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  1. Looks like your ban is on ImperialRP; I'll go ahead and move it to the correct section. Additionally, please edit your post to use the Ban Appeal Format; Otherwise it will likely be automatically denied.
  2. +support Active low command, generally well behaved.
  3. The process leading to my length choice was the amount of warns you have for exploiting and despite prior bans your willingness to continue. As for ban lengths for exploiting, this is generally staff discretion. For example I tend to issue bans to repeat offenders. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/p6u9wB29Q_zKi/AAjtEEQ9y6Oo?invite=cr-MSxQUjUsMTMyMDAwMzcs
  4. +support Peak Ayaya experience 10/10
  5. Agreed, after being on the infil end and vice versa, combating infils; I believe it adds a good dynamic to the server. -support.
  6. Agreed, addionally it looks like you have not been on since you made this application.
  7. +support Training takes a good amount of effort and is definitely an acquired skill. Not only is it important for the function of the server, but similar to staff requires a player to volunteer their time. While previous arguments have stated branches should add incentive or people would not use it. I believe the extra reward should be there for people who wish to utilise it along with whatever rewards their branch gives out.
  8. +support Agreed, a couple more would be helpful; Let's more people farm at the same time. I see them getting all used quite often since there's only a couple in each.
  9. I checked the ulx ban list in-game and was unable to find their name; Was quite odd.
  10. Denied. After review, the ████ has decided not to accept your suggestion.
  11. How dare you speak the truth.
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