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  1. Wait are you actually resigning?
  2. Also according to lore, E11 is only to be called in when there are site emergencies -Support
  3. Fake rolls are taken seriously when they give you an RP advantage and that ruins RP for others. So Catsro did his job. There was nothing wrong on his part -Support
  4. You can handle situations with a very calm demeanour and are ready to help anyone who is in need. I strongly support you getting senior mod +Support
  5. The Juggernaut is pretty OP too and I find that nerfing weapons that a person paid for to be on their cc is not nice MAJOR -SUPPORT
  6. It will be fixed in some time : )
  7. +Support Has a history of minging a lot and had to deal with him in sits myself.
  8. Have fun! I wish you all the best in all your future endeavours, even for the short time I was here and saw you only very rarely, you were a very nice person and taught me well and cleared all my doubts. Godspeed You will be missed Krafty
  9. Antiminge isn’t a thing anymore, it sadly got removed, so if it’s over 1000s it’s just a ban Also I see you spammed posts some time before applying, please don’t do that No poll present in the post -support