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    Name: Propane Rank: MAJ Callsign: MNKY Date of LOA Leave/Return: Sometime in October Reason (if private write N/A): Can not load on the server for over 30 minutes without crashing, if I can fix it by then well yeah along with other reasons.
  2. -support Just play other VR games
  3. Questions Your In-game Name: Propane Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:82643249 The admin's name in-game: Weiss The admin's steam name: Weiss Schnee G What warning did you receive: FailRP When did you receive this warning: August 24th Why do you think this warn was false: At the time, there were 7 MTF staring at me, 4 with maglights, 3 with guns out. One of the 4 with a maglight went up the elevator, making it so I would be able to move, so I began attacking and instantly was brought by Weiss, told that I can not attack when people have flashlights, even though I thought it said maglight. I was warned, so I made a suggestion which would be that flashlights would be the only way to stun 280, which was denied with the comment of, "Uh bro they cant do it unless they buy a maglite from the armory and I highly doubt d-class do that" Evidence the warning is false: The thing is this warn is from a month ago as the suggestion was just denied, kinda just hoping Weiss was spectating and saw thought flashlights would count. Any extra information:
  4. He should do all of this with discretion and avoid being caught at all costs. If caught and killed, RP resets. Dr. Maynard should work with and coordinate with the CI. He should never do anything spontaneous or outrageous and should always be secretive. As per the MOTD Meaning, if you think Maynard is gonna assassinate your hostage, just keep them with a guard in a closed area
  5. Yeah but the thing is Maynard isn't a low ranking MTF but instead a high ranking researcher
  6. Maybe an armory to their base?
  7. I disagree with your opinion Which means its wrong