here is why: This application as many grammar issues which makes it look rushed / no effort. 31 warns is quite worrying, also you need to provide proof of your warns here. You need to reread the staff handbook as you would find your answer to Q16 there. Q16 is wrong as we don't ban people outright. You do not have the 150 word requirement for Q15.
  9. Catsro

    Warn appeal

    Follow the format here if it is for SCPRP Warns:
  10. Catsro

    comms - Accepted

    +Support Good work in the addon the only flaw would be stolen comms.
  11. I guess we could put one in the RND Room.
  12. Can you link any content for us to use? Otherwise this will probably get denied.