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  1. Then Department head should also have lvl 4, right?
  2. Junior maintenance should be a whitelist job. Apprentice should be a non whitelist job. Only admins can whitelist for the maintenance jobs. Maintenance Supervisor doesn't have the trash collector. (ztm_trashcollector) Maintenance Manager doesn't have a sledgehammer and a welder. (tfa_nmrih_sledge , tfa_nmrih_welder) Maintenance Supervisor and manager doesn't have cuffs and can't change defcons. Department Head should have a level 4 keycard.
  3. Doggo0


    Who's gonna teach me about brooms now? I WANT TO KNOW MORE
  4. Accepted! Wait for a tech high command member to give you your job. This may take some time, be patient. (Q10 changed now, so you should look over that if you didn't already.)
  5. Name : Doggo Branch(es) : Technical Rank(s) : AHOT How would you rate your activity? (1-10) 9 Why you should keep your position (Command Only): The reason for me to keep my rank is because I believe I've been an alright high command member in the 3 months I've been AHOT. Now that summer has started for me I can work more on new interesting stuff for the branch and updating the roster/SOP. I try to make tech more fun for everyone while increasing activity with some of the rules I've suggested/added. I may not be the best HCMD, but everyone has to learn, and I'll become better with time and experience I hope. Filling out roll call took some time because I had some things to do IRL. Any changes you would like to see: Nope Any notes or questions: None
  6. Without an addon this will get denied. -Support until you find a suitable addon we can use.