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  1. +/-support If its blatant RDM +support If its during a riot when only one gensec remains/CI are in D-block -support I really hate body blockers
  2. My suggestion is to give everyone super admin
  3. Propane

    Zerks Warn Appeal

    Can you show the other warn too?
  4.  Name: Propane Rank: CPL
  5. +support for maybe retraining
  6. How about this 15+ gensec on = 3 minute nlr less than 15 = 2 minute nlr
  7. Damn those are some high prices, which is why it seems pretty fair +support This COULD easily be abused by someone with like 5m mass supplying d class
  8. +support Blatant staff abuse I'm really interested in what his defence will be
  9. -support You can't change habit