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  1. Propane

    hol up

    Nah they just are pro at Phantom Forces
  2. You respawn and can come back after 3 minutes, we can't.
  3. I've been seeing 10+ Nu7 on lately as well
  4. When players join the server, they have 2 lives, utility does not count until Command, they can join one of those
  5. 5 MTF at a gate Sleuth walks through Show your ID as 3 of them hold cuffs Sleuth: /roll Sleuth has rolled a 78 MTF: /roll 15 73 58 37 92 Yeah no
  6. -/+ support I don't see why you want some items removed, I also feel like sniper rifles are Donator only
  7. What are you suggesting? - A bar to show your progress when cracking a door, like the one How would this change better the server? - It'd make it easier to tell if you're cracking a door or just staring at a keypad for 30 seconds like an idiot Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - N/A Who would this change mostly benefit? - D-Class/CI
  8. I think you guys need to realize something 3 MTF branches, 1 Security Branch, each are able to come back into action after death. Once CI dies, that's it. Not to mention how many SF's are on in MTF, along with the fact that E11 seems to be in the facility a bunch, which I'm not totally against as they need something to do, but CI is one branch, which needs to stay in bunks for 50% of the time they are playing. I do not think that you understand this.
  9. +support 1048-A is useless if they can't kill everyone in that first scream
  10. You'd be surprised how many people kill 049...