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    Jakubs loa

    In-Game Name: jakub  SteamID: STEAM_0:1:246842155 Rank: support  Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): Till Monday the 28th. Reason for LOA (If private that is fine) : My pc broke and I'll try to repair it, if don't I manage to do it in my LOA period then I'll be quiting support team since it'll take me over a month to get my pc replaced.
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    -support This type of behaviour pushes new players who join during off peak hours away from the server and causes them to never return.
  3. What you want to see? - I would like to see Epsilon-11 Getting more oppurtunities for roleplay, The main things i would like to see is E11 entering the facility during defcon 5 for medical checkups and surguries or to give containment advice and make site inspections. These actions would be done once with a reasonable time in between them and all of the server would be made aware of it so ci doesn't raid the foundation with 20mtf from all 3 branches at once in the facility. Why should we add it? - Epsilon-11 as a donator branch has the least amount of interactive roleplay of all branches.We only get to interact with other people besides those in our branch when conducting a debrief that happens rearilly or entering during defcon 3 and we can't even do it then because we're busy with recontaining. Also medbay would get a boost of people entering for checkup, Containment engineers would get inspections of containments done and mtf would get security advice given to them. What are the advantages of having this? - More passive roleplay would be introduced to many branches throughout the facility and there would be a wider variety of players interactive with each other and making the community "tighter/closer" together. Who is it mainly for? - E11 Medical Technical Edit: E11 would only enter with command suppervision obviously
  4. Gonna miss you bro, wish you best of luck in what's ahead of you. And remember not to go into command spawn anymore.
  5. +support, It may be one of the only lmgs that et can you but think about it. if 1 person with both the weapons and max hp and armor for a cc can kill 3 mtf with average equipment then you know something is wrong. Edit: also if you really want to talk about realism in gmod then why do headshots not 1 shot?
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    Hearts for all

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    8 Months with SCP-RP

    189th day on E11
  8. Because 049s intent isnt to kill, its to Cure so I wouldn't call it insta kill and its only the swep that insta turns you but you could rp as though the transition takes a while.
  9. Fearrp would need a bit more clarity but just wanna add this: Rules say e11 can't enter d block... Had a situation where there was no other mtf and Gensec which let Ci just camp in d block.
  10. Interesting and cool though would be hard to enforce.