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  1. Jakub


    never played on that server.
  2. Jakub


    Let's be honest we already have /r and teamspeak available to use which you can't see as a different job so there won't be much change. Jobs which can spy could be allowed to acces all chats or atleast the lower lvl chats like mtf and foundation. Edit: here are the commands/acronyms me and my friend made up, there's only 1 ci command but if you guys suggest more I'm sure it could get done easily. /f(foundation) /mtf /nu7 /E11 /a1 /rr(research) /cmd(command) /hcmd(high command) /ci
  3. Jakub


    @[CS] | Christoffer made this addon today and decided to share it with gaming light only so that it's not out for public use. If you are interested in it message him on discord and he will happily give it to you @Christoffer#0890.he would be happy to make other things for the server in the future too.
  4. Jakub


    Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - A set off communication commands that would work like adverts EG. /mtf /e11 /a1 /nu /ci /f and these commands would be job restricted. Why should we add it? - it would be a better solution to comms seeing as people can use that to metagame. What are the advantages of having this? - less metagaming, redacted info stays redacted. Not everyone uses /r and not everyone can be in the same radio channel at the same time. Who is it mainly for? - everyone Links to any content - addon is done just need to add job names, its less than 1mb EDIT:
  5. +/- seems better but it's an old addon that hasn't been updated in a year...
  6. -support this would take away all the rp medical staff get, if you need your lower ranks to be healed call a medic to d block
  7. But most off all I Stayed because of the people, we might not be the most fun, action packed or busy but we have our times and we have our chemistry
  8. I joined because gensec wasn't my thing.
  9. Perms from head of event team hoovy since cpt+ in e11 is allowed a humve, didn't spawn it because of ci but because some E11 members including me were away from the base doing pt. edit highlighted
  10. Already see the d class trying to ERP but idc seems good +for models -for branch
  11. @Matricies I dont disagree with you but just want to mention there already are eu command players such as myself in e11(hc) , steppy in a1(just under hc) , James dark in research(lc) and all we are missing is some security, nu7 and ci command for eu which could be found within a month if you guys focused a bit more on eu for a bit. For clarification, most eu meetings would only happen around 3hrs earlier which would mean instead of having to show up in the middle of the night we could show up in the evening. And with time this delay could increase to a reasonable time.
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    People need to stop shitposting random stuff, honestly it's spam stop it.
  13. Jakub

    Trae's Resignation

    I can finaly say your name "TRAE" cya man have a good life