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  1. I saw this and would like to say this has been coming to him for awhile now he breached SCP's with bright a month ago I think a cc removal would be in order at this point.
  2. I know what I did and I will take a strike.
  3. Name: Odd Rank: CPL FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): N/a Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Nope.
  4. Once again the reason for it is the reason for the kick nothing else I never denied being mingey I left the reed family mainly because I didn't like the owner and the rest of the family were minges I even reported the owner for using an alt account "Mature Up" doesn't seem like a valid reason to use the kick command.
  5. I don't know how many times I've already said this I left the reed family and so did most of it's members I haven't even been on the server as much as I was a week ago anyways I've replied to several comments explaining I left the reed family I don't even think I've had a direct experience with you someone told me over discord that it was "Cop bait" for bumping into a cop on the road which happens all the time most cops understand unless you are ramming them full speed.
  6. I don't care about that part I care about the reason if he had a valid reason I wouldn't have cared but I was kicked for the reason of "mature up"
  7. Once again I left the reed family because of more people joining and making the entire family look worse. You did call me and riley "dumbasses" in voice chat and then when he called you out on it then you stopped saying anything I'm not arguing I'm stating the facts. and one more thing the report was because of the kick not the warn the sit or anything else I did not do anything to deserve a kick so before you leave a -support saying I'm a minge read over the reason for the report I never denied being mingey most of the time I never said the sit or warn was invalid I said the kick was invalid.
  8. If you have been on recently I left the reed family due to way to many minges joining it and making the other members look worse if I dislike someone I don't mind saying out loud I won't force myself to like someone so if I have to say my opinion out loud I will.
  9. I never asked to be unblacklisted sometimes I think you forgot it's just a game.
  10. I'm not even in state police bruh I said I "disliked" you and this happens hMM and yelp didn't even do anything lmao
  11. I have recording of you breaking a rule and you did get warned before you proceeded to threaten us saying we would get warned for player/server diss and then when you broke NLR and came back to your base you called me and are leader dumb asses. The player that stole a cop car was banned for 2 days and kicked out of the reed family as for breaking fearRP I can't say who did that as I cannot watch everyone.
  12. Your In-Game Name: Odd Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:246423592 Staff member's In-Game Name: Freeze What did they do? Brought 3 people from the reed family to sit over a kidnap we got pulled over by a state trooper and one of our family members pulled up behind him got out of his car and fearRP'ed the state trooper and then me and the other guy hopped out and proceeded to fearRP the cop one of us adverted kidnap and put him into his car I got back in and then half the police force showed up out of nowhere even though we stripped his comms so he started driving to avoid the police we crashed at one point and got out and got into a fire fight we all died and then we just decided to get on police and then we got pulled into a sit after about 10 minutes freeze warns all of us for failRPx2 And kicks only me for the reason of "mature up" I don't think this is a valid reason for a kick in any reason I understand it's the staffs choice however I feel as if this is wrongful use of his power I had to rejoin twice because of this and lost any progress I had with building my base. Evidence (REQUIRED): I didn't think of recording any part of the sit at any time. What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Demotion at that rank he should know what is and is not a valid reason to kick.