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  1. +support Training takes a good amount of effort and is definitely an acquired skill. Not only is it important for the function of the server, but similar to staff requires a player to volunteer their time. While previous arguments have stated branches should add incentive or people would not use it. I believe the extra reward should be there for people who wish to utilise it along with whatever rewards their branch gives out.
  2. Weiss

    More recyclers

    +support Agreed, a couple more would be helpful; Let's more people farm at the same time. I see them getting all used quite often since there's only a couple in each.
  3. I checked the ulx ban list in-game and was unable to find their name; Was quite odd.
  4. Denied. After review, the ████ has decided not to accept your suggestion.
  5. How dare you speak the truth.
  6. Just tested it on the server, all of the D5 pack weapons besides Whisper of the Worm do in-fact use the bounding box instead. Seems like more of a bug rather than a suggestion; Allows for a far greater window of hit registration.
  7. Weiss

    topic for an unban

    Looks like he appealed for the wrong server. Found a more recent appeal on another SCP server forum.
  8. Easy to work with, helpful. Meets and exceeds the requirements for support.
  9. Yes, Toasty would be more than capable of performing support tasks.
  10. Agreed. When first implementing the RIG unit I did take this into consideration. I do not believe this is in the best benefit for the class. However in the unfortunate event of implementation I would advocate making it a harder hack then a HLPR. As a RIS unit is considered a combatant, a loadout to match and looser weapons restrictions independent of rank. Whilst HLPR bots being restricted to their rank guidelines.
  11. Weiss

    False Warn Appeal

    Agreed, evidence displayed does show sufficient time and warning were given. +support for appeal
  12. +support I could agree with Coltable on a small HP increase as 082 is known to be quite resistant to bullets. However for the sake of still being technically killable via micro HID. (Such as 106, 096, etc.) I don't support the SCP being invulnerable.
  13. -Support in this case Non-hit scan throwable weapon, requires a degree of good positioning and practice to use effectively. Some-what easy to avoid damage if directing attention or not in a poor position. (Such as a doorway) The knife was previously nerfed to 60 DMG; However I believe currently it's in a balanced position.
  14. Man that was a big paragraph; Your poor english teacher. Anyway, take care; I'll bother you with gifs later.
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