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  1. Name: Zeus Rank: Member Duration: Extension to 8/14/20 Reason: Some IRL stuff popped up and I don’t think I can effectively meet quota and plan out my events properly along with my RP and staff. Sorry for the extension. I will be back after this!
  2. I believe an AOS would have been perfect for the situation instead of the KOS. As even with Maynard you usually call an AOS first. However I feel Comrade and Drip need a stern talking to Overall leaning to -Support
  3. Danny, I wish you the best of luck in whatever endeavour you undertake next. You were an amazing role model and an even more fun person to be around. I will never forget your amazing builds and E11 dropship. You made combat engineers great and it will stay that way. E11 will miss you dearly. Godspeed and Rho gang rise up.
  4. Sorry, but I would suggest waiting a bit more and then apply
  5. I completely agree with Beanz on this. It just makes things a bit more complicated and it’s unnecessary in my eyes -Support
  6. If we could make this possible, I’m all for it as it’s a a fresh new way of approaching 714. +Support
  7. In-Game Name: Zeus Steam Name: [GL]erinemmanueljcob5 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:190171360 What is your staff rank and the server you work in?: I am an Admin on SCPRP How many posts do you have on the website?: 956 How often are you online on the forums?: I am online almost every 2-3 hours. I am mostly on during off peak hours as well Why do you believe you're qualified to serve as a Forum Diplomat? (100 Words Minimum): I am a pretty active member on the server and forums and want to help out in whatever way possible. I want people to feel welcome to the community and I believe I can cut down on the toxicity with the help of this position. I am a HCMD Member, thus I believe I am a trusted member of the community and I believe I have good judgement and know how to shut down arguments before they erupt and come to a decision where both parties may be happy with the said decision. I am a fun person to be around but I am strict whenever I need to be. I believe I can represent the community in a positive manner and keep my cool whenever arguments are blown out of proportion. I deal with a lot of tough situations on the daily but I learned how to keep my cool and and treat even the biggest of rule breakers with respect regardless of how they may have treated me. I have dealt with a lot of fellow command and close friends of mine, but I have ensured to not show partiality and try to maintain and good reputation with every single branch and member of the community. In conclusion, I just want to be a helping hand and represent this amazing community and welcome the new members and help them in whatever way possible. Would you consider yourself to have good judgement? If so, please describe a situation that required you to pass make a difficult decision?: I am a HCMD Member and I have dealt with multiple situations where I have had to deal with my friends and I don't show partiality with respect to punishments regardless of how close friends they are. I was staff a year ago and had to leave and I am now back, I have taken a lot of sits, sometimes being the only staff on during dead hours and have taken a good chunk of sits and have had to use my judgement in many sits, giving each side a fair chance and dealing with the situation as diplomatically as possible. How would you deal with a situation where a user is spamming the shoutbox due to getting banned from one of our servers?: Firstly I would delete the spam in the chatbox. Then I would personally message the user asking him which server he was banned on. After they reply with the server, I shall link them the respective server's Ban Appeals section and tell him to follow the pinned format and make the report with evidence. If the person is unwilling to listen or starts abusing again, I would contact the Head Diplomat or SMT depending on who is available while keeping in mind the CoC to issue a forum warning or ban if necessary. How would you deal with a situation where two users are aggressively arguing with each other in a warn appeal?: Firstly I would hide the replies which seem to be instigating the most arguments or are the most toxic and I would message the said person and inform them of why their post was hidden. If the argument escalates I would leave a warning on the post saying "Please leave your comments to only + or -Supports" and if the argument continues, I would lock the post to stop any further spread of the toxicity and inform my higher ups of the same and wait for SMT to handle the post. If excessively toxic things were said in the post, I would also bring that upto the Head Diplomat or SMT to issue a forums punishment.
  8. I believe this bug was reported earlier as well. Would appreciate if this could be fixed ASAP Thanks!
  9. +Support Seems friendly, professional and competent. Great pick for support