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  1. Accepted. Whilst you can be trouble; You do have a good amount of practice in the field of testing. I'll go ahead and accept this under the condition you behave and follow what you're stating in your application. Don't go around spreading weird chemical solutions around to other foundation staff; We have D-class for a reason. (Also that you show respect to other players and their branches....)
  2. Weiss

    Requesting HMR

    This is just a test log. Please fill out the application.
  3. Accepted. App is a bit bare bones but whatever. Log is pretty decent and you have good reviews from low command.
  4. Application denied. User is no longer in research.
  5. +support Was super certain there was a statement allowing enough normal flashlights pointed at SCP-280 to prevent it from attacking. Nor did the wording on the MOTD indicate it worked as a form of FearRP rather than being a complete re-containment tool. However, upon further clarification via SMT; The latter is in-fact the case. Thus this warn is a misinterpretation on my part and thus invalid. (Also I must be becoming illiterate >_>)
  6. A pretty good read. You did well with the info you had to work on and it was cleanly formatted. I really have no major issues to address. If you wanted to go above and beyond. You certainly could make a fancier format and add additional length to the test log, However as it stands this is pretty quality.
  7. Man that was not fun to read; Please work on your formatting. Yes, you're active and participate in alot of testing; Whilst you certainly need to improve on your handling of SCPs(Which you are actively doing). I think you'll make a good addition. Accepted. Contact any research command online for your whitelist.
  8. Weiss

    Eilish's ban appeal

    I was tasked specifically by Catsro to do so. The ban length is as set by Igneous.
  9. After review of your application; Your application ha been denied. This can be because of your application, experience, behavior, feedback, or other unstated reasons.
  10. +support Jack is great to work with; Big support on the above.
  11. +support Badaim has been exceptional on SCP and Imperial RP. I don't see why not the same for Jedi vs Sith
  12. Weiss

    Whos exicted?

    Very much so excited.
  13. Name: Weiss First rank/character choice: Rey Second rank/character choice: Satele Shan Do you have any command experience? If so please explain: I have decent experience (1 year) leading the Foundation Research Branch in GL's SCP:RP as the branch's head; A position requiring a certain amount of management. Some of these management tasks including; Maintaining, approving , created and maintaining associated branch documents , rosters and proceedure. Working with HCMD/Senior command to create or update branch policies for better content or quality of life/balance; Managing command and how they're selected to ensure a quality experience for players and the function of the branch. The list could certainly go on including the smaller nuisances of management. How active can you be? I can be regularly active; As with the currently college schooling system. All my classes are online and not live. Thus allowing me an unhealthy amount of time to be on during the day or evening. Are you familiar with the Star wars universe and have played other Star wars related servers? If so please explain: I'm decently familer with the star wars universe; While I haven't read all the universe books or actively partake in the lore community. I've followed the Star Wars story relatively actively from a young age. Keeping up with the mainstream media, some story/book lore and fan lore. I've played on a few star wars servers as of currently; Mostly clone wars servers. Two notable ones being GL Clone Wars and GL imperial RP. Thus I'm pretty familiar on their basic structure and player base involved,. Why do you want to become command? Personally I've never been a fan of the empire or some of the major factions of Star Wars lore. These including the Galactic Republic, Empire and sith ideology. I have never felt the real motivation to play for what I essentially see as the baddies. Now that a faction is available to actually play as one of these light factions ; Because the community it's being hosted by and the particular theme are as it is. I am exceptionally motivated to participate in this game mode and would be thrilled to take part. What qualities can you bring to the position? While some have described me as without emotion.(A running joke.I'm not a robot, I swear) I believe this trait has allowed me an objective outlook on situations where mattered in command which required unbiased decision making for the better; Regardless of my personnel feelings on the matter. As well as my high personnel motivation to achieve success and ability to compromise in situations which allow a win for both parties. Why should we pick you over your competitors? I believe with my existing experience in branch leadership, activity in GL and motivated disposition to this game concept; I would be a opportune pick for this command roster.