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  1. Accepted! To have your warn removed, go to the "Bans" Section at the top of the forums, navigate to your profile, find the warning for this appeal, and for the reason on the appeal, link this post.
  2. Giving support on a custom job doesn't do anything. As job owner approve both the addition and removal.
  3. Man you guys are very overcooked.
  4. Catsro

    05 cuincil applaction

    Yeah no not another one.
  5. To have them that high of a price would build more incentive to grind for it. You could end up in this scenario: "Hey man that deathcard looks cool but I just bought one I guess I'll just grind enough money to buy it". CCs might be a way to increase this process but again not everyone has one which really mutes the point of bring that up in regards to your quote. Decreasing the cost of these deathcards makes the cards less valuable and more abundant which would lead on to the cards being something that everyone already has making things less unique. Its not even fair to bring up the goose one cause its pretty obvious that its a joke deathcard worth 1.5 mil.
  6. -Support What else besides gambling and armory are you gonna user your money on? Deathcards is another way to spend your money other than just hoarding it up. It just makes since for some of these to be expensive.