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  1. Jakub


    find a solution bcuz we want it.
  2. -support don't go afk in a roleplay area
  3. Name: Azius Rank: MSGT Callsign: XM2 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 2/4/20 -> 10/4/20 Reason (if private write N/A): bored of the server dont wanna rlly play right now, getting on and being killed by nerve gas in spawn or a davy crocket on the surface doesn't really interest me anymore.
  4. Yep lmao hahah But yeah 682s ho should be buffed since weapon damage got buffed
  5. -support fuck roleplay and realism If this gives us a challenge to over come we don't want it leave the soldiers with pistols. Obviously +support stop being a wuss and shoot the damn thing it dies in like 4 shots.
  6. Lmao true they like what makes them op. 2 minutes nlr is a joke and it should be 3 minutes like before based of their new spawn location. Atleast RCF and security CCs should have 3 minutes nlr. The purpose of rcf isn't to guard d block but recotain so they don't need to have a shorter nlr as they aren't being over powered with d class(imagine mtf with 2 min nlr) and security ccs can have 200 200 and a negev or g3 ... surely the pay to win armed class can beat a few d class? EDIT: Something I forgot to mention although I hear it A LOT "why would I join mtf when I can be RCF" - this further proves why atleast rcf and SEC CCs should have 3 min nlr
  7. +support, The tower should be raised and a bridge connecting the top floor of the tower to d block could be added with another keypad door that would only open from securities side. -this would allow for new angles to be used in pvp within d block and completely refresh the look of d block making it very cool and much more refreshed. -Having that one way door would mean it doesn't have to be a constant battle from that angle too but rather an alternative are snipers can go at their own risk.
  8. They wouldn't need keycards changed, they can just get escorts and then be amnestisized