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  1. Susel

    Site 05 Cleanup Crew

    I don't need sleep I need answers
  2. my guy already 2 steps ahead of everyone and put himself in accepted
  3. Susel

    Pass me sum lotion

    this made me homo
  4. Susel

    Corner's Resignation

    You could not live with your CI, and where Did that bring you? Back to MTF.
  5. Susel

    Sticks- Denied

    This is so funny lmao best thing you dont have proof that youre actually that race and still racism is racism
  6. Susel

    912 minge

    We have the RDA but without the recordings the mass player diss and RDM can't be confirmed
  7. -support Sorry Koala, but you have not improved. Changing your name to stop being called a minge and then deleting your other appeals? Kinda shows how little has changed.