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  1. The City Scanners were mobile cameras. CASSIE was rogue a bit during this event, so I wouldn't see how it's abuse by using City Scanners to find a person in the facility.
  2. Greetings, This is likely the first (and last) one of these I'll ever do. So, let's cut to the chase. This is meant to tell people what to improve on. What divisions need work, etc. Every month, I MAY do it. Doesn't mean I will. But I've seen a few concerns of mine which are pretty important. So, let's start. General Roleplay With roleplay in general, I've seen no major concerns. But the Foundation needs to improve on enforcing their rules. I'm not suggesting a Military Police. What I AM suggesting is that we change it to where punishments are possible if rules like 'close all doors behind you' are broken way too often. Chaos Insurgency, we will discuss later, as well as a few other divisions. General Security - Foundation Activity. Activity. Activity. I don't care if you want to riot. GET ACTIVE. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. I'm making this to address my concerns and in my time of GenSec, it has been inactive as HELL. I would also like to note that this is a semi-serious RP server. MTF should be the strict as hell ones. Not you. If you are planning on making GenSec strict and mature, I'd recommend counting how many people you have off-hand that will support you on that. Research Department - Foundation Same as above. Except work on new test idea. Or create a new format to allow people to do some sort of in-lore test/retest. It worked on other servers before, and it may work here! You don't know until you try. I would also recommend adding a separate "mini-division". Like Biology, or something similar. You need to interact with more people. Utilities Department - Foundation No concerns. You all just started. Recruit more people, make propaganda if you have to. Just keep on living, boys and girls. Keep on living. Nu-7 - MTF - Foundation BE ACTIVE. Recruit more, not just from Epsilon-11 or GenSec, but from Alpha-1 if they wish/allow you to! You're a Gateway MTF and you should act like it! Alpha-1 - MTF - Foundation Activity as well. But also work on teamwork. You act like lone wolves when not guarding someone, and, even though that's your job, and your leadership is great, you still need to work on fighting like a squad! Communicate better and I may change this next month. I've also talked with Daedran, he does say that you all need to work on getting more Command, but that's up to him and the rest of your HiCom. Epsilon-11 - MTF - Foundation As an E11 myself, I can say I'm proud of you all. But work on teamwork and discipline. People ARE getting away with minging, and we don't take that here. Chaos Insurgency So, I have a few concerns. First, allow Infiltrators to infiltrate and gather information other than stay inside base, bored, and waiting. That makes the Infiltrator class completely worthless unless there is about to be a raid. Also, DON'T RAID DURING MEETINGS. You apparently raided during a mandatory Command Meeting and I'm disappointed at that. I do not accept it to be. Finally - Activity. Do a purge of and CI you KNOW have been inactive, as anyone can fill out a rolecall and still be inactive. Otherwise, work on your communications and formations and we're peachy. That was a lot to get off my chest, but it was worth it. If you have comments or concerns, please notify me in the comments here, or DM me at Dr. Ternith Plague#3343 as it is more organized than reading series upon series of PMs on the forums.
  3. After recent speaking and events, I would like to officially put in my 48 Hour Resignation from the General Security Department. As I have been told by Rangiatea, I have become unfitting of being a 1st Lieutenant within General Security, and as such, shall officially resign entirely, as to keep from any other problems arising. As of right now as well, I will be cancelling the production of the document mentioned to the rest of the Low and High Command. If Rangiatea, Lefty, or Matricies see it fit to continue it and wish for my help before these 48 hours are up, I will help. But otherwise, I will drop any positions I have in Security on Sunday the 23rd of June, 2019. Once more, I apologize for my actions and do not seek forgiveness for my actions. - Sergeant Major Vytal, General Security
  4. + Support We don't ALWAYS follow lore. In fact, the Story line Events that I'm doing are entirely non-lore, but still build on to GamingLight lore! Good luck, Strong.
  5. + Support A good event idea and good explanation. Just work on expanding it a bit, and don't just spawn them in D-Block. Also, just be sure to prepare for the unprepared, if you know what I mean.
  6. + Support A good man to work along side. He's strict when he needs to be and relaxed when he needs to be. Other than that, work on your ideas, and I'll just say you're all good to go, otherwise.
  7. + Support Wonderful man, and a good person to work with! I would note, this does seem a bit one sided in your event, but otherwise, it's good!
  8. +/- Support Don't get me wrong, your event sounds like a great idea and your explanation is fine. But, as stated above, I've barely seen you on as a Security Officer, and I'm a 1st Lieutenant. If I see you on more, I'll change it to + Support.
  9. + Support Honestly, only thing I'm meh on here is with the grammar. But, otherwise, you're all good to go. We need people with imagination like yours to be on our team.
  10. Name: Pan Rank: Lance coporal Any concerns: N/A
  11. Name: Vytal Rank: JFTO 2LT Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): I've at least tried to work on D-Block, as well as testing it when I can. I've also worked on Trigger Discipline when required and, although irrelevant possibly, have been working on Event Team as well. Any Concerns?: First off GIVE US ULTRAMARINES. Second off, I need my Low Command tags in the Discord.
  12. I was Doctor Bright for that or something. God, I was stuck in there for thirty minutes and Security outright REFUSED to let me out because of not enough security.
  13. I remember one time where I messed up and brought everyone. Well, then again. I was escaping as a D-Class and almost died from MTF, but broke out just as Chaos was coming in.
  14. + SUPPORT He's a Captain in Security, Head of Field Training Officers, and will literally make ET a bit more seriously. If required, I'll watch him to make sure he doesn't screw up. Good luck!
  15. Okay, I'm going to take two sides and then decide if I support this or not. On Ajax's side: - He didn't know what in the WORLD was going on. - He wasn't able to fix the keycard scanner, but took the sit anyways since Rangiatea would likely be busy with Rangiatea stuff. On Scout's side: - He was teleported to multiple times, breaking roleplay multiple times after the sit. - Roleplay was interrupted even after the sit. - He froze people for no reason. - He gagged Scout for no reason. I would also like to make an off-note that, Scout, people are allowed to make lockdowns on DEFCON 4 if they are Master Sergeant or higher. The NCO Guide for Security says that. Unless Ajax has some defense against this which he may tell me... My personal verdict is that I +Support this staff report with the punishment of a re-training on what to do during sits from either a Senior Moderator or higher.