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  1. +/- Support I don't want people getting OP Guns from crates in general. As well as spending money in-game just to wait to spend more money to make more money. Yeah.
  2. + SUPPORT PURGE THE HERESY AND LET SLIP THE WARHOUND. Seriously, though. We could put it in Safe Class Containment because they're smol and safe and easy to contain.
  3. SCP FOUNDATION RESEARCH DEPARTMENT SITE-05 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ACCESS DOCUMENT] [PASSWORD REQUIRED] [****************] [ACCESS GRANTED, WELCOME DATA CORRUPTED] SCP-L.I.M.A OBJECT CLASS: KETER SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-LIMA is to be contained in a secluded room, with all lights activated and no access to any sharp objects. Any wiring connected to the room is to be re-routed to only the light and external door, with some way to block the light off (grating is recommended). SCP-LIMA is to be kept in the room at all times, and is to be considered Class Keter, threat level 5. Testing on SCP-LIMA is to be restricted to personnel of Clearance Level-3 or higher, with permission strictly from Research Supervisors or persons of higher rank. SCP-LIMA is to be kept on-site at Site-05, and any attempts at escape re-routed with Night Vision Goggles. DESCRIPTION: SCP-LIMA is a male human entity with the ability to switch between being transparent to the naked eye, to being completely visible to people. SCP-LIMA is averaged by reports to be 5'6" to 5'10" tall, looking malnourished such like the Jewish Prisoners in World War II. SCP-LIMA's age is unknown, but, he is thought to be in his late 60s to his early 70s. With this, his speed and strength is overwhelmingly high, and has been shown to be highly resistant to bullets. SCP-LIMA uses his powers to retrieve sharp objects, commonly a 5" knife, to attempt to [REDACTED] his prey, then leading to dismemberment and [DATA EXPUNGED] of prey. SCP-LIMA, while resistant to bullets, is weakened by the prospect of sudden lighting, as such, he will attempt to track and destroy sources of light. Attempts to track while in the dark with Thermal Vision have failed, but he seems fairly visible with some form of Class-4 Night Vision Goggles on a person. NOTIFICATION FROM [REDACTED] COMMAND THIS SCP IS NOT TO BE TERMINATED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Site-01 is researching a way to limit or destroy his abilities entirely so he can be transferred to an Insane Asylum. If death occurs, please notify Agent 0008 for further instructions. [WARNING - EMERGENCY LOCK ENGAGED] [BEGINNING CLASS-X MEMETICS] [AUTO LOG OUT ENGAGED]
  4. BY ORDER OF THE OVERSEER COMMAND - THIS DOCUMENT IS TO REMAIN CLASSIFIED TO LEVEL-5 PERSONNEL AND PERSONNEL OF SITE-01. UNAUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTION OF THIS REPORT WILL LEAD TO TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT WITH THE SCP FOUNDATION. -------------------------------------------------- Overseer Staffing Report Site-05 Codename: 0013 Requests: Funding for Site-05 is given from the funds of Site-19, due to possible money laundering and such, as well as possible corruption in the ranks of Site-19. An investigation be put on for Security Chief Franklin, Site Director Rosewood, and any personnel involved in Incident 19-33E for possible treason against the SCP Foundation, as well as money laundering. Report: Site-05, as I have inspected, has been heavily underfunded, with constant repairs being required, SCPs breaching as frequent as when Doctor Maynard was posted at Site-19, and Mobile Task Force personnel seemingly goofed off. I am not saying to underfund or overfund the site. I am merely requesting an increase/redirection of funds to the site. Better weapons, better containment procedures and the like. END OF REPORT -------------------------------------------------------------- RESPONSE FROM O5-13 Request number one has been denied due to lacking funds of other sites who hold more dangerous SCPs. Request number two is granted, and, if conclusive results are found, request number one will be granted. Come on, Grant, have some courtesy for the rest of the sites.
  6. Name: Ternith Rank: Event Team Member Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 02/17/2020 - 2/28/2020 Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): School and Testing. I'll be going on LOA later in the year and all that too, so, oof.
  7. My problem is the outrage from about half of Security Enlisted and NCOs yelling out "NEEERF". That's the main problem I want to outline with this. People will complain and people will call for another nerf. I won't personally, I could care less since I'm only a Technician and Elite Medic right now. So...
  8. I do want my job to be a tad bit easier.
  9. So, let's go down this list. "But you aren't a current security anymore. So you wouldn't know Jack about the current state of DBLOCK." - No, but I was a Security MSGT not too long ago. "Don't tell anyone to "not support this"." - Mostly saying that due to people preferring RP over combat. Remember, there's a distinct difference between Rollplay and Roleplay. ""It was our bane" lmao, ok." - So, let's look at this literally. Back before the nerf, about half or even more of the time, we got massively overwhelmed by the Christmas Hammer. Every time we came off of NLR, we would rush out and just get killed again. Even now, you all whittle down Security bit by bit. Overall, the main reason I -Support this is because this won't be fun for anyone who isn't a D-Class. So, tell me. Do you want a hammer to be buffed just so you can get 2000 XP every time you escape over and over again, or do you want that little bit of thrill of being possibly caught while escaping through a torrent of enemies that you can't just immediately kill? I don't mean to insult you with the way I speak here, but, I'm sorry that it's just the way the tone came out.
  10. +/- Support Not needed, but a good visual adjustment.