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  1. +Support You can make it big in this branch due to your hard work.
  2. +Support He is very committed to his cause in helping out people in GENSEC. Also having great answers to numbers 11, 12, 13, 14 was beyond neat.
  3. +Support You have been very active in the sense of trying to help others. I believe you are then ready to move up in your rank. The way you manage your time throughout your RP and staff is great so keep it up I believe you have a chance in getting to that rank of Senior Mod. -Answer to #16 is very in-depth with the idea of how to handle it with speed and professionalism. -You have had long amount of time in the server seeing the ins and outs so you would understand how to deal with certain situations with this experience.
  4. +/-Support This would be a good addition for the fact being people could benefit more from it. There could also be a good reason why they have it like that to prompt players to buy the next tier, as that is a simple marketing trick like how you get a discount on the next rank. With that, you should follow the format as said before.
  5. +Support This would most certainly help have less confusion on the server because people new would wonder why. So eliminating this confusion would help less open comms kinda confusion thinking they can advert freely.
  6. +Support You have very high potential and I believe you could fit that rank with your activity being great while still serving your country. You have gon far I have seen your growth but you do have some competition so good luck in getting that because with the effort you put into this you could most certainly have a chance while being only 1st LT when your competition is CPT. Nice answer to number 14. [DATA EXPUNGED]
  7. God Speed Kraffty you go get em man we will all miss you and will have a spot just for you whenever you want to come back, buddy. We all will miss you Thank you for your time with us man you're always welcomed in this community. I hope you get to someplace high in life.
  8. +Support I would love to see a change in aesthetic to have some lovely looking signs. This could help people show there is work in a hallway to detour the other way or to signify Rules in a visually appealing way, with a more attention grabbing look.
  9. Name: Security FTO JRCF SM Max Rank: SM What you want to see in the Security Olympics: I would like to see how quickly we can respond to certain situations or commands. With us having a timed race to see who does their command the fastest, with each command being different in the sense of order but around the same topic: Formations, Positioning, Targeting; therefore, we can express are speed, accuracy, and professionalism in certain situations in different types of pressures(ie defcons or hostiles). Another idea that or topic we should go over/watch for is how the leaders would present their commands to make sure that one is not too demanding and to make sure they can handle commanding situations with a calm collected self-being. With this I would like this to not be too strict I would want to it be enjoyable to NCOs' and Enlisted so that it might not ward off people that might think it is terrible, and to just have some fun. Why it would be a cool feature/good for security: This is something that I believe would be able to show the NCOs' who can organize well and to show how well one could command their group to prevail just like how we want this branch to prevail. So that we can also make sure if one was to rise the ranks to gain control that they can do it peacefully and professionally to help lower ranks have a good idea of what they need to do to achieve that level of rank.
  10. You have good potential at becoming a good staff member for your activity and your passion for the server. To you I say good luck on your app.
  11. Name: Security JFTO JRCF SM Max Security Rank: SM FTO Rank: JFTO Why should you keep your rank? (SFTO+ must respond): I believe I should keep my rank due to my high activity allowing me to contribute to training trainees for SO when there is no one seen doing it. I love training so much just the feeling of transferring your knowledge into another is just great, seeing them rise in the ranks with the feeling and thought of I trained them me I’m the one that made that security personnel the way he/she is to get to that position. This responsibility of a FTO is not only great but very important to keep a collection of active players wanting to change GENSEC for the greater good and help it to grow immensely. Please do consider keeping me as a FTO to help better this branch to become the best in the foundation supporting all other branches to do the best they can as we do the best we can. Any notes or questions: Could we possibly get a rework for the test because of confusing questions that are asked on the test that are no longer valid due to SOP changes that conflict with the rank required to enter LCZ which the answer is LCPL+ with command permission and can you cuff a D-class as an SO which the answer is no but you can if a researcher is on cool down for his cuffs.
  12. +Support He is well into the mindset of a respectful member of the community and is always doing his best to have people be kept in order. So he in my eyes would make a great staff even with no experience he has the right track record to be trusted with this responsibility.