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  1. Actually, it’s still relevant. It explains why it won’t work out. This will provoke more fail rp issues that staff already have to deal with, and even then, this will be difficult to manage, and I don’t see this working out well. Stealth Operatives already get the advantage with using a cloaking device to use for reconnaissance while also flanking. This will be sort of an unnecessary feature which will cause fail rp.
  2. Another thing, I've seen people still manage to kill a lot of Gensec, including a Juggernaut with the current knife. Also, the knife was so good before the nerf that it actually made Gensec rage-quit. . . Also, isn't there a glitch that can one shot Gensec? One last thing, one person with a melee weapon shouldn't do that much damage as it had done before. If you are going to try and riot, then go gather more D-Class who have knives and riot together. Literally nothing against working together as Class-D, instead most knife users who main Class-D wish to be strong by themselves. No offense. . .
  3. -/+ Support Depending on the person playing, it can be pretty easy to juke 076-2. . . Plus shouldn't a Keter be a bit more dangerous? Just don't make him more OP than 682 lol. . .
  4. This rule was put in place so that Escape Artists don't abuse their Keypad Cracker to breach SCPs, as that was not the intended purpose for them. Any Class-D can breach SCPs if they stumble upon a containment area EXCEPT for the Escape Artist. It was always a rule, just one of those "unwritten" ones that require a little common sense (not saying that people who -support this don't have common sense).
  5. You DO know that SCPs can't team with D-Class right? Because that's what it sounds like in this sentence. So he can't really benefit your plan if 939 is supposed to treat all non-SCP humanoids equally and kill anyone without prejudice.
  6. +Support It is literally implied within the name "Escape Artist", they should only use their cracker tool to escape, not breach SCPs.
  7. TG_Kilo

    FG-42 Nerf - Denied

    -/+ Support The FG42 is technically built to serve as an LMG, instead it is only chambered in a 20 bullet magazine. I don't see an issue with this. The HK416 is just as strong and it's only an Assault-Rifle. Plus, the fact that Cold Silver are one of the most elite MTF Special Forces, this makes sense why they get a good LMG.
  8. +/- Support Could have been a tactical reset. There was not enough context at the start of the video, and there was no medical on, and even then, he was not in a combat/rp situation. This death could have been taken out of context in my opinion. Still awaiting Cortez's side.
  9. TG_Kilo

    Dangs App

    +Support -Knows how to act properly as command -Very skilled in combat. Witnessed first hand. -We could very much appreciate more competent members for Omicron-9 -Usually wears a calm tone for all of his encounters with anyone
  10. + Support - That bunker hole is a very effective choke point, and CI abuse that by EXPECTING a raid. As soon as people come down the hole, they are instantly fired upon and not even using all of the utility everyone has combined is enough to stop them. All they need are 5+ people on the door and they have a 90% effective chance of succession. -Yea, this is pretty much like their spawn. It feels like it too. -CI have many buildings on surface, why not use this opportunity to enhance RP and make it more difficult for MTF to locate the SCP? Thee are about 6 locations on the surface that they can search. -MTF could honestly use more time to plan possible things that can backfire, and what to do if things go wrong, etc.
  11. SCP-939-1/2 Test Logs- Old 999 Test Log- Dr.Bright Interrogation- SCP 999 Test/Dr.Bright Termination-
  12. Major + Support Balancing required due to major complications during battle. Some weapons are also not as effective as the ones our opponents utilize.
  13. Name in RP: Kilo Rank: Staff Sergeant Any concerns: N/A