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  1. +support hes a little inactive but an amazing command member and has always been one
  2. +support an amazing man and command memeber has helped with issues between ci and mtf he also works extremely hard
  3. +support really competent member of omicron and deserves command
  4. In Game Name: Happy Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:95230638 What is your current Rank: MAJ What Type of Command Position are you applying for (High Command / Low Command): High command (VCMDR) Do you have experience in Command, if yes explain: yes i have been in omicron-9 and alpha-1 command for 6-7 months straight without an loa Date of when you first joined MTF / Chaos Insurgency: September 2019 to my knowledge How many Strikes do you have: i have never had a strike What is your main goal of being Omicron-9 Low / High Command: to help out my branch and commander as much as possible because i feel as it was always my job and its been how i've been working ever since i joined command Do you think there is any issues with the branch and if so how would you fix it (High Command Applications Only): honestly at the moment activity is our main issue in omicron 9 as i've seen everyone get disinterested in the branch id hope to bring more rp and other aspects to the branch since at the moment we really dont have much to do other than running around the facility looking for d class and ci and occasionally helping with scps. but the reason why we have a lack activity is a lack of command which will hopefully be fixed by these applications What do you think of Omicron-9's ability to keep the facility under control from GOI's and what do you think can be improved (High Command Applications Only): honestly to my knowledge we are able to defend the facility pretty well with a couple casualty's here and there but were are pretty capable though our operatives are a little under powered in weaponry our e11 SIR could be swapped out with a different gun platform along with the f2000 on the officer Why should we accept you in Omicron-9 Command (150 word minimum): as stated before ive been working with the people in the branch for about 7 months and ive grown with the branch, i love working with the branch and watching it grow, ive also have had a massive impact on the sub branches since im the deputy head of 2 of them and have worked with the other heads of sub branches to get them up and running giving them ideas for how to play the branch. another reason is that ive helped with relations between branches with daedran. with daedran ive been trying to bring rp back to the mtf branches and the special forces as well since i dont like how our braanches are just shoot and ask questions later. i overall have been working in this branch as hard as possible to make it to where i am now and want to persue even higher roles to help the branches and server out as much as i can.
  5. Name: SAD Rank: SFC Current FTO Rank: N/A Current RCF Rank: N/A Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): N/A Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A
  6. +support very interested in the branch seems dedicated to joining accepted
  7. big sad my minge bud is leaving me also dont threaten me to get doc
  8. late to the party nerd
  9. was made 2 months ago dont know why its still open bruh
  10. god damn it you minge imma miss you
  11. Name in RP: Happy Rank: 1st Lieutenant Any concerns: none that aren't already being addressed