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  1. Dylann

    SCP 173 18/05/19

    +1 Quallity test Test provides valuable insight into SCP-173 and can be used for further containment and testing of 173 -LCZ Supervisor Dylann
  2. I like it +1 test point -LCZ Supervisor Dylann
  3. ive never likes new zelands police cars , idk why i guess they arnt as sexy as this machine
  4. Ive never heard of these awards, are u sure you didnt make them up ?
  5. -Support Considering i was speaking to you as a junior approximately 1-2 days ago i don't believe this is a reasonable amount of time spent within the department to understand it You are a very talented individual and i respect you a lot i just dont think you have the necessary skill to be succesful in this role
  6. Name: Professor Dylann Current Rank: Senior Researcher Time in Research (Approximate): 1-2 Months The position being applied for: HCZ Supervisor Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? 100-word minimum) : I believe that a member of the research command board should be one who strives for outstanding achievement for all they command, this is something i actively do within the research department of site 05. For example i ensure when training new recruits for our department i go the extra step to ensure they are able to continue for a long time within the department by giving them general ideas of what they can do during there time with us, this is something i actively see results of in recruits i have trained. To my understanding no over command member or trainer i have seen actively does this (please correct me if i am wrong). I also believe that current command members do not take enough time to talk with the lower ranking members of our department and actually take there suggestions and concerns into practice , which is something if given this role i would ensure i put time aside for this. What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?: During my time of enjoying and actively playing SCP-RP servers i have gone to great lengths to ensure that learn as much as possible and involve myself with the community and help as many people as possible. For example i was a whitelisted O5 Council member on WG and during my time performing my duties i made sure to improve the experience of lower ranking members instead of looking down on them. I was also chosen to run a research department on a server which has since been shut down called Syndicate-RP and no longer actively exists. during my time as this rank i ensured that everyone within the department was heard by me and my colleagues and actively taken into consideration. So with the current statements i will actively use my expertise in the fields of command to ensure that people can achieve the optimal experience during their time here as this is something i personally strive for. I would like to take this spot of my application to thank you for the opportunities presented to me to continue to improve the expirience of lower ranks as the current command staff strive to do and if accept i vow to ensure all i stated will come true. Signed - Dylann Senior Research With The SCP Foundation At Site 05
  7. Hello People <3


    Snr Researcher Dylann / Research Discord Administrator here , finally was able to make a damm acount.