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  1. Jakub

    Money Giveaway!

    I WANT MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S MAD SHE'S MAD, IM FUCKING MAD!!!!!!
  2. +support, why you have to make this app I don't even know. You should have been up there in that high command section ever since you have been in A1, you have been one of the most dedicated members to the branch.
  3. In Game Name: Azius Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:246842155 What is your current Rank: CI 2LT What Type of Command Position are you applying for (High Command / Low Command): High command Do you have experience in Command, if yes explain: Yes a TON, I have been High command in technical and E11, also low command in A1,Security and CI(now) Date of when you first joined MTF / Chaos Insurgency: joined E11 on 3/15/2019 resigned on 3/29/2020, Have been in CI ever since. How many Strikes do you have: 0 What is your main goal of being Omicron-9 Low / High Command: I want to get back into MTF and do this with some valuable and meaningful work. Do you think there is any issues with the branch and if so how would you fix it (High Command Applications Only): A lot of dedicated players join excited to have fun but not enough command are on to promote activity and reward good work. What do you think of Omicron-9's ability to keep the facility under control from GOI's and what do you think can be improved (High Command Applications Only): Their ability to prevent ci is good and strong but there isn't nearly enough consecutive teamwork. Why should we accept you in Omicron-9 Command (150 word minimum): I have tons of experience in MTF and CI knowing how both sides play and treat each other allowing me to proactively lead my branch but also predict my opponents moves. But my speciality is not just in rp stuff, I believe that I am very good at doing administrative things such as keeping the roster up to date, putting in the time to make sure documents are up to date and easy to understand, keeping recruitment and training active and making sure it's a positive experience to encourage people to join the branch. I also think I can have fun and jokes when appropriate but get serious and unbiased when needed. As mentioned in one of the questions above I think I will be able to join the branch and do genuine and meaningful work to improve the branch for others and make sure everyone's having a positive experience and wants to return and play another day.
  4. Jakub

    Vinny's LOA

    cringe, LOA DENIED, your recent activity has not been good therefore your loa is not granted and you are demoted.
  5. -support, this will get denied. a scripted timer will require a separate script running for everyone to calculate their timer and if they're dead or not causing lag.
  6. -support, no evidence of the allegations only screenshots of someone complaining! also looks like a staff member already handled it! im blind, +support evidence is clear.
  7. NO EVIDENCE -support
  8. Idk still seams like rdm though or at least nitrp
  9. -support, I do not see you on ttt nearly as much as other admins and don't think your ready nor mature enough for jmt+
  10. I believe this is an issue with the addon, have any of you tried deleting the addon from your files and reinstalling it?
  11. -support, ci fails this roll 60% of the time and now there will be an alarm? no rolls 59 Clicks alarm button by accident.
  12. @Eternity there is no section for blacklist appeals, so this is the next best thing.
  13. +support, you have no recent warns and I believe everyone deserves redemption.
  14. @Igneous @Bread @[GL] Zeus
  15. riotshields are disabled on all classes besides this one