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  1. I know that, just pointing it out in case you didn’t want the same model as another cc
  2. This model is used on Grug if I’m not mistaken
  3. I just re-downloaded my addons. Now it’s working fine. Also you posted this in archive.
  4. I JUST REALIZED I GOT RICK ROLLED AND PULLED A DUM DUM. but damn the man had patience.
  5. This is just honestly disgusting. I hope y’all can give him a community blacklist.
  6. This kinda just destroys the point of locking down medbay to contain threats
  7. The mini gun isn’t allowed therefore your primary will become your M249. You can’t choose the PSG1 or MP5 as your secondary. It has to be a pistol. So your load out will be M249, a pistol for your secondary and choose between the PSG1 and MP5 for you additional weapon. You also haven’t paid the entire amount. The custom job is only for job, name, description and 100 health, 1 primary and secondary. Now 100 health extra is $50, 200 Armor is $80, tranq and cuffs is $20, MTF/security/CI (basically not d class) is $50, extra weapon is 20 So basically you have to pay $220 extra along with the custom job to get all your additions. But you have only paid 170 Also I’m not sure if the model is RP friendly Hope this helps you
  8. CI shouldn’t be able to lock it down +Support on everything else
  9. 076 is a pain to deal with IMO cause anytime someone pulls a weapon out, even d class it becomes insanely hard to deal with and everyone in the room just dies and killing it is a hassle. -Support
  10. The ban should be over by now, but Fail tho