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  1. -support gensecs rp is already ruined ever since the extra d class jobs came out, they used to be able to do patrols through LCZ and do frequent escorts. You’re basically asking for their rp to be changed from “watch D block 24/7 rp” to “get gunned down by D-class 24/7 rp”. This would make it so MTF would pretty much need to be called down at all times, which would ruin rp for MTF and make D class complain that MTF are there all the time. Overall this ruins rp for everyone.
  2. I think that mainly it should be a rule that if one person adverts “Thermals” we shouldn’t get a flood of MTF and RCF doing the same. If one person adverts thermals and says nothing in comms, then no one else has a valid reason to activate thermals. The advert for thermals is OOC and let’s staff know people activated thermals, and so they can use that for reference if it’s brought up in a sit. To avoid troubles for staff and to balance it out, players should not be allowed to advert thermals just because they see a thermals advert in chat. If someone comms in something such as “966 breach” or “CI infil in the foundation” then yes, that can all advert it. However if I’m on patrol and checking 966s CC and need to put on my thermals to do so, there should not be a chat spam of thermals adverts following along.
  3. I’m neutral on this. Yes we do need more SCPs in my opinions, I’m just not sure if this is the one. The -J at the end implies “joke”. It’s meant to be a not serious SCP on the wiki.
  4. I don’t mean disrespect when I say this, but you literally just asked for an E-11 update under virtually the same reasons, to give your branch a buff/balance it the equipment in the branch. We’re doing the same thing by asking for out weapons to be at least balanced with the rest of the servers weapons since our classes weapons aren’t comparable to other branches weaponry. The main changes I’m hoping for out of all this is the model change for SF (since with our current one people can see our patches through walls and as much as people say they dont metagame it it’s hard not to) the ACR, and the Ithaca since both of those weapons are borderline useless
  5. +support currently where it’s at our default operatives are left with little to no health after a gun fight with a Dclass, since the D class can obtain a high damaging AK for a cheap price and with relative ease. The AK compared to the ACR is night and day. The ACR is absolutely one of, if not the worst AR in the game. That being said, A1 is entrusted with protecting Side Administration, and yet barely has the weaponry to suffice. Also for the classes with the Ithaca, people have to understand it is literally the worst shotgun in the game and is basically unusable. It does 8x12 (lower than every other shotgun in the server) and has a 5 round mag (lowest magazine size on the server.)
  6. Yes there is one, but it requires someone to spawn them in. This one doesn’t need to be spawned in, can be restricted to certain jobs, and cannot be abused since seeing through walls can be turned off
  7. Icarus

    Alpha-1 Roll Call

    Name: Icarus Rank: CPT Will you try to be active through the school year: Yes Do you believe that you deserve your position in A1: Yes What is your current Activity on the Roster, and if not active will you try to improve it: Active
  8. All those people saying “+1 matches lore” it doesn’t. In lore all it states is that a subject ages 10-25 will be placed in the femur breaker. It’s whoever is most readily available. It’s all circumstantial as well. During a site wide breach where everything is out and you’re scrambling to get any SCP recontained, do you really expect MTF to go all the way to D block, grab a d class, and run back and still survive? Also you have to understand D class don’t listen on this server. Typically if we have breaches it’s either cause, a) CI raided and breached them, which makes D class antsy and riot, or b) the SCP was breached by D class, meaning they are already rioting. Trying to grab a D class during a riot is impossible due to the fact that they don’t listen to Fear RP. Also because there’s only about a 15% success rate of 106 actually killing people with the PD, what would happen is the D class that was put in escapes the PD, and immediately breaches more SCPs. I’d rather not have nonstop breach simulator.
  9. I explained in the post that the wall part can be turned off server wide, making it so it’s impossible to abuse.
  10. I’m the owner of the CC and I approve of Weeper being added to the class
  11. I see your point as well, my main issue is that my CC alone has the ability to wipe raids, at those exact stats with just different weapons. Potentially I could see the class being put on a sort of “testing period” where it’s closely monitored to see if/how Overpowered it is. If it is supposed to work like A1s special forces (being hand picked and all that) then in a way it could work, but it would again need to be monitored so that people aren’t just picked so that all slots are filled at all points. It’s gotta be truthfully the best of the best for it to work, and even if there is only one on at a time that’s fine.
  12. The issue I see with it is that it literally would provide CI no ability to raid. Believe me I more than anyone want to beat CI in raids, however you can possibly believe that CI have a chance in a raid with 5 E11 rangers, multiple MTF CCs, Nu7 Juggs, A1 Heavies and MTF Commanders all on at the same time. E11 only has better stats because it’s a donator class, but it’s also restricted to only bronze. The minimum people have to pay to get Nu7 Jugg is 100 dollars, or a CC with the exact same stats is over 200 (I know, I payed for one). That being said you’re asking for a class to be added that matches those stats and the only requirements is to pay 10 dollars. If you don’t want it nerfed it’s gotta be a higher donator rank restricted as any other class with those stats would be. At the very least gold.
  13. I’m gonna +support however I feel the health needs to be changed a bit on ranger. Either that or the slots need to move down a little. This is both for balancing purposes and because of issues with donations, which I’ll explain. As of right now it creates an issue with people who has custom classes. Those of us that payed a good sum of money to get their CC up to that health now have less meaning and less value. Not only that but we already have a ton of classes that have tons of health and armor in the foundation. For example A1 Heavy, Nu7 Juggernaut, E-11 Redacted, all MTF Commanders, A1 Special Forces, and Nu7 heavy. By adding another class with tons of health and armor with good weapons you’re just further making it harder for CI to raid, possibly impossible. Once MTF flag up due to the classes we have it makes raiding for CI near impossible at most times, lets not make it impossible. Back onto the Nu7 juggernaut, a class that is exclusive to people who have donated 100 dollars to the server, only has 175 health and 200 armory. I’d have no opposition if the Ranger class way payed for as a CC, but if it’s not then it’s a no go from me unless it’s either nerfed or the slots are reduced to 2-3.
  14. That’s a fact. The main issue I have with the rules it’s that 90% of the most are unwritten. You have to go off staffs word for it all, and for new players it’s hard for them to understand what is and isn’t a rule.
  15. Before anyone comments “Hey someone’s suggestion for this just got denied.” Yes, I understand, however I reviewed it, saw what flaws were going on with it, and went ahead and found a much better add on, as well as redid the pitch. This plugin will work much better for the server as I’ve seen it work on other servers. What you want to see? - I would like to see a legitimate thermal vision add on brought into SCPRP as I feel it is both necessary, and improves overall immersion and gameplay. The add on that looks like he best fit would be this one (also linked below). Why should we add it? - It should be added because it would improve the overall gameplay and immersion. It would make thermals work when they are needed, and not have to rely on cloaked people/SCPs uncloaking around those with thermals. This also makes it so those that are cloaked don’t need to uncloak. This helps since only certain people have thermals, if I activate thermals in LCZ around an infil, and they uncloak around all of gensec then all of them also see the infiltration when realistically they shouldn’t. This not only gives help to people that use thermals, but people that enjoy playing as infils, 966, and any other person with a cloak. It’s also not overpowered. As seen in the add on’s pictures. The plugin slightly distorts vision when turned on as thermals would. You see their heat signature, but can’t make out distinguishable features, So it’s not like you can use them 100% of the time and have an advantage. What are the advantages of having this? - I’m going to explain for those who just looked at the screenshots and saw that you can see people through walls, there is customizability. First off as it says in the add on description, the option to be able to see through walls can be disabled. Other features that would be customizable would be the range. It can be set that you can’t see invisible people using thermals if they are a certain distance away. The final, and most important thing is that it’s very easy to install, and the developer designed it specifically for Rp game modes (I know it says how to install into darkrp, however from my understanding as I have done a lot of work with server files and created server files before, most of not all rp game modes are based off of darkrp, and just edited). It’s also confirmed by the developer that it can be selected to only work for certain jobs, and being that on the server only certain jobs have access to thermals, said jobs can be selected in the file and be allowed access to the thermals. Now, I understand that people may say that people can abuse thermals since they must have a reason to activate them, and to that I give two solutions. 1. Remove the rule that makes it so people need a reason to turn on thermals. 2. Still require people to advert thermals while activating them. (For example if someone kills 966 or an infil without adverting thermals then they can still be punished). Who is it mainly for? - MTF, RCF, CI Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1303235418