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  1. +Support Active Dedicated to the Server Respectful and respected Chill Responsible Good luck bb
  2. +Support Wanted to add this for 5th fleet, mostly for Riot Control, but couldn't find a shield, and could be useful for security in general. So thats a +support from me.
  3. I'm fine with it, plus 5th Fleet get a lot of more staff to watch over, and i mean the Silent Alarms. -5th Fleet Commander Darby
  4. - 5th Fleet Commander Darby
  5. Yeah i like this idea! -5th Fleet Commander Darby
  6. You'll be missed Well i hope i see you come back in the summer otherwise i'll erp you, you're still gay and bad at CSGO btw xd, Nuke is going to kill you lmao. - Senior Moderator Darby - 5th Fleet Commander Darby
  7. -- Accepted -- Congratulations Robo, you've been accepted for the Spot of 2LT, Talk to me or Vice-Commander Ice for your Officer Certification Training(OCT).
  8. -5th Fleet Commander Darby
  9. -- Accepted -- Congratulations Nuke you're accepted for the position of Vice-Commander of 5th Fleet, talk to a Brigadier General+ for your Commander Certification Training(CCT). -5th Fleet Commander Darby
  10. -- Pending -- I know i told you that i'll let you apply for the officer spot but 1st you gotta wait for the spot to open which will be very soon, for now i won't deny this but i'll put it on halt. People may keep supporting. And notify my next time because you need my permission too. -5th Fleet Commander Darby
  11. -5th Fleet Commander Darby
  12. Name: Darby Rank: LCPL Any Concerns?: N/A