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  1. Dang Jeff, I hope this isn't the last goodbye man. I hope to see you again and you can feel free to message me about anything on discord. Don't get too stressed about your new life choices!
  2. +/- Support I really don't think this is needed but if it gets added that's good I guess?
  3. But then you would have the problem of someone possibly deleting the button to either side trying to remove the basket. Plus that just seems like too much more work to add when you could call a magnetic lockdown and have almost the same result with the same perms.
  4. Catsro

    Naqua's LOA

    Okay, its updated on the roster don't let school stress you out!
  5. Moving to the correct section please use the format for ban appeals.
  6. We had some good times Blackbeard you can always feel free to drop in whenever you feel like it.
  7. Please follow the format for suggestions here: