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  1. From my experiance most of the time MTF are traveling in ones or twos when traveling or patrolling HCZ. If you just bump the fearrp requirment to 3 instead of 2 you'd probably give 049 a way better chance. Plus doing door ambushes aremuch easier since you can easily rush two people threw the door before he can infect one and place him under fearrp.
  2. Note: My opinion of what deems someone or something a bullet sponge is someone who can take 1 and a half mags or more from an assault rifle. In my book if you took even 1 full mag you have done something wrong and you deserved to die. So Why bullet sponge? Why make almost everyone be very bullet spongey? Why have it where numbers give you the better chance of winning rather then skills like positioning, stealth and aim. Most of the time combat consist of CQC. You may have your G3s that can hold off larger numbers due to them being scared but with enough numbers, which usually the case, that G3 will not be fast enough kill them all if they decide to just charge and force CQC. Sometimes numbers don't win. Sometimes but most of the time it does and for me it sucks. When CI raids in big numbers it requires MTF to throw there bodies at the mass blob of CI littling them down slowly until they either get out or they die. This type of warfare made me give up on combat itself atleast against CI or fight MTF. Fighting D boys are fun because while most of them don't have guns they do have numbers. It requires skill in positioning, movement and knowing when to retreat that makes a great factor because there melees are like anti bullet sponge tools. But when fighting both as CI or MTF it feels like SLOG! I don't like being chipped away by bees going threw a bee hive just to get some honey or having to throw my body at a wall several times until it finally falls but thats not the point here. The point is why. Why this? Why this kind of balance?
  3. NVM The HK416 IS GUD! I was wrong. RS is really damn now. I have been converted to the HK416 cult.
  4. CI Heavy, a bronze job, has a PKM and mac 10. You think that the mac10 would be the secondary to the PKM but the PKM smacked off that pedestal when the mac 10s high rate of fire of 800rpm and 26 damage which makes it the better gun in CQC and pushes the PKM into more of a support gun. I have called the mac 10 the little brother of the FG42. I'v killed cold silvers with this little burger in 2 to 3 full mags. CI Heavy is weird in another way when standing next to nu7 recontainment specialist who, atleast in combat, the ci heavy overwhelms him with his 200 HP and armor and mac 10 despite the fact that the NU7 recontainment specialist is a golden job. Maybe the new rifle he got would bring him up a tad but if I'm killing cold silvers then RS has still got a long way to go. But wait THERES MORE! When you put the NU7 recontainment specialist next to the CI inflatrator there kinda the same now. They use the same gun and the infiltrator has 150 armor and 150 HP while the RS has 125 armor and 150 HP. The only true difference is his cloak which allows for suprise attack but ones thermals are on they basically become almost the same. Can someone explain to me why this is formed like this? Also I'm doing forums now. Hi.
  5. I'm guessing its gonna take two more days for this to be resolved. I guess I can wait.
  6. I just realize this been up for four days. Does these ban appeals usually take this long?
  7. Again when did I say I had a second account? Also here is proof of purchace: https://postimg.cc/PvNqNXwD
  8. Yea and its take a while to.
  9. When did I say I had another steam account? Also I keep typing STeam id account instead of steam id.
  10. Other steam account? What do you mean?
  11. What? Do you mean by Steam ID3, Steam32 ID OR Steam64 ID?
  12. Also does it auto ban you when you join the server because I was banned while playing.
  13. Is'nt there somewhere that shows the ban data? It has to have both the steam IDs of the banned account and alt account. If we were to check to see what steam IDs it used It would only have one steam ID when making my ban if it was glitched right? That could prove my innocents. If it does have two steam IDs then I''m gonna be stumped.
  14. I created the account so as to create a ban appeal. I did'nt think I had to create one before and I don't do forums anyway. I know that makes me looks suspicious but that still has nothing to do with my ban besiding doing a ban appeal.