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  1. Name: Zero Rank: MSGT Concerns: yes one is that people need to get better relations with mtf
  2. +/- support Its good but him saying allow to be et is kinda of short i cant really tell
  3. +support ok the event yeah it wont work for the rp scenario because you need 2 O5 personal to agree to allow researchers to interact with it and this would be hard to fit in the temp Euclid cc. Plus the effect of 1139 would be large so we would have a problem with the event because no is allowed near it except authorization of 2 O5 personal But i like how well made this application is made
  4. +support Dont know much sinnik well because never talked to him but hes very good at leading his gensec and hes amazing at it like that one huge dclass roit once
  5. +support I know glados from the research branch and i hes really good and trusted in the branch
  6. +support well well well isn't it CPT CREAMY I know him from gensec a really good low command member BUT i haven't seen one of his events just yet but I love to see one happen from him. +creative ideas he has in what he has up there keep coming up with ideas and you be great
  7. In-Game Name: Zero SteamID: STEAM_0:0:55061213 What is your ULX Rank?: User What is your RP Rank?: Nu7 SM/ MSGT gensec What is your timezone?: CST How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 10/10 Do you have any experience as a Gamemaster or Event Planner? (If so, explain it): no but i want to be taught how to How Active are you? (1/10): 10/10 How many warns do you have? (Across all Gaminglight Servers): just 1 (NLR) Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: I love events and i want to test some ideas i have in the game of the scprp. I have great knowledge of the scp universe and i love scps and i seen tons of videos about it. MTF are amazing at what they do for a elite military force and making sure the scps dont break out. I tried to get the application accepted once but didnt understand but i do now understand what i need to do and be fair when doing this for the rp server. I have been thinking carefully and long about this and i wanted to do this for a long time and playing on this server for more than 5months. All the events i seen the server are amazing and people are very creative and funny. This scp server needs events that is amazing to people that people can enjoy for fun. Being a Nu7 brought me lots of ideas to my mind to try out in the scp rp and i wanted to do it but couldnt due to i had to wait ;-;. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): i have a scp 939 idea where 2 of them made 5 human scps. They first walk in the facility and with out anyone knowing and they just act like normal humans until something bad happens. They turn into mini baby 939s and they start attacking the foundation staff. This is an event where when the foundation made a mistake letting both 939 instances mating and making more scp 939 babies. The bad thing is don't tranq them because of the models will reset and ETs hate reseting there models back to normal. Each 939 babies will only have 750hp and 0ap even though the humans will have less hp they will only have 100hp and 0ap. The human 939 scps will be allowed to walk around the facility freely but not allowed to go into d block or HCZ. Have you read the Event Team Guidelines?: yes What is your favorite SCP? Why? 1471. I love how well made it is plus being an euclid scp the scp is well known to stalk people and try to communicate to humans. Looking at a phone is insteresting on how the concept is made on 1471 to start like that. The app Mal0 is very interesting but scary due to people can suicide even though that 1471 just wants to talk to people.
  8. hey i have differ grammer usage in my language so don't judge me
  9. In Game Name: Zero Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55061213 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+): Red Right Hand If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: O5 Researchers and O5 council How many Strikes do you have: 1 (dissing a gensec low command but hoping to remove it) Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: It seems instersting to not talk about what your about plus helping O5 seems instersting plus i joined A1 before before Omni9 came in. Why should we accept you: i know alot about the foundation and i been playing the scprp since January and i seen so much change and joining Nu7 was interesting to because best commander i had was fool. Plus giving a shot will help me in getting more serious in the rp. I also dont give up in defcon 2 scenarios and i try to recontain scps as hard as i can and being a SM has alot of responsibilities.
  10. +Support -good in combat -trustworthy -Nu7 NCO -supporting this because hes cool
  11. Zero_Shade

    Strike appeal

    Name: Zero Rank: SM Date of Strike: 5/21/20 Reason for Strike: dissing off an 2lt gensec member Why do you think your strike should be removed: i promise to not do that again and i will think twice before doing this again. Btw the 2 days i took off was me thinking about the strike.
  12. Lore Name: Zero Rank: Associate Researcher SCP: 096 the scp that hates being look at and doesn't want anyone alive that looked at him Question / Idea: Had an idea of killing it with specialized bullets Background Research: if the thing can't be blown up or slaughter with regular bullets why not use one of my specailized bullets Hypothesis: Would the bullets work on 096 and make him stop from regenarating Observations (What Happened During Test): Before the test i was getting ready i had 2 Mtf nu7s and [Redacted] personal help me by supervising the test for me. When we got to the cell I told both Nu7s to bag 096 before we start. I went up to [Redacted] personal and told them where i got the bullets from deminsion [Redacted]. They asked me a few questions how do they get more of these bullets and i told them from using this mini teleporter. After talking to [Redacted] personal i gave the bullets to nu7s then they reloaded there guns with these specialized bullets. After they reloaded i said commence firing at 096 till he dropped to 200hp. After he dropped to 200hp we went up to 096 and tried pulling his bones apart. 096 rolled a 57 as one of the nu7s got a 68 and thats how 096 got terminated fully. I then was asked to come with the [Redacted] personal after the test. [DATA EXPUNDGED] Evidence/Visual Stimuli: 2 nu7s and [Redacted] personal Glados and Cancer with there body gaurd. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): The bullets cause 096 to be terminated and after his body was gone we did the last part pull him apart Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes and I will to conduct more termination test on more dangerous scps
  13. Lore Name: Zero Rank: Associate Researcher SCP: 049 the plague doctor that thinks people have the pestilence. Question / Idea: n/a Background Research: want to know if he requires help in medical research of his pestilence. Hypothesis: try to talk to him as weekly as possible to see if he cooperates better with doctors Observations (What Happened During Test): talking with the plague doctor was smooth. Me, "hows your day". Plague doctor, "pretty good still sense the pestilence." Me, "How does your pestilence work in chemicals?" Plague doctor, "oh doctor if you want to learn about it here have a copy of my journal" i read it carefully and i got a roll of 97 so there some problems of his work. I then asked where he came from he told me that he came from the European region of europe. I start asking about scp 035-1 he didnt know anything about it but i say hes hiding something. I asked about 343 he was unfimilar about 343. I then asked about 682 and he stuttered a little bit because he was afraid to answer about operating on 682 and i told him i will help him if he needs it. I then asked about able and he just said an immortal person. I gave 049 the bible and he skims through it and he wasnt much religous of what he said. I also said this "[Redacted]". I gave him a dead dog and manage to bring it back to life. I was done with my researcher. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: the 3 [Redacted] mtf personal was with me and a dboi Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): it was just a talking test if he likes comminicating with people. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: yes he seemed like he enjoyed it alot
  14. Lore Name: Zero Rank: Associate Researcher SCP: 194 Question / Idea: Is 194 tamable Background Research: Hypothesis: i thought of having 194 being used more like a pet to attack the CI and d class Observations (What Happened During Test): First things i had to implant drugs into the d class. After the bird ate the drugs it fell asleep so i could put a neuro collar on it. This made it capable of speach after this. I asked it why does it "why do you attack people" it replied. "I am to enclosed of a space." After i asked this "i will open the door unless you dont attack us." I opened the door and i said to 194 to come to me slowly. After 194 did this i went to test further cabalities. So i asked it to close its own containment cell. The test backfired when it started declining my orders of go back in your cell. So thats when the breach happened Evidence/Visual Stimuli: i had sfc hawk but unfortunately we went into critical condition. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Its afraid of us mostly. Its cc is to limited and needs expansion to comfort it. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: yes and no just dont say the wrong words or it will attack you but further test should be done on this.
  15. Zero_Shade


    Name: Zero Rank: User Rank in game: NU7 Sargent Major/ Associate Researcher / gensec MSGT Rating of server: 10/10 amazing I am a fan of the scp lore and i love how 939, 682, 1471, and 049 were described in storys from youtube and articles. I played the scp server for more than a week and i been loving the shit out of this fucking server. People are so nice and friendly even the staff are nice to. I have many ideas for surprising my fellow scp fans on the server. I got a 939 idea that could be funny to work on but i do have other ideas i could work on. 049-j was funny how a plague doctor thought of having the worst treatments ever. The further i investigate the scp lore the more interested i get. I also love how dr. Bright lives forever in his own scp thing. My doomslayer idea was thought of when we had the doomslayer skin on the server and i thought of using deputy director strode to be the mother fucking doom slayer!! I may even have more ideas to cover when i watch more scp lore vids and come up with a stupid idea within a weak. My most favorite scp is 1471 and my second favorite is 682 that monstraty is impressive on how i looked at it and how it endures anything. First off 1471 on the phone trick is funny look at pics nice you got a new furry friend that can look out for you. Steam account: Discord: Zero_Shade Thanks for reading my application i hope i be accepted as one of yal so i can try my ideas.